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Whether you are a Federal, State or Local agency, you know that physical forms and paper based processes are not the most efficient way to deliver services to your citizens. Ephesoft Transact solves this problem by capturing your documents from a variety of inputs and extracting the needed information effortlessly. Data is then exported to any application depending on the need.

This demo shows you how Ephesoft can automatically process paper documents, extract relevant data fields, and then automatically send the needed data to your applications.

You will learn:

  • How documents are captured from a variety of sources
  • How documents are automatically categorized
  • How data is extracted, including checkboxes and signature blocks
  • How external lookups can be used to add context to captured data
  • Workflow options

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Our Customers Report

Decreased manual indexing

Decreased legal decision-making process time

Processing went from hours to minutes

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