Top 5 Use Cases for Intelligent Document Processing
in Government

Transform your data to jumpstart any automation project in the public sector

The public sector – inclusive of government organizations in federal, state, local and education – encompasses the foundation of our society by providing services, programs and structure. With that enormous power and reach, almost every department in any agency has processes, procedures and tasks that involve some type of electronic or physical or digital document, record, form or image.

While some government entities have adopted some level of digital transformation to automate and accelerate processes, many organizations are still being held back in their quest for automation due to resources, budget, priorities or training. This guide is designed to kickstart efficiency, accuracy and eliminate manual processes to help you better serve your constituents through automation.

Learn more about:

  • Intelligent document processing (IDP)
  • Where your department or agency can get the most impact from IDP
  • Next steps and a variety of resources

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