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Enhanced Logging

Enhanced logging has been implemented at the application code level and is controlled by different logging levels. This approach ensures more robust logging across the application with special attention to the following areas:

  • Active Directory (logging in, logging out, current user, connecting to AD server etc.)
  • Folder Monitor (firing of jnotify or cron, file detection, folder creation, database insert, etc.)
  • Email Import (connecting to the email server, attachment download, email change to read, etc.)
  • TIFF conversion (imagemagick, graphicmagick, libtiff).
  • Pick Up Service (pickup server assignment, db query to BI table, insert to *job table, individual servers locking records, start of workflow, etc.)
  • ITEXT (start of the process, file detection, file output, etc.)
  • LibreOffice (start of the process, file detection, file output, etc.).

Enhanced logging is used for ERROR, INFO, and DEBUG levels, with DEBUG level providing the most detailed information about the issue.

You can change the logging level in log4j.xml (<Ephesoft Installation Directory>/Application) to generate more robust logs according to the requirement.



Detailed information according to the selected logging level is registered in dcma-all and dcma_report_all files (<Ephesoft Installation Directory>/Application/logs).


Additionally, you can increase the default size of the logger from the initial value of 2 MB. If you are logging in INFO and DEBUG level, and would like to set the logger size to 50 MB or 100 MB instead of 2 MB, you can do this by finding the appropriate logger from the EphesoftFileAppender tag.
Example: dcma-all.log settings

To increase the logger file size, modify the SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy tag and save the log4j.xml file. Restart the Ephesoft Transact service for the changes to take effect.
Note: Do not set the value to something very large like 1 GB, as this will cause performance issues with Ephesoft Transact service. Keep the file size to 100 MB or less.


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