Insurance Document Management Systems

Companies within the insurance industry that choose not to take a disciplined approach to cost control and data storage risk catastrophic consequences. Ephesoft gives agencies and carriers the ability to increase productivity, improve processes and enjoy peace of mind through document classification and data extraction solutions.

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Efficient Claims Processing

Ephesoft delivers a rapid return on investment (ROI) to insurance companies through the use of document capture technology. The automated solutions immediately result in enhanced productivity and lowered error rates by automatically classifying, extracting and validating claims. The time spent delivering claims documents to adjusters falls from an average of eight hours to only 15 minutes.

Increase Productivity

The solutions allow staff to forget about antiquated and time-consuming data entry and focus on what they do best.

Eliminate Random Processing Errors

Removes the inherent and avoidable risks related to human error, prevents inconsistencies and maintains predictable processes.

Software that Learns from Experience

Recognizes and authenticates key fields faster than a human while continually learning and improving after each experience.

Enhance Existing Investments

Seamlessly integrates into existing processes with the option to provide departmental automation or end-to-end business process automation.

Centralized Documents

Document scanning technology accurately captures requested data and safely stores it.

Real Time Insight & Analysis

Allows for more informed decisions with accurate and easily available KPIs, metrics and business data.

Want a real life example?

Learn how Protective Insurance revolutionized their business by automating claims processes with Ephesoft.

About Ephesoft Transact

Massive volumes of data and documents are pervasive in the world of insurance. Ephesoft Transact helps insurance companies streamline workflows by providing faster access to documents and more efficient processes for handling claims, policies and general customer correspondence. The software automatically and accurately classifies, separates and extracts data from insurance documents. The need for manual data entry, sorting and scanning vanishes, resulting in significant savings and improved customer service for your clients.