Rapid Capture for Industries Who Need It

Whether you’re in healthcare, financial services or government sectors, it’s never been more important to serve and onboard your patients, customers and employees. And to do that, you need a way to capture and automatically process high volumes of data quickly, efficiently and accurately.

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Focus on What Matters
– Not Paperwork

Transact QuickScreen reads ID cards such as passports, global government IDs and visas along with Transact powered extraction of barcodes and employee or patient documents. With our out-of-the-box ID extraction capabilities, you can upload IDs and passports from any country and combine Transact capabilities to extract documents from W-2s, IR8As and P60s to patient intake forms.

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Time-Sensitive Patient Intake

COVID-19 has put immense pressure on healthcare clinical staff that are screening patients. Manually entering identification and form data can impact patient care quality and overall experience. Whether intaking new patients or onboarding a high volume of new staff, implementing a quick, high-volume, high-accuracy solution can strategically and positively impact healthcare organizations globally.

Employee Onboarding

A majority of organizations still manually enter identification and form data for new hires, but this no longer needs to be the case. Getting employees ramped up through training and acquainting them to workplace culture – with less time focused on completing paperwork – will benefit both employers and workers.

Customer Onboarding

Onboarding customers, especially in financial services and insurance, can be a complex and lengthy process. Customers can get unnecessarily stuck with providing the same information multiple times when applying for mortgages, loans, opening new accounts or other financial applications. It’s time to expedite your onboarding processes so you can build loyalty and a better, frictionless customer experience.

How It Works


  • Mobile capture enabled
  • Capture images of physical assets (IDs, Paper)
  • Multi-stream capability

Ingest, Classify, Read, Deliver


  • Connect to databases for validation and duplicate checks
  • Use web services connectivity to authenticate
  • Leverage Al models online

Label, Map, Link, Manage, Visualize


  • Publish data for application availability
  • Leverage data for future initiatives

Transform, Publish, Secure, Automate, Audit

Take Advantage of Rapid
Screening Technology

Eliminates extra steps, manual data entry and provides faster results with the convenience of a mobile app

Quick time-to-value: get up and running in less time

Accelerated processing time and productivity

Reduced cost of customer and employee onboarding with automation

Deliver better experiences

Ability to read over 1,000 global identification cards, onboarding and other forms

Global product availability

Scaling capabilities with secure cloud services

Integrates seamlessly using Web Services to existing systems

Take 3 small steps to make a big impact

Talk to an automation expert
Find the right solution for your use case
Deploy and realize ROI quickly

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