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In partnership with Zia Consulting, Ephesoft now offers accelerated loan processing with a curated intelligent document processing solution that classifies, extracts and verifies data from over 300 loan documents out-of-the-box. Automate mortgage document processing with Ephesoft Mortgage and realize ROI fast.

Intake of borrower documents

Prepare closing documents

Automated regression testing

Easy integrations

Decrease in manual classification and verification of data

Increase in employee productivity

Pre-trained loan documents

Configuration and customization options


Uncertainty, low and volatile rates are drawing millions of buyers and refinancers to purchase or reevaluate their standings. As if staffing wasn’t tight enough in normal times, the influx of new customers is causing havoc in timelines for borrowing, servicing, processing and underwriting. Without the ability to obtain information quickly, the mortgage industry continues to struggle caused by bottlenecked processes, affecting the ability to swiftly respond to borrowers.


It’s time for both lenders and borrowers to get their results fast and pain-free.

Using machine learning technology, Ephesoft accelerates mortgage processing and underwriting to improve the client experience and achieve zero-defect loans. It is built to automatically recognize and extract valuable business information from loan documents.

With hundreds of mortgage documents to process for every loan, quickly and accurately capturing customer information is the key to solving these challenges. Eliminating manual data entry is the first step towards solving these challenges.

Ability to serve more customers


Faster processing

Months to ROI


Loan processing


Compliance and regulations

KYC and Trade Finance

Onboard data into your LOS

Human resources and employee onboarding

Accounts payable and finance documents


Case Studies

National MI faced the multifaceted challenges of entering a highly competitive industry as a new entrant, introducing new business models, building all systems, processes and procedures from scratch — and all in a very short period of time. To be successful, we require strong technology partners, willing to go the extra mile and form strong strategic alliances for the long haul. — Eric Low, VP E-Business & Software Development at National Mortgage Insurance

Mountain West Financial

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See how this customer cut classification processing time from 45 minutes per loan to under 5 minutes.

National Mortgage Insurance

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Modernizing their approach, National MI turned to Ephesoft to solve their paper-intensive processes for loans and underwriting.

Alliance Bank

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This large bank expedited loan processing services while cutting 20% of time with automation.

Explore how Ephesoft’s platform has helped customers gain efficiency, accuracy and productivity.



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