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Database Permissions

Ephesoft recommends that the Transact database service account be assigned db_owner permissions. This is because Transact patch installers may alter the existing database. If this occurs, it may be necessary to create a new database table or modify the schema after an upgrade or running a patch installer.

Ephesoft Transact performs the following operations on the database server:

  1. Transact connects with the database server and creates an Application and reporting database. Transact populates tables in the reporting database at the same time.
  2. Transact creates a login with the name ephesoft and gives all permissions on the Application and reporting databases to this login.
  3. Once installation and database creation are complete, Transact will connect with the database server using the ephesoft login. Transact then creates tables in the Application database.
  4. Transact then performs SELECT, INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE operations on tables.
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