IDM Capture Powers End-to-End Document Automation

Infor Document Management (IDM) Capture uses patented, intelligent document capture technology powered by Ephesoft. The result? Automated processes, significant time savings and reduced costs for your customers. IDM Capture can seamlessly integrate into any Infor solution, such as M3, LN, CloudSuite, Infor OS and others.

Customers who have high value, high volume documents, either electronic or paper, gravitate towards this solution to easily onboard data into their existing Infor solutions to accelerate business processes, drive efficiencies and lower costs – kickstarting hyperautomation. The solution is offered in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments for document capture, classification, data extraction, validation and export into any ERP that integrates with Infor Document Management.

Intelligent Document Processing


Any Source, Any Format

Physical documents, electronic documents, and document images via mailbox, email, fax, and file transfer.



Intelligently identify document types and metadata.



Integrate and automatically send data to Infor solution.

Why Customers Love Us

With thousands of enterprise customers worldwide, Ephesoft’s innovative intelligent document processing solutions help businesses accelerate processes, drive accuracy and improve productivity. IDM Capture, powered by Ephesoft, is used by dozens of Infor customers as well as internally in Infor’s accounts payable department.

Start Hyperautomation

“Hyperautomation is a business-driven, disciplined approach that organizations use to rapidly identify, vet and automate as many business and IT processes as possible,” states Gartner.

IDM Capture transforms data and exports it into any Infor application seamlessly to kickstart your hyperautomation initiative.

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Top Use Cases

More invoices processed per day

Seconds to process an invoice

Low administrative cost

The most common use case and fastest way for customers to see dramatic benefits is in accounts payable departments, although we also see high demand in other industries and use cases. IDM Capture’s robust functionality and supervised machine learning capabilities can reduce or eliminate the top efficiency-killers of any Accounts Payable department, such as:

Manual data entry

Manual invoice approval

Lost or missing invoices

Missing out on prompt payment discounts

Duplicate payments

Handling paper invoices

The inability to capture valuable data

Success Stories


A retail giant achieved 400% increase in invoices processed per day at 36 seconds per invoice.

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This manufacturing company captured 40,000 barcodes and 7,000 invoices monthly to export into Infor M3 at the right price.

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Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials

Using IDM Capture, this manufacturing company automated their incoming invoices and orders.

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Amphenol LTD

Amphenol reduced the time it took for Accounts Payable to process a purchase invoice by over 80%

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Director, Worldwide OEM Sales