Bank Document Management Systems

Financial institutions that choose not to take a disciplined approach to cost control and data storage risk suffering catastrophic consequences. Ephesoft gives banking and financial service providers the ability to increase productivity, improve processes and enjoy peace of mind through document classification and data extraction solutions.

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Streamlined Document Classification

Ephesoft boosts efficiency and workflows through ultra-efficient document capture and classification solutions. The software’s advanced machine learning helps financial service firms, banks, credit unions and other financial institutions by automatically classifying, separating, sorting and extracting data from documents while continuously improving after each task. Simply put, Ephesoft allows banks to work smarter and save money.

Reduction of Processing Costs

Ephesoft’s solutions eliminate manual routing costs, missing documents and delays resulting in reduced labor costs.

Improve Productivity

The solutions allow staff to forget about antiquated and time-consuming data entry, and focus on what they do best.

Centralized Documents

With a system tailored to your specific needs, the document-scanning technology accurately captures requested data and exports it to a centralized repository.

Easy Integration

The only system that makes ERP, CRM, document management and other programs document-capture-enabled while integrating into existing processes.

Higher Data Accuracy

The software recognizes and authenticates key fields faster than a human while continually learning and improving after each experience.

Real-Time Insight & Analysis

Allows users to make more informed decisions with accurate and easily available KPIs, metrics and business data.

About Ephesoft Transact

People expect information instantly, especially their financial data. Whether it’s a new account, loan approval, contract or mortgage applications, most consumers refuse to wait for information. Ephesoft delivers automatic document capture and classification solutions that quickly and accurately route documents into a safe, centralized repository for easy access. The software extracts key data for tasks like speedy and compliant loan processing or securely opening a hassle-free account.