Better with Ephesoft: Infor® Document Management

Get better data into Infor with Ephesoft capture technology.

A recognized innovator, Infor builds complete industry suites in the cloud, with software that puts the user experience first and integrates easily with your existing systems. More than 90,000 organizations rely on Infor to overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide digital transformation.

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Power of the Ephesoft Engine

Ephesoft Transact is the engine under the hood of Infor Document Management (IDM) Capture; your document onramp to Infor OS and ERP systems such as M3, LN, Optiva and SunSystems. IDM Capture extracts meaningful data from documents and automatically feeds it to IDM.

Ephesoft empowers you with a more comprehensive document capture process, diversifying the types of information that can be used with Infor OS. Add Ephesoft functionality to Infor’s document management application to automatically capture vital business content from structured and unstructured data:

  • Powerful document classification
  • Content extraction from structured and unstructured data
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

IDM Capture + Content Services

Built in partnership with Ephesoft, IDM Capture is an add-on product for the Infor Document Management component of Infor OS. Content capture provides an intelligent document onramp for content services from scanners, copiers, folders, email accounts, mobile devices, legacy content systems and applications.

Make Processes Speedier

Automatically separate and classify documents, extract important content and deliver it where it needs to go with no-code integration.

Take IDM Capture to the Cloud

IDM Capture was built to take advantage of the cloud, and modern capture and extraction provide a critical foundation for customers who want to enjoy the many benefits that come with hosted services.

Keep Things Moving with IDM Capture Web Services

Web Services provide workflow tools with the ability to immediately interpret document content and drive automated decision-making.

Make Content Useful

OCR makes content searchable, while metadata provides actionable information for workflow, compliance and security. Web Services allow for capture-enabled applications.

Max Out Efficiency

Use a validation engine that ensures data accuracy, while integrations with database technologies provide a seamless data flow.

Better Together: Ephesoft and Infor

Ephesoft’s patented classification technology helps organizations streamline document-centric business processes to elevate the customer experience. Infor Document Management uses Ephesoft technology to help improve user efficiency by automatically connecting documents to core business processes within Infor ERPs. Available exclusively to Infor Document Management users, the latest capabilities powered by Ephesoft are currently offered through Infor’s collaboration with Amazon Web Services.