Out-of-the-Box ID Extraction Technology

Across multiple industries and job functions, organizations struggle with the common need for collecting data quickly, especially when it comes to identification cards like driver’s licenses, ID cards, passports, visas, healthcare cards, barcodes, international documents, tax forms, mortgage forms, employee documents or patient paperwork.

Slowly typing in names, addresses, phone numbers, passport numbers or any other type of ID can be error-prone and repetitive, which is amplified when more than one person’s data is being collected. This type of data collection plagues professionals working with any type of customer or employee onboarding, public sector applications and loan qualifications.

With growing workloads, ID collection, extraction and processing can be easy, fast and done. It’s time to automate.

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Prioritize People: Make AI Work For You

Ephesoft understands the need to move quickly and that expedited processes significantly improve customer and patient experiences, especially in urgent situations (like tracking COVID-tests or processing PPP loans). With our AI-based machine learning, out-of-the-box capabilities to scan, read, recognize and extract over 1,000 types of IDs from all over the world, organizations can expedite any document process. The platform classifies, extracts, validates and exports this data into EHR, ERP, CRM, ECM, RPA or other line of business systems to help organizations use and access that valuable information.

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Applications in Healthcare: Faster Patient Processing

COVID-19 – and potential future pandemics – puts immense pressure on healthcare clinical and administrative staff to quickly and accurately process new patients, conduct health checks, onboard new staff and more. But the truth is, pandemic or not, any time being spent on administrative tasks like the manual entry of identification forms has a direct impact on the time available for patients. Implementing a quick, high-volume, high-accuracy solution can strategically and positively impact healthcare institutions in patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and the organization’s bottom line.

Applications in Human Resources: Onboarding New Hires Means Less Paperwork

A majority of organizations still manually enter IDs, driver’s licenses and form data for new hires, spending a significant amount of time doing so. This should not be the case. By implementing Ephesoft to automatically capture and extract data from IDs and other forms, companies can focus on getting employees ramped up with training and acquainting them to workplace culture.

Financial Services: Let Your Customers Know They Are #1

An expedited onboarding process is key to customer satisfaction, but the complex nature of financial services and insurance industries can make that difficult. Not only is it a lengthy process, but customers are also forced to provide the same information multiple times when applying for mortgages, loans, opening new accounts and filing for other applications. It’s time to expedite the process and get customers what they need, fast.

Rapid Extraction to Boost Your Business

Eliminates extra steps, manual data entry and provides faster results with the convenience of a mobile app

Quick time-to-value: get up and running in less time

Accelerated processing time and productivity

Reduced cost of customer and employee onboarding with automation

Deliver better experiences

Ability to read over 1,000 global identification cards, onboarding and other forms

Global product availability

Scaling capabilities with secure cloud services

Integrates seamlessly using Web Services to existing systems


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Demo: Ephesoft Transact QuickScreen

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Demo: Ephesoft Transact QuickScreen for Healthcare

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