Government Document Automation


Bring Local, State and Federal Agencies into the Future

It's time for government agencies to stop manually processing time-consuming tasks like record requests, tax forms, case management, benefits claims, identity verification, and other high-value documents to serve the public. Intelligent document capture is here to help. Ephesoft’s breakthrough capture-and-extraction technology helps to identify and route documents where they need to go, so you can respond to your citizens faster.

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Accelerate Document Processing

Many government entities are still operating with endless paper forms, prehistoric mailrooms and archived record rooms. But when you implement digital capture, delivery delays, manual routing costs and lost documents become rarities, not daily slowdowns.

Ephesoft transforms document capture and extraction for high-touch government processes. How? By leveraging the power of the cloud to achieve incredible processing speeds — up to 10 times faster than solutions deployed on-premises alone.

Government agencies are processing more documents than ever before. Agencies need to enhance internal processes without adding more resources. With digital transformation, agencies can achieve this and deliver trust and faster service for its constituents.

Intelligent Capture Boosts Employee Satisfaction

With Ephesoft, staff can shine at what they do best by leaving cumbersome data entry behind. You’ll reduce risk related to human error. And, employees can put down their gloves and stop manually grappling with data. Instead, Ephesoft automatically captures and classifies documents, getting smarter over time using supervised machine learning. If you process a high volume of documents, Ephesoft can improve your workflows and reduce costs. And freeing up all those person-hours can put you ahead in the race to satisfy constituents.

Adding Value

Ephesoft helps agencies rapidly transform business operations to realize ongoing value.