We’re all in this together. COVID-19 has the world turned upside down with all of us impacted in multiple ways. We asked our employees to offer some advice, tips or bits of information that might give our readers hope, a laugh or something they found helpful. Here’s what they said: 

Happy Baby Yoga

“We like to do 15 minutes of yoga each day – and to include my 8 month-old we always end with ‘happy baby’ pose!” 

-Alison Clay, Southern California 


Staying Sane: Driving

“As everyone knows being stuck in a house with your whole family can be trying and sometimes downright impossible. For those of us that are car fanatics, sometimes the best way to get rid of stress in our life is to roll down the windows and just go for a drive. I am lucky enough to live in Southern California near Santiago Canyon in the city of Lake Forest, this affords me the ability to go for a drive through the old oak trees that overhang the road while [of course] driving the speed limit of course. It has gotten to the point that the kids now request to come with me and we don’t even talk, just drive.”

-Dan Champ, Lake Forest, CA


Dedicated Focus

“Tip 1: For all the working parents out there, try to take a one hour break each day and spend it totally focused on the kids. Make sure all of your electronic devices (including your work laptop) are off and away from you so that you can devote all your attention to your kids. You can spend the time working on an art project, taking a walk outside, drawing a sidewalk chalk mural, or maybe some baking! When you take the time to only focus in on the kids, you’ll find that the number of meltdowns will start to improve if they know that you will be taking a break at X time and we will be doing X activity. It gives the kids something to look forward to each day!

“Tip 2: Change up your remote office scenery if possible. Take meetings in the backyard, while on a quick walk, in the kitchen, or in the Starbucks Drive-Thru while you wait for an afternoon pick-me-up!”

-Aivy Iniguez, Lake Forest, CA


Use This Time to Teach Yourself Something New

“I’m a big fan of learning new things and figured I would take this opportunity to learn something new. I had a jacket that needed to be repaired but after realizing this wouldn’t happen anytime soon, I decided to tackle it myself. After buying a sewing machine and watching a few hours of YouTube clips, mission accomplished. Since then, I’ve gone on to make some golf headcovers, some small bags and of course some masks.” 

-John Andel (Ephesoft’s newest seamster), North Kingstown, RI


Be Unpredictable

“I’ve had more Zoom meetings just in the last few weeks than I had all of last year. I even attended a virtual conference (SaaStr) via Zoom. Technology can connect us, and give others a peek into our personal lives, but it also gives you an opportunity to have fun. On a recent call the other attendee said, “I didn’t know what background I was going to get.” Neither did I but that is kind of the point. Shaking things up with a walking/talking Zoom using your iPhone with a potential vendor (for whom you don’t want to show your private space) or creating multiple ‘broadcast scenes’ that you can pick at a moments notice allows you to surprise yourself and others and puts a bit of the office fun back into your daily routine.” 

-Paul Mobley, Tustin, CA


A New, Short-Lived Pet

“I bought a ‘mostly dead’ Beta fish from Petco (curbside pickup) and fed him well for the last 3 weeks of his life before returning him to a river. It just felt good to have another living being in the room. Bruce Lee did not like to cuddle.” 

-Sabrina Stratford, CO


Ready for High School Basketball

“Without 6 days a week of driving my son to his sports practices and games, I now practice basketball with my teenager almost every day in front of our house, playing one-on-one and shooting drills. I am certain that I can make the boy’s high school basketball team next year if they let me try out!”

-Leah McEachern, Aliso Viejo, CA