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Review Document

Available: on-premises, cloud


This screen defines the operations that can be done on a batch in review state. During this stage, the user can perform various operations on the batch like classifying, splitting, copying, deleting the document etc. The document also explains the various plugin properties that can be set for batches that are in review state. Whenever batch comes to review state, its status is changed to “READY_FOR_REVIEW” and it needs to be reviewed by the user manually if it is not reviewed automatically (i.e. its confidence score is less than the specified threshold). After the review, the batch processing continues until it reaches validation stage.

To access a Batch in Review state, user needs to hit the URL {http://localhost:8080/dcma/ BatchList.html}, Click on Review subtab and then click on a batch displayed in the grid.

This will open a batch on Review screen (see below screenshot)


Please follow the below steps to set Review plugin properties:

  • Login to the Ephesoft Admin Module (Batch Class Management).
  • Navigate to Batch Class -> Modules -> Review Document module -> Review Document plugin.


Configurable propertyType of valueValue optionsDescription
External Application SwitchList of values
  • ON
  • OFF
This field is used to develop external modules or applications and integrate them to work together with Ephesoft.
X DimensionIntegerInteger valueTo specify the x-dimension of the external application in pixels.
Y DimensionIntegerInteger valueTo specify the y-dimension of the external application in pixels.
URL1 Title, URL2 Title, URL3 Title and URL4 TitleStringN-AThese properties hold titles for the external application.
URL1 (Ctrl+6), URL2 (Ctrl+7), URL3 (Ctrl+8) and URL4 (Ctrl+9)StringN-ATo fire the specified External Application for a batch on the Review Validate UI. URL of the external application is specified here which can be accessed via shortcut keys (Ctrl+6, etc.) as well as by pressing buttons defined. (External Application 1, External Application 2, External Application 3, External Application 4 as can be seen in the below UI).

Review screen with External Application switch ON will look something like this:

Features List

There are three panels in the review screen.

  • Left-most-panel or 1st panel – showing document tree having all classified and unclassified Ephesoft documents in a batch.
  • Middle-panel or 2nd panel – contains the review button and the thumbnail images of pages in document. It also contains the list of document types and the list of documents available for merging.
  • Right-most-panel or 3rd panel shows the enlarged image of the selected document

To save the Batch

In the document tree, there are classified as well as unclassified documents. Classified documents are marked by a green border line on its left. Unclassified documents are marked by a red border line on its left.

  • Clicking on More menu will open further options for Function Key, External Application, Scanning and Shortcuts.

Function Key

This functionality aims at providing the application user (mainly review operators) the flexibility of customizing the shortcuts for specific operations on the RV screen. The user can run some code script as per the need which will be fired just by pressing a key.

User can define the Function Key from the following UI by clicking on Add menu.

Review screen with Function Key defined will look something like this

External Application

This functionality is used to fire the specified External Application for a batch on the Review screen.

For configuration of External Applications please refer Configuration section.


This functionality aims at providing the application user to Re-Scan and Insert pages in a document using a Web scanner.

  • Rescan

This feature will redirect user to web scanner screen from where user can only rescan the selected page. On clicking Finish user will be redirected to Review screen again.

Web scanner screen for Rescanning will look like this.

  • Insert

This feature will redirect user to web scanner screen from where user can only insert a page which will be added before the selected page. User can insert multiple pages one by one. On clicking Finish user will be redirected to Review screen again.

Web scanner screen for Insert will look like this.


Clicking on Shortcuts will open a list of shortcuts for operations like Saving, Splitting, Merging, Deleting the document etc.

  • User can drag and drop a page from one document to other document on Review screen.

Select the page which has to be moved to other document.

Drag the page over the Document in the left most panel in the which the page has to be moved. The details of the Document on which page is dragged will open on Review screen.

Drop the Page on the middle panel at the desired position.

  • User can suppress the Popups on Validation screen by clicking on don’t ask me again checkbox. Next time user performs that operation popup will not come for the current session.

The right-most-panel contains the buttons/shortcuts for splitting, deleting, rotating the document, etc.


Navigation Icons:

Indication on RV screen UI in case drag and drop is not to the correct location.

Highlight Image panel on Review and Validate Screen when Image is dragged from one document to another. This is to remove any ambiguity that user may face while dropping any dragged image on RV screen. Please find below illustrative screenshot.

Support for deletion of multiple pages in Review

This enhancement provides user the ability to delete multiple pages on Review Validate screen. Multiple pages can be selected by pressing Ctrl key and selecting identified pages for deletion. Multi selection of pages for deletion can be made intra document only. Please find below illustrative screenshot:

Multiple Select

This enhancement provides user the ability to merge multiple documents on Review Validate screen. Multiple documents can be selected by pressing Ctrl key and selecting identified documents for merging. Short Cut added for documents merging operation is Ctrl + Shift +/. Please find below illustrative screenshot:

Current Selected Document will automatically be selected with the ones selected with Ctrl. Current Selected Document can be identified with different background color ( Blue in the screenshot) compared to the selected images with color ( Grey in the screenshot).

Tab Title of Review Web Page

Tab title of Review web page will show Review as a title.


Review Button Turns Red

If any change made by the user which need to be saved in the batch.xml by clicking Review button, then Review button will turn Red. Review button will not turn for those changes which automatically saved in the batch.xml without clicking Review button.


Shortcut to Close Batch

“Alt + left arrow” key is used to close the batch on Review screen. This shortcut detail is also present in shortcut menu view.

If some unsaved changes are present i.e. if Review button is Red and user try to close the batch, then below pop-up will be shown to the user.

On click of “Yes” button batch will be close and unsaved changes will be lost. On click “No” button user will stay on the Review screen.

Display Image Page Number Label

In Thumb view panel, a label will be displayed for every display image. This Page Number label will be displayed just below every display image. Every label will start with “PG” and followed by the Page Identifier of the same page which will be same as present in batch.xml. A switch is present in “” which will govern whether page identifiers will start from 0 or 1. Name of the switch is “page_identifier_start_from_1”. By default, value of the switch will be false i.e. page identifiers will generate from 0. If user want to start the generation of Page Identifiers from 1, then user must change the switch value from false to true.

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