Insurance Document Automation


Take Claims Processing to New Heights

Customers expect insurers to keep up in today's digital world. Processing claims quickly and easily is essential to get your customers what they need while also minimizing your employees' workloads to focus on the customer experience.


It’s natural for customers to compare the ease-of-use of your systems with the sleek and effortless digital interactions they experience in other areas of their lives – and agencies and carriers often fall short in comparison. It's time to digitally transform your insurance claim processes using modern capture technology.

Data is Power

Ephesoft Transact quickly captures and extracts valuable information — including information buried in unstructured data — so you can be confident you’re collecting actionable content while you move at top speed.

Revolutionize Productivity

Ephesoft uses AI-based technology to automatically recognize and classify hundreds of document types — allowing your workers to focus on other important tasks to take productivity and efficiency to new heights.

No More Silos

Agencies and carriers often duplicate processes across offices and locations. Ephesoft Transact is your first step toward consolidating redundant systems and centralizing processes, by getting capture right the first time.

Easy Integration

Ephesoft Transact feeds data into existing processes and systems, with Web Services APIs that hook directly into most legacy systems.

Go Deeper

Ephesoft helps insurers rapidly transform business operations.

Ephesoft Transact

Ephesoft technology streamlines high-touch data capture processes. Use Transact to boost speed and accuracy while you contain operational costs.

Case Study

Find out how Ephesoft helped Protective Insurance revolutionize their processes.