Take Processes from “Fine” to Refined

Ready to innovate unique document and process solutions? Meet Ephesoft Transact Web Services. Using supervised machine learning, our RESTful APIs offer both macro- and micro-services for document capture, classification and extraction — helping you enhance just about any process.

Ephesoft Transact Web Services Explorer

Meet Some Real Characters

Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is available through services for full-text conversion to PDF, as well as focused extraction of values, paragraph data and table information.

Dear Documents: We Understand You

Need to identify a document type? Our technology knows the difference between an invoice and a contract and will generate a powerful response that includes classification confidence levels down to the page.

APIs That Raise the Bar(code)

Using our barcode reader APIs, you can identify just about any 1D or 2D barcode.

Quick-Train Your System with ML

With our patented supervised machine learning, you can train and update your instance through Web Services. Have a new document type? Just send samples via Web Services to enable immediate classification.

TIFF-PDF Conversion Unlocks Content

Need to convert image files to searchable PDFs? Use our “createSearchablePDF” service to reveal hidden document content with the power of OCR.

One Call Does It All

Our macro-services provide end-to-end processing that converts, classifies and extracts in a single API call.

Meet You at the Library

Ephesoft Transact was built for web-enabled, next-generation capture. Our open architecture and extensive API library enable developers to build unique, document-centric applications. Ready to build?

Case Studies

Ephesoft helps customers rapidly transform business operations so they can realize ongoing, conclusive value.