Intelligent Document Processing in Healthcare

Automate document processing with speed and accuracy through intelligent capture.

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Healthcare providers are challenged with the near-impossible: delivering the absolute best patient care at the lowest cost while keeping up with administrative tasks, records handling, and compliance. Contending with mountains of electronic and paper paperwork, healthcare workers need to process forms as quickly as possible, all while tending to patients. It’s no wonder workers burn out, and institutions constantly need to pay for expensive errors.

It’s time for an automated solution. Healthcare providers should be able to focus on patients, not paperwork.


Ephesoft’s breakthrough capture and extraction technology is here to help transform any document-heavy process. Whether it is patient intake forms, ID cards, lab forms or medical records, Ephesoft can identify and extract data from the documents with minimal human intervention. From there, the platform validates and delivers this data into your EHR or other line-of-business systems to help you use and access that valuable information. Instead of spending hours on manual data entry and looking for information from disparate data sources, intelligent document processing allows healthcare providers to focus on what truly matters like patient care and satisfaction.

Cure High Processing Costs

Cost reduction

Invoice backlog from 4 days to < 4 hours

Labor costs

Document preparation

Document indexing

Savings over 5 years

Applications for IDP in Healthcare

Intelligent document processing allows you to easily onramp data into EHR, RPA, ERP, purchasing and other systems. Here’s how IDP technology can create more streamlined processes in your healthcare organization and offer improved patient experiences.

Anyone who’s worked on the administrative side of the medical industry knows what it’s like to run into cumbersome invoices. IDP properly extracts patients’ information, so invoices are always accurate.
While most medical offices have systems in place to keep lab results organized, mistakes can still happen. Eliminate manual data entry for lab results, barcodes, labels and other data to accelerate processes and reduce errors.
It’s easier to take care of your patients when you don’t have to handle tedious administrative work. Using IDP can help your patients get the care they need faster, centralize their health records and reduce treatment delays.
No longer will your office administrators or patients have to waste time on lengthy admission processes. With proper data organization and capture technology, your patients can quickly check in and verify their information with automated data capture.
Referrals are essential when you need to send or receive patient information. Electronic referrals can reduce wait times so your patients can meet with specialists or other medical professionals as soon as possible.
Using IDP to gather patient’s insurance and medical details will create a faster and better user experience, avoiding the need for duplicate information from multiple forms. And, healthcare facilities can deliver an invoice with accurate billing information and users will no longer need to manually enter in data.
IDP helps your human resources team, too, allowing them to quickly access, review and organize onboarding documents. This allows them to complete the correct paperwork efficiently and without delay to start work right away.
Whether participants in your blood drive are new to your facility or come in regularly, you can quickly access and upload their information and forms so they can easily donate blood. You can then keep new donors’ records on file so their donation becomes even easier the next time.

Case Studies

Ephesoft’s innovative solution with its patented, machine learning capabilities was configured to learn the many different document types we have as well as populate fields, which make our lives easier. – Charles Hooper, Systems Administrator at Washington State Health Care Authority

Large Healthcare Network

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Using Ephesoft and RPA, this $2.4B network freed up over 2,300 human hours per month with 66% touchless invoice processing.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals (NHS)

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The National Health Service at Leeds Teaching Hospitals now can provide electronic health records and e-referrals to meet high-quality standards.

Medicare & Medicaid (CMS)

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With Ephesoft, CMS expedited their fraud prevention process by properly recognizing, extracting, digitizing and organizing the right data.

Washington State Health Care Authority

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Read how the Washington State HCA found an automated and cost-effective document capture lifeline while saving millions.

Explore how Ephesoft’s platform has helped customers gain efficiency, accuracy and productivity.


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