Ephesoft Insight

Next Generation Enterprise Document Analytics & Business Intelligence

With Insight, organizations can unlock the power of the data trapped in multiple document repositories to reduce risk, drive profits, improve operations and support strategic decision-making.

Big Data, Huge Insight

Insight is a big data document analytics and business intelligence platform that leverages Ephesoft’s patented machine-learning algorithms to extract meaningful and actionable information from an often untapped resource: unstructured data on documents and images in content management systems, content repositories and other network storage.

Built for High-Level Intelligence

Insight can help organizations comply with strict regulatory requirements by analyzing the unstructured content in electronic files for sensitive data.


Government agencies utilize the platform to automate data-driven processes in support of mission-critical services. Ephesoft helps contractor-owned networks containing protected government data comply with Federal Acquisition Regulations regarding cybersecurity standards.

Banking & Mortgage

Financial services institutions are improving customer intelligence, service and account onboarding with the Ephesoft Insight. Regulatory, compliance and security measures can be easily mined and analyzed for, while minimizing the risk of fraud.

Financial Risk Analysis

Ephesoft Insight uncovers risky, trade finance activities and prevents fraud for KYC and CIP efforts using supervised machine learning technology. The platform connects multiple data points and cross-references databases to show patterns, trends and detects anomalies used to combat fraud.


The GDPR aims to hand EU citizens more control over how their personal data is used and provide businesses with a clear legal structure. Ephesoft’s ability to find and transfer data removes the risk of non-compliance.

Enterprise Connectivity

Easily connect to and crawl your document repositories for unstructured content. Enrich your data sets by incorporating structured data from additional sources.


  • Documents from multiple sources
  • Real-time crawling of document repositories


  • Classification
  • Separation
  • Document tagging


  • Machine learning
  • OCR
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Text characteristics


  • Data patterns
  • What-if analysis
  • Data relationships
  • Metadata
  • Anomaly detection


  • Dashboards
  • Mind maps
  • Forecasting
  • Discover vs. Explore

Powerful Machine Learning and Open Source Capability

By leveraging the massive scalability of big-data technologies like Hadoop and Spark, Ephesoft Insight is an open-standards, web-based big-data platform that lets business users visualize, explore and analyze data at scale.

Ephesoft’s patented machine learning algorithms allow for quick and easy classification and extraction of data. Enrich your document data with additional structured data sources, or enhance classification and extraction by leveraging custom or industry-specific knowledge bases.

Ephesoft Insight provides maximum visibility into your document content to support organizational decision-making, automate data-driven operations, and mitigate operational and business risk.