Ephesoft’s Platform in a SaaS Environment

Ephesoft is leading the document capture and analytics market by breaking traditional boundaries with the ability to offer customers Cloud Services on Microsoft Azure. Ephesoft can host your advanced capture solution to provide modern, cutting-edge technology in the form of insightful, advanced document analytics and machine learning technology. This next generation software in the cloud is coined Capture-as-a-Service (CaaS.) Our experts are cloud certified for implementing Ephesoft on Microsoft Azure.

Ephesoft Transact Cloud Tiers of Service


The Ephesoft Cloud Entry Level offering provides powerful document processing capabilities for the small business or department looking to get started with cloud capture. Subscriptions at this level are volume limited, either 12,000 or 24,000 images per year, and run in our multi-tenant cloud infrastructure.


The Ephesoft Cloud Standard Level provides a dedicated cloud instance for customers, and can provide document capture at volumes from 60,000 to 500,000 images per year. It includes our powerful web services layer, allowing the use of our mobile capture application, SnapDoc, and integrations with your line of business systems, workflow/BPM tools and developer projects.


The Ephesoft Cloud Professional Level is our fully capable dedicated instance, with access to all the optional components we provide: Web Services, Mobile, Advanced Reporting, Disaster Recovery and more. It provides licensing at the CPU core level, removing volume restrictions, and providing maximum throughput for time sensitive document processing. The instance runs on high level cloud infrastructure, providing maximum service levels and guaranteed uptime.


The Ephesoft Cloud Premium Level is our top tier offering that takes advantage of Ephesoft’s Clustering Technology for high-level throughput, high availability and maximum efficiency. Each offering at this level includes two instances, and additional cores can be added for more throughput and processing power. By taking advantage of auto-scaling and elastic processing power, this level will meet the needs of the most demanding organizations.

Core benefits for a Capture-as-a-Service platform

Time to Value

On-premises software implementations can be a long-term journey and require additional budget for hardware, IT resource time and long budget cycles for capital expenditure approvals. With the Ephesoft Transact Cloud, the time to value is minimized and the intelligent capture platform can be up and running in a fraction of the time.

Cost of Ownership

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) reduces the overall solution cost of ownership by including support, and eliminating the need for hardware, backups, monitoring, dedicated administration and overall management. By including these costs in one recurring fee, complexity and overhead are reduced, and IT spend becomes more predictable.


No longer is intelligent document capture only for large organizations with an entire IT department onboard. Now, smaller organizations can have access to enterprise-class technology and glean all the advantages and efficiency to stay competitive, finding the ability to challenge their larger rivals.

Access to Innovation

With SaaS + CaaS models, access to the leading-edge software is included. As vendors improve their processing engine, customers can immediately take advantage of the added efficiency. Subscriptions provide continuous value, and appreciates over time as more features and functionality are added.

Scalability and Agility

Cloud platforms are built for maximum scalability and agility. The system is built to easily add more cores, features and processing power, depending on their requirements and needs. Clients can start small and grow with a flexible subscription model.

Capture Anywhere

Ephesoft CaaS provides intelligent document capture anywhere, on any device. Users can automate document processes with a browser, a smart phone or a tablet. This allows today’s distributed workforce to maximize and access the many benefits available in the cloud.

With each incremental application moved from on-premises to the cloud, the above advantages are multiplied, and become a catalyst for cost savings, efficiency and collaboration. As a true driver for business process improvement, CaaS is a perfect opportunity for organizations still tied to legacy, dated or on-premises capture solutions to capitalize on this technology.

Why capture in the cloud?

Learn more about how CaaS can give your organization a competitive edge.