Supervised Machine Learning and Analytics for Box

Ephesoft provides an intelligent capture and analytics framework for your Box documents and images.  Our technology helps you tame unstructured data that lies within content, reducing the need for manual processing and data entry, increasing efficiency and providing insight.

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Box Document Solutions

Organizations struggle on a daily basis with taming their document-centric processes. Whether it’s processing invoices, analyzing contracts or leveraging document information for big data, Ephesoft can provide a powerful platform for all your unstructured content needs.

Document Onramp for Box

At the most basic level, Ephesoft provides automated routing of documents from just about any source to your Box repository. Import from folders, content management, email accounts, mobile devices, copiers, scanners and more.

Classify and Extract Data

Using Ephesoft’s supervised machine learning and analytics, you can automatically classify documents and extract data. This data can then be mapped to Box metadata fields and used to auto-name the file.

Scan to Box

Ephesoft provides a browser-based TWAIN scanning interface, allowing you to scan your paper documents into Box.  Using hot folder capability, you can also scan from your MFPs/copiers, providing a seamless solution.
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Automation APIs & Web Services

Want to classify, convert or extract through code?  Ephesoft’s web services APIs provide a powerful document automation and OCR platform.  Macro and micro services are available for all types of document-centric tasks.
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Analytics for Box

Using Ephesoft’s patented supervised machine learning and analytics tool, Insight, you can crawl Box and all your other repositories to convert unstructured, hidden document data into structured data for analysis.
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OCR for Box

Using our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine for Box, you can convert all your scanned images to searchable PDFs quickly and accurately. Whether you want full text search capabilities, or specific granular data, we provide a flexible technical platform for OCR.

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Increase efficiency and reduce errors through automated classification and data extraction.

About Ephesoft and Box

Ephesoft technology was purposely built to reduce processing time, increase efficiency and eliminate errors in your document-centric processes. With our open, modular architecture, we support Box export on-premises or through our cloud offering. We are part of the Box partner ecosystem, and communicate regularly to ensure we stay in tune with Box updates and new features. See our partner profile here:  Ephesoft Box Partner Profile