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Admissions, records, transcripts, invoices, purchase orders, financial aid forms, tax documents, work orders, administrative files, handwritten responses and other types of forms can bog down any higher education institution. The outcome often times is slower response times, duplicate data entry, typing errors and inefficiency, leaving unhappy students, vendors, faculty and staff. There’s a better way.

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Fast-Track Transcripts and Records with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

AI-powered IDP can eliminate document challenges for the registrar, administrators, operations, finance, alumni programs, human resources and any other departments with heavy document loads. Higher learning institutions are modernizing their systems and processes to drive efficiency, accuracy and lower costs through automation platforms.

Transforming Data with Automation

Once the data is in a digital format, Ephesoft’s platform automatically can detect the document type, classify it, extract the data, validate it and export it into any other application. What was once unstructured and trapped in a PDF, transcript, form or written document can now be converted into structured, actionable data that can be searched, analyzed and used for insights and reporting.

Use Cases

IDP solutions are the first step of any digital transformation or hyperautomation initiative that includes document-centric workflows because usable, structured data is a prerequisite for any type of automation. Here are some common applications for higher education automation:

Enrollment Management

Student transcripts, tax documents, residency documents, identify verification documents (foreign and domestic), forms with handwritten responses

Financial Aid

Tax documents, federal financial aid forms, residency documents, identify verification, forms with handwritten responses

Human Resources

Employee onboarding, enrollment forms, forms with handwritten responses

Operations & Administration

Invoices, purchase orders, work orders, supplies, audits, reporting, compliance, advancement

Success Stories

We’ve seen great efficiency gains, increased productivity and time savings using Ephesoft. Scanning and document recognition automation has made this a faster process for our users. In the past, our Finance department had to photocopy checks, place them in batches with ‘divider’ sheets in between, and then scan them in. Once they were scanned, they had to assign the proper chart of accounts codes to each check copy. This was very labor intensive and time wasting – neither of which the Finance department has the extra resources to designate. What used to take about 4 hours now only takes about 10 minutes. — Reyn Oyadomori, Manager, Institutional Support in the Information Technology, Client Services at Pepperdine University

Athabasca University

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A large university digitally transformed over 34 types of student documents, records and transcripts to save time and cut costs.

Pepperdine University

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See how this higher education institution accelerated processes by 95% in their Admissions, Finance and Advancement departments.

Explore how Ephesoft’s platform has helped customers gain efficiency, accuracy and productivity.


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