Better with Ephesoft: Nintex

Innovative digital intelligence meets process excellence.

Broken processes fuel higher employee turnover, disgruntled customers and revenue that doesn’t cut it. What’s the fix? Document-aware workflows. To get there, connect Ephesoft Transact to Nintex. Ephesoft captures the data that powers improved workflows from Nintex. The Transact capture engine (powered by our Web Services API) directly feeds the Nintex Workflow Cloud. Nintex uses the data extracted by Ephesoft to fill in process gaps – taking your digital transformation from whiteboard to reality.

The one-two punch of Nintex plus Ephesoft helps you automate decision-making and eliminate manual data entry, so staff can finally graduate from boring, repetitive stuff to more challenging and meaningful work. Replacing manual tasks with automation reduces errors, while time savings stack up quickly.

Ephesoft Transact

Ephesoft Transact recognizes hundreds of document types and learns more every day. Transact reduces costs and errors while accelerating results.

Ephesoft Cloud HyperExtender

Add big-time cloud processing capacity. Cloud HyperExtender maintains top performance, even during peak demand.

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