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The people have spoken: government agencies need solid information-sharing and data-exchange processes to make sure constituents (both internal and external) get top-flight service. Demand is high for easier, cross-agency sharing of time-savers like record requests, property licensing forms and meeting agendas, and modern document capture is the place to start. Ephesoft’s breakthrough capture-and-extraction technology helps to identify and route documents where they need to go, while you respond to your citizens faster — a lot faster. The cherry on top? You won’t need nearly as much paper to store and maintain precise audit trails. Give citizens improved access to service.

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Document Processing: We Make It Zoom

As you may have experienced, the government is still so paper-based, it’s a novelty to have a digitized mailroom. But when you implement digital capture, delivery delays, manual routing costs and lost documents become rarities, not daily slowdowns.

Ephesoft transforms document capture and extraction for high-touch government processes. How? By leveraging the power of the cloud to achieve incredible processing speeds — up to 10 times faster than solutions deployed on-premises alone.

For government agencies, this means processing many more documents than before. For constituents, it means faster service and increased confidence in the governmental body servicing them. Constituents get fast, frictionless service. Agencies get better, more efficient resource planning. Everyone gets quicker results.

Get Capture Right and Boost Employee Satisfaction

With Ephesoft, staff can shine at what they do best by leaving cumbersome data entry behind. You’ll reduce risk related to human error. And, employees can put down their gloves and stop manually grappling with data. Instead, Ephesoft automatically captures and classifies documents, getting smarter over time using supervised machine learning. If you process a high volume of documents, Ephesoft can improve your workflows and reduce costs. And freeing up all those person-hours can put you ahead in the race to satisfy constituents.

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