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Ephesoft Training Maximizes Your ROI

Organizations and individuals that invest in training see an overall utilization increase of up to 40% higher than those who don’t. They also see the benefits of their purchase significantly faster, often cutting time to value in half. Ephesoft Education is here to help you maximize your Ephesoft investment, stay current with product updates, best practices, and troubleshooting techniques.

Course Offerings

Transact Operator E-Learning

Transact Operator training will provide Operators with the skills to use Transact on a daily basis to process your documents. This includes uploading documents, reviewing and validating batches. The course will take a deep dive into the Review and Validate user interfaces through demonstration videos, practice simulations, animations and interactivity.

  • None
  • Transact Operators
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Transact Basic Administrator Training

Transact Basic Training is intended for new customers and partners to learn the basics of Transact. The Transact Basic Training course provides a broad overview of Transact and system operation. Topics in the course include an overview of the Transact system, the basics of configuring Batch Classification, Extraction, Batch Instance creation, and Export.

  • Access to a Transact test environment is recommended
  • All Transact Administrators and Professional Services providers
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Transact Advanced Administrator Training

Transact Advanced Training is for customers and partners seeking a deeper understanding of system administration and customization. The Transact Advanced Training course covers topics such as installing Transact in both single and multi-server environments, user connectivity, customizing the Transact workflow and customizing Transact with XML and JavaScript.

  • Completion of Transact Basic Training
  • Access to a Transact test environment is recommended
  • Advanced understanding of JavaScript and XML programming
  • Advanced experience with Server or Application administration including user management
  • Intermediate understanding of Regex
  • Transact System Administrators, Developers, IT Administrators and Professional Services providers
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Training Delivery Methods

Online courses provide you with easy access to training that you can complete at your own pace. The course tracks your progress so you don’t have to complete the whole course at one time. Instructor-led training is available worldwide virtually via Zoom.

Upcoming Live Training Dates

No live training sessions scheduled at this time.

Ephesoft Technical Certification

All training courses include an assessment. Certification exams are presented at the end of each class and those who score 80% or higher will receive an Ephesoft Technical Certification for the respective class.

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* Note that Ephesoft reserves the right to cancel classes. Attendees will receive notification of canceling prior to the start of class and will have their tuition applied to the next available class.