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Software Updates 2022.1.00


Software updates provide enhancements to the latest version of Ephesoft Transact. This release includes compatibility enhancements and fixes for features.

Consolidated List of Software Updates

The CronUtil version in 2022.1.00 has been upgraded from 9.1.2 to 9.1.6. This removes the CVE-2021-41269 vulnerability.
Log4j has been updated to version 2.17.1. See Log4j Vulnerability for more information.
Transact 2022.1.00 is compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4.
Transact 2022.1.00 is compatible with Microsoft® SQL Server 2019.

Extended List of Software Updates

Salesforce ID Category Issue
00024824 Reporting The purge operation failed on the Oracle database, logging various unique constraint errors in the dcma-report.all log file. As a result, tables related to reporting continuously grew in size.
00020606 Key-Value Extraction Regex Pool UI layout and options may have been displayed incorrectly.
00022440 Reporting Report data was missing. Data immediately moved from Report to Report_archive, instead of only purging items that are 60 days or older.
00026358 GraphicsMagick When converting JPEG images with a low DPI using GraphicsMagick, some images were flipped horizontally and/or vertically.
00022405 Email Import Transact stopped importing emails over IMAP due to connection errors.
00024537 RECOSTAR_HOCR Plugin The RECOSTAR_HOCR plugin incorrectly rotated some PDFs with eText.
00025769 OCR Page boundaries for HOCR data were scaled-down disproportionally to the original page size.


Web Scanner New batch instances uploaded from web scanners did not continue past the Created status.
00029536 Database

Batch Instance Handling

In some cases, the Transact server became unresponsive and stopped processing batches due to long-running queries and database deadlocks.
00027570 Reporting Dashboard reports did not sync properly due to unique constraint errors.
00030347 Validation Checkboxes were unresponsive on the validation screen when “Field Value Change Script” was enabled for the index field.


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