Document Capture for Windows

Intelligent Document Capture and Data Classification Solution

Ephesoft Transact provides advanced document capture and data extraction solutions to help your business run more efficiently. Ephesoft integrates with existing systems and eliminates the need for manual data entry, creating faster workflows and improved efficiency. The zero-footprint, browser-based application boasts automated processing rates above 90% and providing you with an average cost reduction of 80%. Ephesoft’s implementation of machine-learning technologies gives the software the ability to learn without being programmed. The more data Ephesoft captures, the more it learns and increases its value over time. The intelligent document classification and extraction technology seamlessly integrates with any multifunction device and existing organizational processes.

RESTful APIs for Full Integration

Ephesoft Transact uses a Representational State Transfer (REST) design, enabling transactions between web servers and requiring less bandwidth than older technologies such as Simple Object Access Protocols (SOAP).

Significant Cost Savings

Save time and money by cutting down on manual labor costs incurred from time-consuming manual data entry tasks. Users enjoy an almost immediate ROI after implementing Ephesoft’s solutions.

Simple and Flexible Licensing

Ephesoft’s license model removes limitations on the number of users and pages processed. We base our subscription licensing on the number of CPUs your organization needs.

Want to see how it works?

Have a look at our Ephesoft Transact Datasheet