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Accomplishing a task with any government entity is known to be painstaking and slow for both agency employees and the citizens they serve. Serving a critical role to society, governments should be ahead of the curve in technology and productivity, not decades behind everyone else.

Endless PDFs, emails, scans, forms, records, piles of paper, lost documents, prehistoric record rooms, delivery delays, lines out the door, frustrated citizens, overworked employees…a sight that is all too familiar at most government agencies. It is an unfortunate reality caused by intensely growing public demand, the document volumes associated with it, limited resources and the lack of modern productivity tools to handle them!

What could you do with your time if we eliminated all that manual data entry?


Government agencies are burdened with more document volumes than ever before. It’s time to automate these time-consuming tasks such as manually processing record requests, tax forms, case management, benefits claims, tax forms, identity verification and other high-value documents required to serve the public.

Ephesoft’s breakthrough capture and extraction technology is here to help transform any document-heavy process. Automatically identify and route documents where they need to go with minimal human intervention. Instead of data entry, employees can focus on what truly matters like responding to questions, guiding citizens and driving policies.

Decreased manual indexing

Decreased legal decision-making process time

Faster with hybrid or cloud

Ephesoft Transact is Available on Project Hosts’ Federal Private Cloud FedRAMP-authorized Platform

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Eligibility determination

Benefits claims processing

Automated mailroom

Travel vouchers

Correspondence management

Tax processing

Identity verification

Case management

Archive long-term documents to one centralized repository

Fraud prevention


Onboarding data into RPA systems

COVID-19 testing and data collection

Invoice processing

Case Studies

What set Ephesoft apart from other vendors was its service level agreement, cost and unlimited number of pages we could process. Also, Ephesoft had impressive customers in the government sector and experience with FedRAMP. – Amanda Barott, Manager of Applications & Integration at TASC

Ephesoft had a depth of experience with integrations to other systems and the possibility to expand internally when the time comes. – Tom Flitter, Director of Information Technology & Integration at TASC

U.S. Air Force

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Ephesoft modernizes the U.S. Air Force software, driving efficiency for personnel travel vouchers.


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A BPO who services major government agencies and personnel automated applications, forms, tax and financial paperwork for their charity campaigns and processes.

State Workforce Agency

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A state workforce agency replaces legacy system to automate employment benefits and legal department forms, eliminating manual indexing.

Medicare & Medicaid (CMS)

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With Ephesoft, CMS expedited their fraud prevention process by properly recognizing, extracting, digitizing and organizing the right data.

Explore how Ephesoft’s platform has helped customers gain efficiency, accuracy and productivity.


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Top 5 Use Cases for Intelligent Document Processing in Government

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