An Easy ERP Upgrade

ERP systems are foundational to many enterprises of all sizes. It is used to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, human resources, procurement, project management, risk management, compliance and supply chain operations.

ERP systems, while vital, are useless without accurate information. Without intelligent automation, employees must manually enter data from multiple sources, creating room for errors, as well as draining resources and slowing down processes and approvals. Ephesoft’s platform keeps your ERP up-to-date by capturing valuable content from structured and unstructured documents, recognizing hundreds of trained document types, and automatically feeding extracted content into the system.

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The Power of Automation

With Ephesoft, an intelligent document processing and capture platform, businesses can become more time-efficient, uncover insights and improve productivity by eliminating duplication and manual entry. Ephesoft automates the capture process, improving your ERP’s functionality with more accurate data and faster content delivery.

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Easy to Get Along With

Ephesoft technology seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP solutions and more:


Recognizes and validates key fields quicker than any human, increasing productivity

RESTful API, XML and CSV file integrations

Eliminate random processing errors, significantly increasing savings

Free-form document recognition, allowing automatic analysis and allowing automatic analysis and data organization, no matter where it’s from

Real-time insight and analysis: Ephesoft improves your decision-making power by extracting data that gives you accurate and easily available KPIs, metrics and business data

Ephesoft Professional Services available for integrations

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