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Batch Class Tree Navigation


Batch class tree navigation enable the user to view the batch class and all the related configurations in a tree view. Displaying all the batch related configurations in a tree view makes it simple for the user to hover around different configurations and be aware of all the batch class details in a compact yet detailed fashion on a single page.

Tree Navigation view

  • Batch class tree view can be opened by selecting a batch class on the BatchClassManagement screen. Batch class is opened by selecting the batch class and clicking on open or pressing Ctrl+K or making a double click on the batch class to be opened.
C:UsersaakashkumarDesktopbatchTReeViewNavigation4.0.0.0_ treeViewNavigation_10001.jpg
  • On opening a batch class a tree view of the batch class is displayed on the left of the screen like the one shown below.

C:UsersaakashkumarDesktopbatchTReeViewNavigation4.0.0.0_ treeViewNavigation_10002.jpg

  • The view contains the batch class on the top with configured Document Types, Modules, Email Configuration, Scanner Profiles, CMIS Import and Batch Class Field. An empty folder is denoted by icon and a non-empty folder by the icon. Upon clicking on the non-empty folders drop down, a list of the related configurations is displayed.
  • Document types view for the batch class enables the user to quickly switch from one document type to another as shown below.

C:UsersaakashkumarDesktopbatchTReeViewNavigation4.0.0.0_ treeViewNavigation_10003.jpg

  • The modules for the batch class are presented in an improved fashion to ease the users to select and configure them easily as per their requirement.

C:UsersaakashkumarDesktopbatchTReeViewNavigation4.0.0.0_ treeViewNavigation_10004.jpg

To exit the screen click the close button on the top of the screen.

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