Match Productivity with the Employee Experience

Employees should be your greatest asset. Human resources should be spending their time on enhancing the employee experience, not pushing paperwork. We understand the desire to alleviate the mundane tasks, processes and paperwork that many HR professionals face daily. Organizations can now automate and improve many human resource processes from hire to retire – including global HR, recruiting, talent management, onboarding, workforce management and payroll. With the right technology, it can be easy to accelerate and enhance the employee experience from the beginning.

Onboard with Ease

A recent study concluded that companies with great HR onboarding procedures achieve 2.5x more revenue growth and 1.9x the profit margin of companies with poor onboarding strategies. Ephesoft offers an easy way to manage talent by onboarding and offboarding employees quickly and efficiently, which is pre-trained to read over 1,000 types of global IDs and passports. Make life easier for your team, employees and new candidates.

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Bring Your HR System Into the Digital Age

With Ephesoft’s platform, HR professionals can accelerate the mundane steps and piles of paperwork by scanning or using a mobile device to capture and extract the data. As a result, employees have a better and simplified experience without the headache of duplicating their address, identification, signature and other critical information multiple times. And, the paperwork can be automatically routed to the right place, saving HR staff extra steps. Developing and managing an effective digital strategy with the right technology can take time, but it doesn’t have to.

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Expedite the Screening Process

Automation speeds up the hiring process once you have lifted the resume data off the paper or PDF. Considering the average corporate vacancy receives 250 job applications, it is crucial these resumes are routed to the right person, screened fast, fairly and consistently with automation tools.

Compliance, Legal and Security: It Starts with Your Data

Employee data is essential – and private, with laws and protection regulations. Even though Ephesoft does not store any data on our platform, the solution is encrypted for your security and protection. Your administrator can control access to the platform. We are also GDPR compliant as well as SOC 1 and 2 certified. We understand that this is an important part of your digital HR strategy.

Success Stories

We wanted not only to digitize but also to receive metrics out of our documents. Therefore, it was key to extract the relevant metadata, especially validity dates, out of our employee files. It was apparent that Ephesoft provides a reliable capture platform based on supervised machine learning to automate the processes of sorting documents per employee, per type and requiring metadata depending on document type. – Philippe Kervoëlen, Directeur Général Délégué Support at SERIS


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This large security services firm was able to gain a competitive advantage by being the first security company to introduce digital personnel files.

State Workforce Agency

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A state agency that provides employment services for job seekers decreased their indexing process by 50% for benefits.

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