Smart Document Capture and OCR Software

Advanced document capture and data extraction solutions to help your business run more efficiently.

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Why Smart Document Capture?

Streamlined Process

Faster workflows equal greater efficiency. Ephesoft integrates with existing systems and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Cost Saving

The zero-footprint, browser-based application boasts automated processing rates averaging 90% and providing you with an average cost decrease of 80%.

Fast ROI

Real results right now. Enjoy the immediate benefits of accelerated business transactions and processes.

The Ephesoft Difference

Cloud First

The same Smart Capture technology without the cost and hassle of managing servers. Deployment is speedy, efficient and accomplished without installing any local software. Employees anywhere in the world can access important documents and business data with just a few clicks.

Web Service API

Ephesoft’s web service application program interface streamlines the gathering of information to process documents using Representational State Transfer (REST) design. REST enables transactions between web servers and requires less bandwidth than older technologies such as Simple Object Access Protocols (SOAP).

Open Source

Explore the benefits of advanced document capture with Ephesoft Community. Recommended for Linux developers and technical enthusiasts, the Community Edition is free to download, free to use, requires no licensing fees and is 100% open source. Users provide communal support and are encouraged to offer feedback about the application.

Supervised Machine Learning

Ephesoft’s implementation of machine learning technologies gives our capture software the ability to learn without being programmed. The more data Ephesoft captures, the more it learns and increases its value over time.

How It Works


Capture any type of document from any source.


Identify and sort documents using machine learning.


Extract the metadata from documents.


Receive alerts on any errors or exceptions.


Your data is automatically sent to your ERP, CRM, RPA and other LOB applications either on-premise, hybrid or cloud.

Ephesoft Compatibility


Ephesoft Transact utilizes powerful algorithms to classify, sort and extract critical information from your physical and electronic documents. It’s a zero-footprint, browser-based application that runs on your servers behind your firewall.

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The Linux edition is identical to the Windows version, including all features and functionalities. Preferred by many IT professionals, Transact is a thin client intelligent document capture method on Ubuntu and RED HAT servers.

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Now Ephesoft Transact is available as a subscription service hosted in the cloud. Enjoy faster deployment and lower cost of ownership.

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Ephesoft Transact Add-Ons

Ephesoft Transact offers extended modules to enhance workflows and provide additional benefits. These add-ons improve process performance, reduce time to market and make capturing data easier.

Mobile Smart Capture

Enable the use of mobile devices to input documents and data into the Ephesoft Transact platform.

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Advanced Reporting Module

Receive comprehensive reports to enhance the analysis and optimization of parameters used during the entire process.

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Run a single instance of Ephesoft software on one server while safely and securely supporting multiple clients.

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