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Batch Instance Management Screen

This section introduces the Batch Instance Management screens and activities.

Access Batch Instance Management

Navigate to the Batch Instance Management from the Ephesoft Transact home page.

  • Click Administrator > Batch Instance Management and log in as prompted.

  • The Batch Instance Management screen appears.

Overview of Batch Instance Management

The Batch Instance Management section allows administrators to configure, add or remove batch instances. A batch instance contains all the pages that are being processed in a particular work session (a job or instance).

  • A batch instance is an actual processing job on the Transact server. Whenever documents are ingested on the Transact server, Transact creates a new batch instance. Administrators configure and manage batch instances, and Operators use batch instances to process jobs.
  • Administrator tasks for batch instance management include the following:
  • View and prioritize all existing batch instances or processing jobs
  • Select any batch instance to display batch execution details and current status in the workflow
  • Open, restart, unlock or delete batch instances
  • Troubleshoot batch instances
  • View batch instance performance metrics

Additional Information

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