Intelligent document processing is a process that converts unstructured and semi-structured data into structured, organized and usable information.

This process also classifies the information extracted from documents and sorts them according to the type of information it is before extracting the data.

Intelligent document processing is also a delivery system. After organizing and extracting the important information, your IDP will deliver the information to any ERP, BPM, RPA, iPaaS, workflow tool, repository or line of business system.

This is the digital, automatic alternative to employees who have to manually read through physical and digital documents and copy the information into a database.


Intelligent document processing employs data extraction from documents like emails, PDFs and scanned documents. Most of the data within these documents is unstructured, meaning it is difficult or impossible to navigate or categorize. Data capture solutions, like Ephesoft’s IDP solution, turn unstructured data into accessible data streams within minutes.

Ephesoft can capture data from all document types, including handwritten documents, and process them into usable data entries. No matter the complexity of the document, Ephesoft can automatically identify the text with no human intervention. The system flags low confidence levels for the user to review and validate.

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Are you faced with a pile of paperwork, PDFs, scans and emails you need to sort and file every day? Manual data entry can be a mind-numbing process that’s riddled with human errors and costing your company time and money.

By leveraging intelligent document capture technologies, you can eliminate human errors and enjoy an easy and fast way to turn unstructured into structured data. Ephesoft’s AI-powered IDP software can classify typed and handwritten digital documents, making data extraction easy for any documents you work with.


How exactly can IDP help your company? Here are some of the major benefits you could enjoy from using data capture solutions from Ephesoft.

Increases Efficiency and Productivity

IDP lets you process massive amounts of data from the document capture process quickly. And since your employees don’t have to spend time on data entry, they can focus on more meaningful tasks, thus improving productivity and employee satisfaction.

Saves Time and Money

Manual data entry eats away at valuable time from your employees. Employers have to pay for copious amounts of time spent on menial tasks like sorting and copying. IDP cuts down that time drastically, so your money will be better spent on employees doing more valuable work.

Simplifies Data Privacy and Compliance

Data privacy is a major concern for many companies—an information breach can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a loss of sales. When you implement document processing solutions, you are installing secure technology that helps prevent misuse or manipulation. You can also set it up to allow only a select few authorized individuals who can access all of your data.

Supports Scalability

A growing business means a growing pile of paperwork to sort and upload. That may be a problem for companies that rely on manual data entry, but not for those that adopt IDP. IDP platforms are highly scalable, allowing you to file and organize as many paper and digital documents as needed.

Builds the Foundation for Digital Transformation

Turning unstructured data into structured data is the first step to digitize your document-centric business processes. From there, you can seamlessly push the data into other systems such as ERP, ECM, RPA or any line of business solution to create end-to-end workflows.

Success Stories

As we kept signing more dealerships, we would have to keep adding staff and were running out of space. We were looking for a sophisticated solution that we could use while, at the same time, continue trying to convert more clients to go electronic. –Jennifer Holcomb of Norman & Company

Athabasca University

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This large university cut its costs and saved time by digitizing more than 34 types of student documents, records and transcripts.


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A leading energy company in Europe took a manual process of 583 hours down to less than 1 minute per day.

Norman & Company

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This automobile aftermarket products company automated their contracts and forms, helping boost their growth and productivity without adding any employees.

Explore how Ephesoft’s platform has helped customers gain efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

Why Ephesoft

Ephesoft is on a mission to eliminate manual data entry, accelerate data processing and enable end-to-end process automation to free up teams to do more. With over ten years of data capture and processing expertise, Ephesoft helps many organizations around the globe to achieve operational excellence through intelligent document automation. 

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