A Handprint Gap in Digital Transformation Initiatives

Capturing handprint data has been a source of hardship for many organizations. The technology has been limited and the accuracy rates have been low. Anyone who thinks handwritten data only exists on fixed, standardized forms hasn’t looked into a government process or worked on a non-fillable, online form for an application in the commercial industry. Form variations and versions, poor scan quality, fax conversions and more can all impact the layout of information that exists on a handwritten form. When those factors come into play, templatized data extraction won’t cut it.

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Get the Data You Need: Extract Handwriting and Form Fields

If you’ve been to a financial, government or healthcare institution lately, you probably filled out some type of form that needs another human to read and process into a system. Now imagine hundreds of millions of people doing the same thing, along with the mountains of data and documents created as a result. Organizations are forced to process these documents manually, one by one. What if a machine could do it?

Ephesoft recognizes and extracts handwriting from paper and electronic documents, with minimal human intervention, whether they are human resource forms, patient intake, tax, mailroom, or any other area that requires handprint forms or signatures.

Key Technology

Native intelligent character recognition (ICR)

Optical mark recognition (OMR)

Intelligent Key Value Extraction





What about Signatures and Checkboxes? Go Cloud

Ephesoft’s cloud platform easily interprets checkbox data without the need for template or fixed form projects where the characters representing the value are typed or filled in from a digital application. And, if forms contain signature fields, the system can identify those areas and determine whether or not the document has been signed.

Simple, Easy Configuration

In Ephesoft’s platform, handprint data extraction rules are easily configured in most cases, with no templates or zonal page mapping required. In several customer scenarios, the solution’s embedded ICR engine reduced professional service hours by converting handwritten data to machine-readable text and outputting textual data for review and validation by a human after the labor-intensive processing is complete.


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