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Please see the latest release notes for Ephesoft Transact


To obtain the Windows or Linux installer for Ephesoft Transact, visit the Customer Support Portal. Contact Ephesoft Support for credentials.

Previous Releases

EOL Releases

Ephesoft Enterprise Edition

  • Optimizations have been made such that Hidden/Read Only fields are picked up from database by default, however if script adds a Hidden/Read Only tag then same would be given preference.
  • Field value option list are now read from Batch XML and alternative values are not shown in case Field value Option list is used.
  • Delete option is now available to user while inserting pages from Review Validation screen.
  • No batch class will be selected by default on Web Scanner and Upload Batch screen for first time, Auto Select Batch class switch will govern whether batch class selection should be persisted in user session or not.
  • Optimizations have been made to CMIS export to avoid extra slash in export path.
  • Retry timeout for creation of backup Batch XML has been made configurable from
  • Memory optimizations have been made to Recostar native to prevent crashes with huge files.
  • Optimizations have been made to rectify the property label for PDF Creation Parameters in CREATEMULTIPAGE_FILES Plugin.
  • Optimizations have been made to prevent import failure due to null pointer exception from occurring during import after log level is changed to INFO from ERROR.
  • Reset button on Fuzzy DB Mapping now resets the connection and Fuzzy DB mappings.
  • Recostar now supports pound (€) currency symbol.
  • Optimizations have been made to avoid long application startup time due to heart beat checks .
  • Batch Class Field popup has been made resizable to prevent truncation of characters from Batch Class Field names.
  • Performance/speed optimizations have been made for client side scanning.
  • Changes in Fuzzy DB/ DB Export connection are now propagated without server restart upon any changes in configuration.
  • CMIS Version property is now available in CMIS Export plugin after upgrade.
  • ZIP, HTML, ODF, SXW, PSD, SXC, SXD, SXI and WPD file format can now be directly imported through UNC and Upload Batch.
  • UseDAGeneratedDocument option has been made default option for DA File Name Boundary Classification property in Document Assembler.
  • Optimizations have been made to prevent null _BUSINESS_KEY which further prevents reporting exceptions.
  • Default Scanner profile can not be Deleted/Edited from UI, user can instead make an editable copy of default scanner profile.
  • Varchar(max) support has been added for Fuzzy DB mappings.
  • User will now be able to select multiple documents even during scroll on Review Validation Screen.
  • Web Scanner UI alerts user in case user session is no longer available.
  • Document List on Review Validation screen now shows current selected document and its scroll position is not reset.
  • Auto Refresh functionality will now be governed by configurable property by default. In case user changes the option from Web Scanner UI then same setting will be given preference for the session..
  • Optimizations have been made prevent creation of huge resolution TIFF files while PDF to TIFF conversion.
  • Optimizations have been made to prevent changes to accessibility of Hidden/Read Only fields upon Document split.
  • Optimizations have been made to support Oracle DB connection using Fuzzy DB.
  • Optimizations have been made to CMIS Export such that file size is transmitted for each document at time of upload to avoid failure.
  • Recostar now supports computation of very small skew angle in image.
  • Optimizations have been made to prevent UI lock on Web Scanner page during drag and drop operation.
  • Role names greater than 8 character are shown as ellipses on Batch Class Management Screen .
  • Domain name has been made optional in Email Import configuration for IMAP protocol.
  • Optimizations have been made to support both Upper/Lower case MAC address in license.
  • Table rows are not removed for required columns in case extracted values do not adhere to validation pattern for non empty values.
  • CMIS Export has been optimized to support Boolean property values in Ephesoft.
  • Custom Columns are now displayed on Batch List screen.
  • Ephesoft Reporting module now supports MS SQL Always feature for Connectivity.

Ephesoft Enterprise Edition

  • Silent Installer for Windows Operating System.
  • Silent Installer for Linux Operating System.

Ephesoft Patch Installer

  • New Feature: Ephesoft patch installer now allows silent upgrade feature.
  • Fix For Problem: Batch class import feature has been optimized to allow importing multipage files in Advanced KV aptly.
  • Fix For Problem: Copy Batch XML plugin has been optimized to generate correct export path for Multipage TIFF and PDF files.
  • Fix For Problem: Ephesoft now removes invalid xml characters if present in barcode value extracted by Recostar.
  • Fix For Problem: License server failover mechanism has been optimized to work aptly on multi-cluster environment.
  • Fix For Problem: createHOCRForBatchClass web service has been optimized for Linux environment, now web service creates HOCR file in out folder of web-service-folder.
  • Fix For Problem: Copy Batch XML plugin has been optimized to generate correct and valid dynamic names as per configuration for Multipage TIFF and PDF files.
  • Fix for Problem: Test Advanced KV and KV extraction functionality has been optimized to yield similar extraction results.

Ephesoft Enterprise Edition

  • New Feature:Support for Java based Regular Expression across Ephesoft Enterprise.
  • New Feature :Recostar v7.2 from v7.0.2
  • Fix for Problem: CTRL + Q Shortcut not validating/overriding the OCR confidence Threshold.
  • Fix for Problem: Roles widget checkbox get scrolled upon selecting first role in widget
    making it difficult for user to select multiple roles at a time.
  • Fix for Problem: When user insert an image using Rescan functionality through Validation screen image is getting blurred on RV after finish.
  • Fix for Problem: Once extraction key and value changes are applied, overlays sizes and location expands once they are edited. Hit the cancel button and then go in again they would have expanded even a little more.
  • Fix for Problem: If we select a batch class to export with an option to include learned files and it includes all the Batch Instance folders from the final drop folder that had been executed through that batch class.
  • Fix for Problem: Grammar error on review screen-When document is split from the first page, notification to the user stating Invalid Operation “Document cannot be splitted from first page of the document”, the word splitted is grammatical mistake it should be split.
  • Enhancement: Batch Instance Management enhancement for following problems:
    ) Slowness in Remote call(when having batch count around 1000 , around 10-12 seconds on local system).
    2.) Batch Instance Selection and Progress Bars are not in sync with each other.
  • Fix for Problem: If property enable re-scan is disabled in scanner profiles in the Batch Class then the Rescan button on validation screen should be disabled.
  • Fix for Problem: Batch Instance Progress Bars should have M and P in Uppercase in Module and Plugin name respectively.

