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Human resources departments deal with mountains of paperwork. Ephesoft’s automated document processing solutions remove the burdensome task of manually compiling, organizing and arranging relevant data. Users mitigate risk from human error, improve workflows and reduce costs associated with processing high volumes of personnel documents.

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Accelerate Key HR Functions

Ephesoft enables human resources staff to automate their document capture and storage processes. Manual data entry and costly human errors become a thing of the past through the software’s ability to organize and disseminate both structured and unstructured documents. Ephesoft’s single platform is ideal for HR departments looking to streamline personnel document processes and lower costs through automation.

Lower Administrative Costs

Reduce or eliminate human error related to lost documents, delivery delays and manual routing costs with the implementation of digital capture solutions.

Improved Security

Safeguard sensitive data, improve regulatory compliance and eliminate the risk of lost or damaged confidential documents.

Centralized Document System

Accurate capture requested data, making it easy to find with the document-scanning technology tailored to your specific needs.

Faster, More Accurate Document Processing

Use the software to recognize and authenticate key fields faster than a human.

Automate Regulatory Compliance

Gain peace of mind and greater efficiency by adhering to regulatory compliance policies for electronic record storage practices.

Eliminate Random Processing Errors

Remove the inherent and avoidable risks related to human error, prevent inconsistencies and maintain predictable processes.

About Ephesoft Transact

Ephesoft’s Smart Capture solutions vastly improve human resources workflows through the automation of processes for applications, recruiting, transfers, benefits, reviews, vacation accruals and relocation documents. The software virtually eliminates the need for endless rows of file cabinets and thousands of individual papers. Through the creation of structured data files for employees, HR departments reduce the risk of misplaced documents while maintaining privacy and security compliance.