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Learning institutions that choose not to take a disciplined approach to cost control and data storage risk suffering serious consequences. Ephesoft provides educators and administrators with the ability to increase productivity, improve processes and enjoy peace of mind through document classification and data extraction solutions.

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Reduce Costs with Efficiency

Ephesoft delivers a rapid return on investment (ROI) to educational institutions through the use of document capture technology. The automated solutions offer document classification and data extraction using scanning, indexing, OCR, ICR, OMR and advanced-capture technologies. Implementing the software results in enhanced productivity and lowered error rates through our patented machine learning technology.

Improved Accuracy

Software recognizes and authenticates key fields faster than a human, while continuously learning and limiting mistakes.

Eliminate Random Processing Errors

Removes the inherent and avoidable risks related to human error, prevents inconsistencies and maintains predictable processes.

Software that Learns from Experience

Information and data from previous tasks teaches the software to work faster and smarter through artificial intelligence-based learning.

Automate Regulatory Compliance

Helps gain peace of mind and greater efficiency by adhering to regulatory compliance policies for electronic record storage practices.

Centralized Documents

Accurately captures requested data and safely stores it, with document scanning technology tailored to your specific needs.

Real-Time Insight & Analysis

Allows you to make more informed decisions with accurate and easily available KPIs, metrics and business data.

Want a real life example?

Ephesoft & Zia Consulting team up to help Athabasca University streamline their document system & make it accessible to all campuses.

About Ephesoft Transact

With tightening budgets and overstretched staff members, educators struggle to maintain high education standards for students. Ephesoft Transact Smart Capture solutions allow educators and administrators to digitally store official transcripts, applications, letters of recommendation and other important documents, instead of filling up file cabinets. Through the elimination of paper, faculty can locate and collect all the information they need in a matter of minutes.