Healthcare Document Management


Liberate Healthcare Staff from Paperwork Drudgery

Healthcare providers, traditionally an overtasked workforce, must contend with mountains of paperwork. With technology that understands both structured and unstructured data, Ephesoft transforms document-capture processes, minimizing high-touch tasks to save you time and money. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on clinical ones.

Smarter, Faster Claims and Records

Ephesoft’s intelligent and highly automated document capture and classification boosts productivity and streamlines workflows. Supervised machine learning classifies, separates and sorts content without the need for human intervention. The structured data within the document is easily located and extracted, and exceptions are flagged for human intervention. Supervised machine learning incorporates validation actions to continuously improve the accuracy — getting smarter over time.

Cure High Processing Costs

Use Ephesoft to minimize manual data entry and make lost documents a thing of the past. By empowering providers to work more efficiently, Ephesoft delivers big-time cost reductions in healthcare document handling.

Protect EHRs from Prying Eyes

Digital records are more secure than paper records because they can be protected with role-based access and other rules that protect sensitive information from being accessed when it shouldn’t be. Using Ephesoft, you can create electronic health records that can be securely shared between primary care offices, specialists, hospitals and nursing homes.

Headache-Free Compliance

By using secure and proven Ephesoft technology to digitize forms and processes, you’ll have more visibility into the relevant data contained in each document. Once digitized, this content makes it much easier and more efficient to maintain regulatory compliance.

More Time for What Matters

Ephesoft automated capture technology reduces the time spent sorting through and organizing mountains of medical documents, so staff can spend more time interacting with patients.

About Ephesoft Transact

Healthcare providers are challenged to do the near-impossible: improve patient care while reducing overall costs. Ephesoft captures and processes any kind of document and allows the data to be organized into a single patient record, enabling providers to securely share and transfer data faster, easier and cheaper than ever before.