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Advanced Fixed Form Extraction

The methodology of configuring pages via Fixed Form Extraction has been modified. In case of Recostar Extraction, user can now configure more than four pages for the respective RSP files and can also configure the page ranges.

Existing functionality

In the version, user can configure pages for Fixed Form Extraction on the Document Type Grid while adding a new Document or editing an existing Document. User can only configure four pages, i.e. First Page, Second Page, Third Page and Last Page (other pages > 3).


Configuration changes in

In version, a new Node ‘Fixed Form Extraction’ is added under the Document Type >> Index Fields. By clicking on this node, an interface (grid) opens wherein user can configure the RSP (Recostar – Windows) and ZON (Nuance – Linux) files for single/multiple pages (no limit).

Click on Add button to specify the Rule, enter the Page Number/Range and the corresponding RSP/ZON file. An RSP/ZON file can be mapped to a single page as well as to multiple pages (page range) as shown in the below illustration. The File Name dropdown lists all the files that exist in the Ephesoft repository.

The RSP/ZON files are located at:


User can map only the files that exists in this repository. If user wants to use new RSP/ZON files for mapping, then the new files needs to be manually placed in this repository and it will reflect on the UI.



Rules for Configuring Page Number:

  1. Specific Page Number: User can provide specific Page number and corresponding RSP file name.
    For example, 1 | FPR.rsp, 2 | FPR_Barcode.rsp, etc.
  2. Range of Pages: User can provide the range of pages and corresponding RSP file name.
    For example, 3-5 | Voting.rsp, 6-9 | ABC.rsp, etc.
    The page range is inclusive i.e. the boundary page numbers will be included in the range.
  3. Last Page: User can configure the last page of the document using -1.
    For example, -1 | Voting_Pharmacy.rsp



  1. In case the user has configured the Page Number as well as the Last Page, the application will pick the mapping of Last Page.
    For example, if the Last Page is 10 and user has configured 6-10 |abc.rsp and -1 | voting.rsp.
    The pages from 6-9 will be extracted via abc.rsp and the page number 10 (last page) will be extracted via voting.rsp.
  2. Page number 0 is not used for configuration.
  3. Max page range allowed for configuration is 2147483647.
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