Company’s technology platform and solutions enable digital transformation and end-to-end automation of document-intensive processes

IRVINE, Calif. – Ephesoft, Inc., a leader in intelligent document processing automation and data enrichment solutions, today announced it has earned accolades as a recipient of the inaugural 2021 Digital Innovator Award by Intellyx, an analyst firm dedicated to digital transformation.

“Ephesoft was founded to help organizations achieve operational excellence through innovative technologies and I am honored that Ephesoft was recognized as a digital innovator by Intellyx. The award is a testament to our mission to fundamentally change how businesses manage document capture, classification, data extraction and processing,” said Ike Kavas, Ephesoft founder and CEO. “Our AI-enabled solutions turn unstructured into structured data and deliver the foundation to successfully digitize and automate complex business processes. With Ephesoft, businesses can access and utilize the data within seconds powering digital transformation across many use cases.”

Since Ephesoft’s inception, innovation has been part of the core values of the company. Recognized as a ‘market mover’ by IDC, Ephesoft was the very first intelligent document processing company to offer a hybrid solution, Transact Cloud HyperExtender, that transitions OCR into the cloud for increased performance and scalability. Ephesoft’s patented machine learning technology for document classification is one of the best performing in the market per customers’ feedback. To further innovation, the company created a Patent Club to encourage and reward employees for their ingenuity. Last year, Ephesoft launched its latest innovation, Semantik Invoice. The AI-based cloud application can be deployed in minutes and has saved customers time by 93%, increased compliance and boosted scalability.

During a rigorous briefing with Intellyx, Kavas and Ephesoft Vice President of Product Marketing Darin Pendergraft discussed the challenges organizations are facing in their pursuit of digital transformation and how Ephesoft can be leveraged to overcome the obstacles. The automation of business processes is complex and often requires an ecosystem of integrated technologies. While single use case solutions may decrease implementation complexities, they can also greatly limit the utilization of data that is highly valuable beyond a specific use case. Ephesoft can solve for both single and multiple use cases depending on the business challenges and needs. The flexible platform boasts turnkey solutions, allows for custom solutions and can address many use cases from invoice and loan document processing to handwriting and ID recognition and make the data accessible across the enterprise in various systems of choice, such as ERP, ECM, RPA and other workflow tools. Further, the open systems architecture allows developers to create their own solutions and have granular control. Looking ahead, Ephesoft is striving to power complex AI-driven automations with contextual, semantic data.

Following the briefing, Intellyx published an article titled, “Ephesoft: Contextualizing data for complex process automation,” in which they describe Ephesoft’s solutions noting, “This enables a workable document-to-data-to-machine interface for several leading automation partners and RPA bots, as well as for its own specialized process applications such as invoicing, document digitization and customer onboarding.”

“At Intellyx, we get dozens of PR pitches each day from a wide range of vendors,” said Jason Bloomberg, president of Intellyx. “Ephesoft’s innovative solutions stood out to us and we are looking forward to seeing Ephesoft’s continued innovations in the IDP space and beyond.”

For more details on the award, visit the 2021 Intellyx Digital Innovator awards page here. To view Ephesoft’s intelligent document processing and automation solutions, visit