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Ephesoft Transact Known Issues and Workarounds

Ephesoft Transact Workarounds

# Issue Workaround
1 The following error occurs during upgrade from Ephesoft Transact on Ubuntu 16.04:

“Error occurred while building dependency tree. Exiting from script…”

This error occurs when packages from repositories are not updated.

To update the packages from repositories, the following commands need to be executed on the machine :
“apt-get -f install -y ” and “apt-get update”

2 The batch instance processing fails with the following error: “Exception in breaking the input file. Converted TIFF files count not equal to the TIFF pages count for batchInstanceId” Recostar OCR engine has limitation when converting PDF to TIFF – the higher resolution pages are not broken into TIFF files. Therefore, the number of TIFFs created does not match the expected number of TIFF files.

To resolve the issue, the batch class configuration needs to be changed as follows:

  • Open your batch class.
  • Under the Folder Import module, select the IMPORT_MULTIPAGE_FILES plugin.
  • In the PDF to TIFF Conversion Process dropdown menu, select Ghostscript instead of Recostar.

3 Dashboard Reports and Throughput Reports are not getting updated on RHEL servers (7.0, 7.1, 7.2 & 7.3) This issue is related to a known bug in RHEL OS.

To resolve the issue, the local.conf file (attached below) should be placed in the following folder of RHEL server:


local.conf (the configurations file should first be unzipped)

4 When upgrading from Ephesoft Transact v. to v. on RHEL 7.1 with Oracle DB, the following error occurs with installation of GraphicsMagick: “gm: command not found”. Even though the GM error is displayed during upgrade process, GraphicsMagick is working fine. The issue is only with the logger.
5 Configured default value of an index field is not picked up and is not displayed on the Validation screen. To resolve the issue:

  • Open your batch class.
  • Navigate to the Extraction module.
  • Move the DEFAULT_INDEX_FIELD_VALUE_PLUGIN to the bottom of the list.

6 When upgrading from Ephesoft Transact v. to v., the Ephesoft\JavaAppServer\webapps folder is cleared of all custom webapps currently deployed. After performing the upgrade, all deployed custom webapps need to be manually copied from the backup folder <Ephesoft Installation Directory>\Back-up-full4.5.0.1\JavaAppServer\webapps to the <Ephesoft Installation Directory>\JavaAppServer\webapps folder.
7 There is known issue regarding performance slowness. Ephesoft found that the duration of processing with the Recostar saveimage.exe files was five times longer than with the Transact v4.5.0.0 installation . This issue is scheduled to be resolved in v4.5.1.0. For workaround , please refer wiki article
8 After the upgrade to Ephesoft Transact v., especially in a clustered environment, some functionalities might fail to work, like restarting a batch instance, failover service etc. The issue occurs because some internal web services may remain disabled.

This applies only to Transact instances without new Transact 4Mortgage solution.

To resolve the issue, perform these steps:

  • Open the web.xml file located in the WEB-INF folder (<Ephesoft Installation Directory>\Application\WEB-INF).
  • Comment out the dcmaFilter section.

  • Search for DispatcherServlet in the following file:


Search results would be similar to what is shown below:


  • Add the following servlet-mapping code, if it is missing.


  • The following snapshot illustrates servlet settings:

  • Save the file.
  • Restart the Ephesoft Transact service.


Ephesoft Transact v. Known Issues

Category Known Issue
UI When the user logs out from the Batch Class Management screen and then logs in again, he is redirected to the Home page instead of the Batch Class Management screen.
UI Document type list scrolls to the top of the list whenever a node is opened in the navigation pane.
UI The buttons and drop-downs on the top menu are not properly aligned on the Table Extraction Rule Creation screen.
UI When the user clicks Apply on the CMIS Import screen for any batch class, the pop-up message “Batch Class updated successfully” appears even when no details have been provided for CMIS connection.
UI After performing Rest API search on the Validation screen, the focus is shifting away from the Tab/Group which contains the Rest API Lookup search icon.
UI The user is not informed about restrictions in special characters usage when creating the Document type names. The warning/error message appears only when the user clicks Apply or hovers over the highlighted field.
Plugins When the value of the “PDF Optimization switch” is OFF in the CREATEMULTIPAGE_FILES plugin of Export module, the “Compression Switch” and “Compression Factor” options are greyed out, even though the “PDF Optimization switch” is not related to “compression” options. Besides, the “PDF Optimization switch” should only be available when Ghostscript is selected under the Multipage File Export Process (currently it is available for several other processes as well).
Plugins When trying to set up a new CMIS connection (Export module -> CMIS_EXPORT plugin) for a batch class imported from Transact v. to Transact v., the configuration is not saved in the file (Folder Management -> {BC ID} -> cmis-plugin-mapping folder).
Installer Ephesoft Transact v. installed on WINDOWS 2012 R2 with Oracle 12.2 fails at start-up due to incorrect DB entries in the server.xml file (additional unwanted characters get appended to the dataSource.password field).
Installer The following error occurs when upgrading Ephesoft Transact v. to v. in Linux environment: install-helper: line 2568: convert: command not found (this error does not affect the overall installation process, which completes successfully).
Reporting Error occurs when trying to download reporting data using Export Excel option on the Dashboard Reports screen.
Reporting Error occurs when trying to download reporting data using Export PDF option on the Dashboard Reports and Throughput Reports screens.
Batch Class Management The Document type is visible on the Review-Validate screen after selecting the Hidden option on the Document Type screen.
Extraction The Default Value for an index field is not getting extracted on the Test Extraction page even though it is fetched on the Validation screen when a batch is processed.
Import Email Import plugin configured with wkhtmltopdf option enabled in Linux environment fails to create PDF (dcma.mail.import.mail_conversion_tool=3 in the files located in the <Ephesoft Installation Directory>\Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-mail-import folder).
Export When removing and then adding a new parameter in the Additional Parameters Mapping section of the DB Export Configuration screen for a Document Type, the Database Column Name drop-down list is cleared of all available options.
Web Services extractKV web service with valid XML input file is returning 422 error (“Required XML file not found or is invalid”) instead of 200 success code both in Windows and Linux environments.
Transact 4Mortgage Error messages are not consistent if there are missing required fields when a new batch class is added or imported in Transact 4Mortgage environment.
OCR When the user inserts pages using Web Scanner on the Review screen, the OCRed content of the image immediately prior to inserted page(s) disappears, even though it was available before new pages were scanned and inserted.


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