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Intelligent document processing has advanced with the power of AI. However, not all AI technology is created equal and companies need to understand and uncover what they need and what is reality. Many legacy capture companies have a difficult time modernizing their solutions, while newer capture companies may appear to have progressive solutions, they often lack deployment flexibility, use case breadth and proven outcomes. Digging deep is a must. Finding the right IDP partner and exploring what types of AI are being used is essential to success.

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Ephesoft Customers Report:

Cost Reduction


Faster Processing

Fast Deployment

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2022 Customer Reviews Compare Ephesoft

Ephesoft beats Hyperscience, Hypatos, Rossum, Amazon Textract and IBM Datacap in overall OCR relationship index score based on ease of use, likely to recommend and quality of support

Ephesoft outranks top OCR industry solutions in satisfaction scores in the top 4 out of 20 solutions

Ephesoft ranks as a leader in the top 5 out of 20 Data Extraction solutions

Ephesoft named an OCR and Data Extraction leader for the 5th consecutive time in a row

Analyst Highlights

Ephesoft has been positioned as a Major Contender on Everest Group’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) PEAK Matrix®️ Assessment 2022. Its Transact solutions can process a wide variety of document formats and data types and offer advanced data validation capabilities. Its robust partner network, pre-built connectors for a range of enterprise applications, and the configurability of the platform, combined with its strong product roadmap positions it well for success. – Ashwin Gopakumar, Practice Director, Everest Group

IDP Major Contender Badge

Ephesoft Highlights

Based on industry experts, analysts, customer feedback and users who inquired or converted to Ephesoft from other industry solutions.

Innovative Features and Options:

Recognition+ technology: Handwriting & Cursive with 88% accuracy out-of-the-box

Multi-language support including: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Polish, Chinese and Thai

AI Table Rule Builder for fast document setup

Document Design Accelerator for fast configuration

Semantik AI Engine that powers Universal Document Automation with no configuration

Accelerated identification (ID) capture for over 1,000 IDs with Transact QuickScreen

Clients report best-in-class accuracy up to 99.9%

Windows and Linux operating systems options

Open systems architecture with extensive APIs and connectors

Available on AWS or Microsoft Azure


Competitive pricing with flexibility

Fast time to value

Cloud, hybrid and on-premises deployment options

Ease of use with less than 1 day of training

Time-to-Value: < 3 months ROI

Quality of support: Customers rate Ephesoft higher than key competitors

Easy to deploy: Thin client, browser-based

Drastically reduce manual data entry and inefficient processes

Analyst recognition: Gartner reports Ephesoft an “unstructured data specialist” with an AI-led approach

Select Organizations that Switched to Ephesoft:

U.S. Air Force

Press Release

Since the agency began using Ephesoft Transact, they have accelerated their document processing setup by about 94% and have seen a throughput rate of 95%, which means only 5% of the documents need human validation. Their previous system required seven servers, while now they achieve the same performance with only two Ephesoft servers, cutting costs by 71.5%. Users also report that Ephesoft technology is easy to work with, easy to process batches, convenient, customizable, centralized, offers reporting, fast and allows users to work from home due to easy access.

Washington State Health Care Authority

Success Story

After doing due diligence with an ROI comparison between Ephesoft and Kofax, Washington State HCA selected Ephesoft as their preferred platform. The ROI comparison painted a picture of tremendous benefits, fast ROI and labor savings for the entire enterprise. In contrast to Kofax Capture, Ephesoft offered unlimited users, unlimited scans and validation stations, uncapped document throughput, a browser-based platform for users and administration, faster and more accurate processing, more advanced tabular data capture and the best OCR recognition results. 


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