36191With so many OCR platforms to choose from, how do users even decide which ones to evaluate?  The first step is to focus on criteria that is important to their organization.  The list can be quite long, but it’s important to zero in on a handful of must-haves.

Here is some important criteria to consider:

  – Vendors need to be serious about capture and have all the essential components (scan, classification, validation, QC review, OCR full page, barcodes, etc.)  Capture should be core to the business, not an add-on or afterthought which could be neglected in favor of other business segments.

  – Is it primarily tied to one ECM?  If your company changes ECMs, will you be stranded?

  – Is it current with the latest technology standards or a relic?  If they were starting today, is this the architecture you would use?   Today it’s widely acknowledged that a browser-based system, not      a client-server one, yields the flexibility users need.  Yet many firms still sell the older architecture.

  – Is the vendor on the rise or on the decline?  Choose a player that is growing who will bring you to new heights.

  – Are they so large that they won’t care about my business? Can I get heard by the right people?

Of course this just touches some considerations.  Ephesoft would love to speak with you about why we were formed, how our new business model can benefit you, and the potential we have for working together using our latest innovations in capture technology.