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Better with Ephesoft: Microsoft

Improve document management when you introduce Ephesoft to Microsoft.

Ephesoft uses supervised machine learning to help classify documents and extract valuable content from data – whether that data is structured or unstructured. Our solutions tightly integrate with your existing Microsoft products, helping you meet your document management needs. For example, use our capture-and-extract technology to scan invoices to SharePoint Online or use classification Web Services in Flow.

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All Aboard SharePoint

Ephesoft automatically onboards and routes documents to your SharePoint repository from just about any source:

  • Folders
  • Content management
  • Email accounts
  • Mobile devices
  • Copiers
  • Scanners

With our browser-based TWAIN interface, you can easily scan paper documents directly into SharePoint. You can also scan from MFPs and copiers using “hot folder” functionality.

Characters, Recognized

Use our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine for SharePoint to convert all your scanned images to searchable PDFs quickly and accurately. Whether you want full text-search capabilities or specific, granular data, Ephesoft Transact is the place to start.

Give Your Data Some Class

Use Ephesoft’s supervised machine learning to automatically classify documents and extract content, even from unstructured data. This information can then be mapped to SharePoint metadata fields, Dynamics entities, Excel spreadsheets or even a workflow.

Let’s See What Develops

Want to classify, convert or extract through code? Ephesoft’s Web Services APIs offer developers a powerful document automation and OCR platform. Macro- and micro-services are available for all types of document-centric tasks.

More About Ephesoft and Microsoft

With our open, modular architecture, we support SharePoint export on-premises or through our Azure cloud offering. Ephesoft is a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partner and we communicate regularly to ensure we stay aligned with Microsoft updates and features.

Case Studies

Ephesoft helps customers rapidly transform business operations for ongoing, conclusive value.