Ephesoft Transact Release Support

Ephesoft Transact Release Schedule

This page summarizes the release and support schedule for Ephesoft Transact, Releases through 2019.x*:

Ephesoft Transact
Estimated Release Date* Estimated EOL Date* New Release
Corresponding to EOL October 2016 January 2019 2019.1 January 2017 April 2019 2019.2 February 2017 April 2019 2019.2 May 2017 July 2019 2019.3 September 2017 October 2019 2019.4 April 2018 April 2020 check back for information June 2018 July 2020 check back for information September 2018 October 2020 check back for information
2019.1 2019 Q1* 2021 Q1* check back for information
2019.2 2019 Q2* 2021 Q2* check back for information
2019.3 2019 Q3* 2021 Q3* check back for information
2019.4 2019 Q4* 2021 Q4* check back for information

*These are estimates of availability and EOL

End of Life (EOL) for a software release entails the following policies:

  • When a software release reaches end of life:
    • Ephesoft does not provide new software licenses for that release.
    • Ephesoft does not provide support services for that release.
  • Ephesoft can provide upgrade compatibility for releases that reach EOL.
  • Ephesoft may provide customers with approximately 6 months advanced notice prior to an upcoming EOL.
  • This is a forward-looking document. Ephesoft reserves the right to revise this schedule at any time.

Operating System and Database Support Notices for Ephesoft Transact Release 2019.1

Category Item Ephesoft Transact Release Description
Operating System Linux versions
prior to version 7.0
Release 2019.1
January 2019
When upgrading to Transact Release 2019.1 from an older version of Transact in the Linux environment, Ephesoft recommends that the customer install on a brand new environment, to include a later version of Linux that Transact Release 2019.1 supports.

After Transact Release 2019.1, the customer can install Transact v.2019.1 and then migrate items such as shared folders, databases, batch classes, and other components.

NOTE: There is no requirement enforced by the Ephesoft Transact Release 2019.1 installer. The 2019.1 installer does not notify the administrator release 2019.1 in a Linux environment that is older than Linux version 7.0.

Operating System Red Hat RHEL 6 Release 2019.1
January 2019
Effective with Transact Release 2019.1, Ephesoft does not support Red Hat RHEL 6.
Operating System Cent OS 6 Release 2019.1

January 2019

Effective with Transact Release 2019.1, Ephesoft does not support Cent OS 6.
Operating System Ubuntu 14.04 Release 2019.1

January 2019

Effective with Transact Release 2019.1, Ephesoft does not support Ubuntu 14.04.
Database MySQL 5.5 Release 2019.1
January 2019
MySQL 5.5 is no longer bundled with Ephesoft Transact and does not get installed from the Transact installer as of Transact Release 2019.1 and beyond.
If the customer has an existing installation of MySQL from previous versions of Ephesoft Transact, the database will be only updated in release 2019.1 and beyond. Ephesoft is planning to “end of life” MySQL 5.5 from Transact support.
Database Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 R2 Release 2019.1

January 2019

Effective with Transact Release 2019.1, Ephesoft does not support this version of MS SQL Server.
Database MariaDB versions
prior to version 10.2.1
Release 2019.1

January 2019

MariaDB version 10.2.1 is the minimum version required for Ephesoft Transact Release 2019.1. Effective with Transact Release 2019.1, the Transact Installer upgrades MariaDB from version 10.0.21 to version 10.3.8. Fresh Transact installations, and Transact upgrades that have MariaDB integrated with Transact as a part of the bundled product, are both supported without additional manual configuration.

Customers who have a MariaDB version older than version 10.2.1 must upgrade their MariaDB version to version 10.2.1 or later, install or upgrade to Ephesoft Transact Release 2019.1, then import existing batch classes.