Feed RPA the Data It Craves

RPA or robotic process automation is software that mimics human capture and routing tasks and has become a staple of digital business. To make it work, you need structured, usable data. However, research shows that over 80% of enterprise data is unstructured and, therefore, bots and digital workers can’t access a complete set of data. This creates an incomplete set of data. To conquer this shortfall, you need an intelligent data capture solution – your key to onboarding a comprehensive set of data.

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See the Full Picture

Ephesoft puts you at the head of the class by adding OCR, document classification and content extraction to your existing RPA. To optimize your RPA investment, enterprises can apply Ephesoft’s patented AI and machine learning technology to capture, identify and extract valuable content from data, whether it’s structured or unstructured, and export it seamlessly into your RPA solution. By giving you a complete picture of the information you’re processing, Ephesoft helps round out robotic processes.

Sky-High Scalability

In addition to supporting high processing speeds, Ephesoft’s cloud-based technology means you can scale to your exact requirements – and continue to scale as your business changes. Ephesoft leverages the power of the cloud to give you performance that doesn’t stumble, even during peak processing times.

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Ephesoft’s partners in RPA:


Easy integration into your existing RPA with a variety of options

Ingest documents from a broad variety of sources, including scanners, copiers, fax servers, folders, mobile devices, content services platforms and more

Web Services APIs offer a full suite of macro- and micro-services with Ephesoft as a mid-process for valuable document insight through classification and data extraction

Multilingual OCR capabilities in several languages

Your digital workforce can be supported on-premises, in the cloud or through a hybrid architecture

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