Supervised machine learning Web Services APIs, auto table extraction, partner plug-ins, RESTful API lookups, and Asia-Pacific languages added to enhanced version

Irvine, Calif. – Mar. 28, 2018 – Ephesoft, Inc., the leading developer of supervised machine learning-based document capture and analytics solutions, today announced the immediate availability of Ephesoft Transact 4.5, for smart document capture, classification and export of unstructured content. Version 4.5 includes over 200 new features and enhancements expanding the company’s ability to help organizations accelerate data capture and analysis, reduce errors and increase productivity.

“The latest version of Ephesoft Transact adds features that our users have asked for as well as important capabilities for our growing global customer basefrom 5-person to Fortune 500 companies,” said Ike Kavas, CEO of Ephesoft. “System administrators, department heads and IT staff in banking, insurance and other industries processing high-volume, high-value documents will enjoy the increased power and efficiency of the Transact 4.5 platform, and the improved plug-in connectivity with web-based partner content services platforms. By enhancing our patented supervised machine learning technology, we continue to improve accuracy, speed and efficiency for our customers.”

The new version fits into Ephesoft’s innovative vision of changing the world’s unstructured content into actionable information for enterprises of all sizes. The ability to significantly speed up static, manual business processes with supervised machine learning algorithms have already shown four-fold leaps in productivity, over 96 percent accuracy levels and innate competitive advantages.

New features in Ephesoft Transact 4.5 include:

  • Machine learning Web Services APIs. This provides developers and IT professionals with flexibility to integrate machine learning into existing document capture solutions to capture metadata fields.
  • Auto extraction using supervised machine learning. Ephesoft Transact introduces powerful capabilities to configure and extract metadata from tables and line items. Admins cam train the system to “learn” tables, improving accuracy—particularly with accounts payable processing.  
  • Improved processing speed. The Ephesoft platform runs on a 4-core processor as its baseline, which can be upgraded depending on the volume of documents to be processed. Customers with higher volumes of data will see up to a 64 percent performance increase and more than 750 pages processed per minute.
  • Export functionality for Box, SharePoint, SAP and Web Services. This increases the export options for enterprises. As a member of the Box Technology Partner Program, Ephesoft extends Box’s capabilities providing customers with the industry’s first purely cloud-based solution. Ephesoft’s Box and SharePoint export plugins are ready-to-use connectors eliminating the need for custom code. Finally, the new Web Services export feature lets developers export directly from Transact to any custom Web Services endpoint.
  • Added language support. Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai have been added to OCR functionality in addition to Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian that are currently supported. For Transact on Linux (using the Nuance OCR engine), Transact 4.5 adds Arabic and Asian languages.
  • Other features. Transact 4.5 adds knowledge bases, side-by-side table extraction, the ability to perform RESTful API lookups into other systems, as well as support for Microsoft Exchange Web Services.
  • Additional supported operating systems. Windows 10, RHEL 7, Ubuntu 16.04, centOS 6.9, and centOS 7.2.

We are anticipating a strong demand for the Ephesoft Transact 4.5 platform,” said Pat Myers, EVP at Zia Consulting, a platinum-level Ephesoft Partner and five-time Ephesoft Partner of the Year. “Multiple new, supervised machine learning capabilities—including line item and table extraction—along with Web Services will improve speed and efficiency for our customers, particularly those with very high volumes of documents and data. The new exporting features into Box, SharePoint and SAP will allow Zia to launch solutions more quickly for our customers.”

About Ephesoft Transact
Used by hundreds of organizations worldwide, Ephesoft Transact is a smart document capture solution specializing in ingesting, classifying, extracting and delivering documents. It does this regardless of the format or input method (e.g., handwritten forms, email, scans). Ephesoft Transact is the only Smart Capture® system that supports seamless integration with third party ERP, CRM, ECM (Content Services) and other back-office programs to be document-capture enabled through Web Services APIs. Once a document is in digital format, Ephesoft’s software reads it and classifies it in the way the company wants it organized, enabling searchability, reporting and better decision-making. Simplifying and streamlining document business processes allows companies to focus on their core competencies and customer success.