Better with Ephesoft: UiPath

Add accurate, rapid document capture to your RPA capabilities.

As a UiPath Technology Alliance Partner, Ephesoft provides direct integration into the UiPath Activity Toolset via Ephesoft Transact. You can find Ephesoft Transact on UiPath Go!

Ephesoft Transact UiPath Activity

Power of the Ephesoft Engine

Ephesoft’s UiPath integration was a joint project driven by UiPath’s development and integration team and provides:

Document vision to software robots through classification and data extraction

The ability to mimic human document sorting, identification and data entry

Capabilities beyond basic OCR/text recognition

We’re Easy to Be With

Integrating Ephesoft Transact with your existing UiPath deployment is pain-free and quick.

Document and Data Onramp

Ephesoft Transact can ingest documents from a broad variety of sources, including scanners, copiers, fax servers, folders, mobile devices, content services platforms and more. As documents are processed, extracted data can be passed to an existing RPA process.

Web Services APIs

With a full suite of macro- and micro-services, Ephesoft Transact can be called mid-process for valuable document insight through classification and data extraction.

Ephesoft adds new flexibility to your UiPath services.

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About Ephesoft Transact

Ephesoft Transact is used in some of the leading global financial institutions, working with RPA across a variety of use cases, including new account openings and loan approvals. Transact’s flexibility and easy integration creates a powerful, smart automation platform for any organization.