Innovating IDP

At Ephesoft, innovation is at our core. We are committed to delivering intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions that will change the way our customers manage their business and empower them to achieve operational excellence and gain a competitive edge. Our DNA is buried in pioneering technologies, state-of-the-art data science and helping customers and partners work smarter and faster. It should be no surprise that artificial intelligence (AI) and hyperautomation will play a major role in our path forward.

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Technology Leaps Drive Better Results

It wasn’t so long ago that most document processing involved manual data entry or template mapping. Machine learning brought pattern matching and early AI techniques brought better accuracy, but it still required too much training, configuration and coding. The future of intelligent document processing involves adaptive AI models that provide meaning and context to your business data to power and automate your business processes.

Ephesoft Takes Document Automation to the Next Level

Real business transformation will only come when this accurate, timely and actionable data can be used in all areas of your business. This is why Ephesoft continues to partner with leading technology companies that provide a suite of hyperautomation technologies, from RPA to iPaaS and BPM, all working and connected together, to get you the data you need, where you need it. When these intelligent automation platforms are integrated across the enterprise, the possibilities open the gates for a more universal approach, built with less constraints and more options. True context of data will profoundly change business intelligence, understanding and decision-making, shaping the future of the hyperautomated enterprise.

Behind the Curtain of Adaptive AI

In the quest for adaptive, universal AI and solving the challenges of rigid document processing, Ephesoft is spearheading its research and development model in AI Labs to develop a better document recognition engine with the goals to improve time-to-value, understand complexity with new machine learning approaches and deliver higher performance, flexibility and customization.

We recognized that traditional approaches rely heavily on rules, keywords, position and/or layout of the document. These traditional approaches, although powerful, are more focused on the data structure resulting in less flexibility as documents and data evolve.

We have set out to reimagine how data is identified and captured. We started with taking a semantic approach and focusing on the core entities, or building blocks, within a document. A system built on a semantic approach results in easier implementations and greater flexibility as documents change and evolve since there is less focus on the data structure. By focusing on this semantic methodology and understanding the relationships and connections between entities, we’re able to create a system that is adaptable to changing business needs and goes beyond just providing the key value data. Adaptive AI can deliver knowledge and context to the systems that will be powering enterprise automation.

Hyperautomation Technologies


Process Discovery:

  • Process Mining
  • Task Mining
  • Process Mapping & Understanding
  • Process Reimagination:

    • Process Mining


  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
  • Document Management & Storage


  • Low code/no code-led workflow automation
  • Intelligent virtual agents (IVA)
  • RPA
  • API Integration

Ephesoft’s intelligent document processing platform is a part of the core foundation in the hyperautomation orchestration of technologies. As we look to the future of automation, the first step of any intelligent automation process must start with data accessibility enabled by content ingestion tools such as an intelligent document processing (IDP) platform for document-centric processes. Actionable, structured data is needed to power any automation and use of other technologies. And, when adaptive AI is ready for mainstream use, the “unknown document processing” will propel automation into a new era.

Learn more about how Ephesoft IDP powers hyperautomation here.

See the Future

If you would like to see what the future of IDP looks like, visit our AI Lab and try it for yourself. You’ll see our R&D in real-time and even get to test-drive the future with your own documents.


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