Ephesoft may seem like a unique name for a capture company. It doesn’t obviously relate to our primary business of document capture and the application of intelligent document recognition (IDR) technology. But, if you look a little deeper, you’ll find the name very accurately reflects our goals and mission.

Ephesoft is named after the ancient city of Ephesus. The home of the Ephesians, the city may be best known today for its residents serving as the audience for one of the books of the New Testament. But the city of Ephesus predates Christianity by hundreds of years.

Ephesus Library
Façade of the Celsus library, in Ephesus, near Selçuk, west Turkey. Author Benh LIEU SONG – Source Wikipedia

It was founded in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) in the 10th century BC. Ephesus served as an important port city and center of commerce for approximately 1,000 years—first under Greek rule and then Roman. It was also known as a very progressive city, a center for education and the arts, as well as an early pioneer in women’s rights.

Like Ephesus, Ephesoft acts as a port for its customers. Their documents come in through our software and are automatically delivered to the right departments and personnel. This compares to valuable goods being delivered to the port of Ephesus and being brought inland from there. Our auto-classification and extraction technology enables this delivery to take place efficiently, similar to the way Ephesus’ network of warehouses, merchants, and caravans enabled efficient delivery of goods through ancient Asia Minor.

And just as Ephesus relied on independent merchants to bring goods to market, Ephesoft relies on a reseller channel to deliver its software to end users.

Ephesoft also aims to be progressive. We are innovators in areas like leveraging open source and Java code, developing browser-based and mobile interfaces, and embracing Big Data principles in capture. And like Ephesus, which historically is often overshadowed by larger cities like Rome and Athens, Ephesoft is not as large as some of the capture vendors that have been in the market longer. To us, all that means is that we are more flexible and can adapt to customer and partner demands faster. If there is a new feature request, for example, we can implement that very quickly. It may take years for our competitors to implement small changes, because individual customers don’t typically register on their radars.

Managing the Spectrum of Documents

Finally, a word about our logo. One of our goals is to enable our customers to save money on their mailroom operations. And one of the biggest savings they get is from our software’s ability to auto-classify and sort their documents. These documents come in many formats and shapes and our software handles all of them. The bars in different colors and sizes in our logo are designed to represent our customers’ variety of documents.

Ephesoft Logo

I hope this post gives you some insight into who we are and what we are about at Ephesoft. We strive to be much more than just another document capture software company. We want to be more innovative, more accessible, faster moving, and flat out better than our competition. And we want partners and customers to join us to work together toward these goals.