Errors, extra steps, delayed payments — if your AP department is processing invoices manually or using a technology that doesn’t deliver 100% automation, you have the opportunity to save significant time and money.

Ephesoft’s invoice processing solution puts AI and OCR to work to capture and classify invoices automatically within minutes. No matter the format, Ephesoft’s solution extracts invoice data fast and at industry leading accuracy. Complicated tables? No problem! You’ll be surprised at what breakthrough invoice capture can do for your bottom line.

End-to-End Automated Process

Fast & Accurate

AI & OCR Powered

Our Customers Report

More invoices processed per day

Seconds to process an invoice

Bottom-line growth

Less set up time

Minute to validation

Days of aging process


You want flawless records and accounting processes. Ephesoft’s intelligent document processing platform can get you there. We automate accounts payable, accounts receivable and remittance processing. By eliminating efficiency barriers, staff is freed up to work on less tedious, more valuable tasks. Accelerated and reliable invoice capture and extraction mean more invoices are paid on time and allows companies to capitalize on vendor discounts.

Accelerated & Reliable Processes

Maximum Efficiency

Freed-Up Staff


Sorting and jumping from physical mail, electronic documents, PDFs, scanned images, Excel spreadsheets and a multitude of business systems is time consuming. Ephesoft’s AI-powered invoice automation software, turns your unstructured data into structured data and pushes it into your existing systems enabling a fast and seamless workflow.

Ephesoft delivers high accuracy from the start through easy-to-use training options. Rest assured, the solution is built to assess confidence levels and flag any outliers for human review and validation. Let the Ephesoft platform do the work while staying in control at all times.

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High Accuracy

Built-in Data Confidence Scores

Seamless Workflows


The speed, transparency and accuracy of automated invoice processing make compliance much easier to maintain. With less time spent on slow manual tasks, accountants have more time for due diligence and ensuring regulatory compliance. Our invoice automation software shrinks time spent on audit prep time and archiving and tracking down lost invoices.

Less Manual Tasks

Easy Access to Centralized Data

More Time to Ensure Data Compliance


As your business shifts and develops, Ephesoft Transact will grow alongside you. Our invoice automation software supports native integrations with leading third party accounting and business systems. The open platform also allows for custom integrations through a broad set of APIs.

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Open Platform

Native ERP Integrations


Success Stories

The new Ephesoft process has had a dramatic effect on our organization and is the most important process improvement change we have made in our accounts payable processing. –John Meiers, DH Pace Director of Accounts Payable

More Customer Results

More invoices processed per year

Minutes for cloud set-up

Hours/month saved for more important tasks

Increase in throughput

Scalable growth model

Time reduction

Honda Logistics

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This transportation and logistics powerhouse turned their AP department into a profit center.


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A leading energy company in Europe took a manual process of 583 hours down to less than 1 minute per day.

DH Pace

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Reduced errors, expanded ability to process additional 1000 invoices per month, freed up 635 labor hours per month.


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A retail giant achieved 400% increase in invoices processed per day at 36 seconds per invoice.

Explore how Ephesoft’s platform has helped customers gain efficiency, accuracy and productivity.


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