If You’re Still Processing Paper, You’re Falling Behind

Records, archives, files and physical documents are piling up in storage rooms, warehouses and file cabinets around the globe. The data is not searchable, so you can never find what you need, manual processing takes forever and new privacy regulations around records put you at risk for non-compliance.
Government organizations and industries with an enormous amount of paper records all over the world are at the highest risk, especially in the United States as the National Records & Archives Administration (NARA) mandate requires 100% of federal records to be digitized by the end of 2022. Additionally, the Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI) will help push this mandate forward.
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Digitization is Easy

Government agencies should be using modern technologies when it comes to serving people, especially in mission-critical times. Similar to the government, any industry with massive amounts of records, like financial services, mortgage, insurance, higher education and healthcare, can undergo digital transformation, transforming paper to data.

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Optimize Your Valuable Content

Once a document is digitized, Ephesoft’s AI and patented machine learning technology automatically captures, classifies, extracts, validates and exports the data into your workflow system or document management application of choice. No manual processing or routing is required. Once your data is digital, it becomes accessible allowing you to gain insights and accelerate decision-making.

Ephesoft Transact is Available on Project Hosts’ Federal Private Cloud FedRAMP-authorized Platform

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Automatically classify, extract and index data

Eliminate manual data entry

Accelerate document processing

Reduce physical storage space costs

Make data searchable

Meet regulatory and compliance requirements

Allow employees to focus on higher-value tasks

Provide an exceptional digital client experience


Records management

Federal and military records


Case management

Correspondence management

Archive long-term documents to one centralized repository

Healthcare records

Employment records

Mortgage documents and real estate records


Insurance claim files

Invoices and financial documents

Business forms

Academic records and transcripts

Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs)

Images, maps, architectural and engineering designs

Success Stories

Understanding and servicing our clients is what we do. OPM had millions of pages of documents that were manually being processed. They needed a sophisticated, but easy solution that could capture, classify, validate and export data into their system automatically – and Ephesoft was clearly the best fit. Ephesoft’s platform has saved countless manual labor hours. — Tom Flitter, Director of Information Technology & Integration at TASC

State Workforce Agency

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A state agency that provides employment services for job seekers decreased their indexing process by 50% for benefits.


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A BPO who services major government agencies and personnel automated applications, forms, tax and financial paperwork for their charity campaigns and processes.

Federal Agency

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This government entity uses Ephesoft to process more than 450,000 documents with over 61 million pages yearly.

Bristol City Council

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An initiative digitized and archived complex property licenses, document approvals and extracted header info automatically while reducing costs.

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