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We help insurers get work done faster, maintain compliance and exceed their customers’ expectations.

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The process of filing insurance claims is well-known to be slow and painful, both by customers and employees. And it’s no wonder this is the case: there are massive amounts of documents to be processed, increasing and changing regulations, and unforgivingly high customer expectations.

How can insurers possibly come out on top?


Policy qualification, account opening, payment, underwriting, claims processing and more…

The key to accelerated processing, confidence in compliance and exceptional customer service while maintaining cost-effectiveness is getting the right data, fast.

Ephesoft’s AI-based platform:

  1. Acts as the first step of digital transformation to unlock data
  2. Expedites processing time through eliminating or drastically reducing manual data entry
  3. Gathers and presents a clear view of customer data, all in a single, convenient screen
  4. Seamlessly exports usable data into any system: ERP, RPA, Content Services or other repository

Labor costs

Faster processing

Process more claims per day

Document preparation

Document indexing


Claims processing

Policy qualification

Account opening


Customer engagement

Onboarding new business


Customer communications

Invoice processing

Human resources and employee onboarding

Feed usable data into RPA, ERP and other repositories with Web Services


Case Studies

Managing technology that provides true business value to our customers is irreplaceable. Ephesoft, combined with our other technology, has given us streamlined processes, decreased costs, provided intelligent content capture and happier customers. We are able to process claims quickly and efficiently. – Large Insurance Company’s Enterprise Applications Administrator in IT Operations

Large Pet Insurance Company

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Learn how this company now processes claims faster while decreasing costs and creating happier customers.

Washington State Health Care Authority

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Read how the Washington State HCA found an automated and cost-effective document capture lifeline while saving millions.

Protective Insurance

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This insurance underwriting firm modernized their legacy system to centralize, digitize and streamline data for collaboration.

RC McLean

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A billing and management services company decreased labor costs by 50% by automating their billing and claims processes.

Explore how Ephesoft’s platform has helped customers gain efficiency, accuracy and productivity.


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