Welcome to our frequent blog about Semantik Invoice and intelligent document processing solutions. Each month, we plan to share the latest technology updates, enhancements and plans as well as questions that might be useful as you evaluate invoice processing solutions.

Semantik Invoice is a turnkey, cloud software solution that leverages advanced AI technologies to automate your process – from entering large volumes of invoices to accurately extracting data values to securely flowing it into your approval and payment workflows. Semantik Invoice turns your unstructured data into structured data in record time for seamless, accelerated invoice processing automation.

What’s New? 

Semantik Workflow is officially available for our Semantik Invoice clients! Semantik Workflow powered by Workato (a leader in the iPaaS market), provides instant integrations from Semantik Invoice into hundreds of leading business systems and enables fully automated, end-to-end workflows that can be set-up quickly with no coding required, delivering ROI from day one.

Ephesoft developed Semantik Invoice with the goal to help businesses get up and running in minutes, solving the challenges of eliminating manual data entry and processing. However, with any intelligent document capture solution, integration into a business’s current systems can be the bottleneck to success. We commonly experience that many of our prospects love our solution but have no resources to do the technical integration or it becomes too expensive for them. We aim to support all types of companies, and in order to do so, we removed the largest impediment for them by creating Semantik Workflow.

What comes with Semantik Workflow?

The future is bright for customers and businesses of all sizes! With Semantik Workflow, we now have out-of-the-box point and click integrations with the market’s leading ERP, ECM, CRM and other applications. Whether that’s Oracle NetSuite, SAP, Quickbooks Online or Microsoft Dynamics, we’ve got an easy and quick solution to get your invoice processing working for you in minutes. Long gone are the days of 3-6 month deployments, configuration, roll-outs and hefty services costs.

Additionally, with Semantik Workflow, customers are capable of much more than just intelligent document capture. You can automate your AP and other accounting and finance processes, such as:

  • Create your own complex approval workflows
  • Perform data validation (such as PO Matching)
  • Enrich invoice data with other data before sending to a target system
  • Send data to on-premises systems
  • … and more.


Q: Is this a stand-alone product or an add-on to Semantik Invoice?

A: Semantik Workflow is an add-on product to Semantik Invoice. Customers can purchase Semantik Workflow with a Semantik Invoice subscription.

Q: How is Semantik Workflow priced?

A: Semantik Workflow is priced on a per connection basis with a minimum of two. Customers can choose one of the two base options in this example:

Option 1 (connect to an available Semantik Workflow App, such as NetSuite)

* Details: 1 Connection (Semantik) + 1 App Connection

Option 2 (connect to an on-premise system)

* Details: 1 Connection (Semantik) + 1 On-Premise Agent

Q: Can customers add more connections?

A: Yes! Customers can add as many connections as they want. Contact us more for additional connection pricing.

Q: What is an on-premise agent?

A: The Semantik Workflow on-premise agent provides a secure way for Semantik Workflow to selectively access customer-authorized on-prem apps, databases, and folders without having to open ports in the corporate firewall.

Users can communicate securely with Semantik Workflow by installing the agent within the protected server. The on-prem agent is used to create connections that are used by recipes to perform requests. With 1 on-prem agent, the customer can connect with up to 3 on-premise systems.

Q: Do we offer free trials of Semantik Workflow?

A: Yes! We offer free trials of Semantik Workflow. Customers can trigger 100 flows for free during their trial period.

Q: How do I request a free trial?

A: Contact us at info@ephesoft.com or click here to request your free trial.

Q: Are there pre-built workflows with top ERPs that customers can use to get up and running faster?

A: Yes! We have a pre-built workflows that seamlessly connect with NetSuite and several other ERPs. 

Q: If the customer already has another iPaaS, do they need Semantik Workflow?

A: No! If a customer already has another iPaaS, or if they want to create their own custom integration, there is no need to purchase Semantik Workflow. We are also on several other iPaaS platforms, such as Microsoft Power Automate and others.