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Procure-to-pay (P2P) is the process of integrating purchasing and accounts payable (AP) systems to create greater efficiencies and support an end-to-end process. It exists within the larger procurement management process and involves four key stages: selecting goods and services; enforcing compliance and order; receiving and reconciliation; invoicing and payment. Despite the availability of technology for digital transformation in AP, many organizations have not yet centralized, automated or modernized their procure-to-pay process.

We understand that organizations don’t want to sacrifice productivity, approval bottlenecks and duplication of data entry. They don’t need to settle for missed opportunities or late fees. Is your company ready for a change? We’re betting your employees and suppliers will welcome automation and the ability to work smarter and faster.

Optimize Procure-to-Pay Solutions with the Right Data

Digitizing your procurement process with procure-to-pay software solutions can strengthen compliance and control among vendors, contracts, regulations, buyers and accounts payable. While some parts of your procure-to-pay process may already be digital, transforming the AP department can eliminate the brunt of the manual work by turning an understaffed, overworked department into a profit center.

At Ephesoft, we partner with leaders in the field to help provide a complete solution. Our intelligent data capture platform integrates with most procure-to-pay and accounting or ERP solutions.

Here’s what you can do to drive productivity with the complete solution, including intelligent data capture and extraction:

View any invoice approval status at any time

Automatically “Pushback” and “Deny” invoices

Receive notifications on delayed vendor payments

Route and archive supporting invoice documentation

Match invoice line items to orders

Process “Special Instructions” invoices and payments according to business requirements

Integrate with and update the company General Ledger (GL)

Integrate with a wide variety of ERP systems including Oracle, NetSuite, Infor and others

Explore integrated, turnkey procure-to-pay solutions through our partnership with Grant Thornton and Catalytic in the cloud.

Success Stories

Agnico Eagle Mines

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A gold mining company digitally transformed their AP department scaling to accommodate 20,000 more invoices and reduce validation to 1 minute.


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This clothing retail giant increased the number of invoices processed per day by more than 400%, taking only 36 seconds per invoice.

Honda Logistics

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This transportation and logistics powerhouse turned their AP department into a profit center.

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