Ephesoft Enterprise Edition

  • Web Scanner enhancements to provide user friendly interface for end users.
  • User can Insert/Replace a page in any document on Review and Validation screen by using ‘Rescan’ and ‘Insert Page’ buttons.
  • Deprecated plugins (like FileBound_Export, HTML_TO_XML_Plugin, NSI_Export, OCROPUS, Scripting_Plugin) are now removed from the system.
  • User can drag and drop files on the user interface bottom panel and the files would get added in the back end folder structure.
  • Error cause will be visible related to a batch instance (in error state)on Batch Execution detail grid present on Batch Instance Management bottom panel and user can also download batch instance specific error logs from there.
  • Whenever a user will Add/Delete any Plugin/Module, a notification will be displayed to prompt user to deploy the workflow.
  • Multiple batches can be deleted in one go with the help of multiple selection via checkboxes on Batch Instance Management screen.
  • Pages can be ordered within a document and moved from one document to another document using drag and drop thumbnails functionality on Review Validate screen.
  • On Validation screen, index field values get prepopulated on Document Type change by switching ON the functionality of ‘Sticky fields’  through ‘Validation Document’ plugin.
  • User can make any field as Read Only or editable on Validation screen by scripting apart from setting the same from the Batch Class Management user interface for index fields. Using scripting plugin user can do it by changing ‘Read Only’ tag value in Batch XML.
  • Test KV option is there in ‘Test Extraction’ feature present at document level by selection of KV Extraction plugin.
  • Index Fields can be categorized in different categories from Batch Class Management screen to view large number of index fields grouped in the corresponding categories tab on Validation screen.
  • Filters option is provided with columns on column headers on grid view on every screen. All such type of columns display a filter icon on them and the font type of the column name gets bold and italicized when some filter has been applied.
  • Data filter icon is there with those columns on Batch Instance Management screen where filter can be applied. Also, Sort Ascending and descending option is there with each column on Batch Instance Management screen.
  • Column preferences feature has  been provided on Batch Instance Management and every screen having grid view from where user can choose columns he/she would like to display in the grid.
  • Execution Status of each and every Module/Plugin of selected Batch Instance is visible on Batch Execution detail grid in Bottom panel of Batch Instance Management screen.
  • Warning messages are consistent on the Batch Class Management Screen to warn user about any wrong or incomplete operation.
  • Option to select a Date Format type has been provided with the help of Date Picker for fields present on Validation screen that has its type defined as Date in the Batch Class Management.
  • Test Extraction feature is provided at Document level which provides the same extraction results as in the original extraction of the index fields on batch processing.
  • createHOCRforBatchClass’ web service can have tiff file and zip folder having single/multipage tiff or pdf files as an input .
  • Document Types and Index Fields of one Batch Class can be merged to any other Batch Class by using Export /Import functionality .
  • Some of the useful shortcuts like Ctrl + A, Ctrl + Z have been changed so as to make sure that there is no conflicting shortcut with the browser while using the application.
  • Standardized set of shortcuts have been provided on Review Validate screen that do not conflict with any of the browser shortcuts.
  • Documents and Index Fields are cached at client side for performance improvement on Review Validate screen.
  • User can Restart multiple batches at once that are in Error state on Batch Instance Management screen by selecting the desired batches through checkboxes.
  • User can view all the available plugins and their dependencies under ‘Workflow Management’ tab on System Config screen.
  • Support for writing  JavaScript for some basic level of client side validations for Index Fields.
  • Name of the batch uploaded from Web Scanner and Upload Batch screen has name format as < Batch Class ID_ Username_Timestamp>.
  • Enhanced Fuzzy DB Configuration to provide more flexible settings at document type level to connect to database rather than having at batch class level.
  • Ability to have a Index Field of any preferred type (like Text Area, List Box, Date Picker, Combo Box, Check box etc.). User can define it from Batch Class Management screen.
  • User can integrate Fuzzy DB with Oracle database.
  • In Test Extraction, pdf to tiff conversion is done as per the configured settings in ‘Import Multipage Files’ plugin.
  • User can view all alternate values corresponding to an Index Field as suggestions when focus is on the corresponding field on Review Validate screen by enabling suggestion box functionality through Validation Plugin.
  • Reporting feature implementation is done using LogiInfo product to generate reports on user interface.
  • Tooltip gets displayed for the invalid Index Fields to display the corresponding error messages. User has can scroll down the tooltip to view in case of large number of messages.
  • Index Fields can be grouped logically in different categories as defined in the Batch Class Management screen.
  • Deadlocks are prevented in MS SQL  upon fresh install.
  • Repair Resolution handling for default recostar .rsp configuration.
  • Date Picker has provided with the fields of Date Type to select date with different formats.
  • CMIS date format enhancement allows the user to define as many date formats while exporting the document to the CMIS server. Multiple date formats can be configured in the CMIS property file.
  • User has been facilitated with a feature to suppress popups that he doesn’t want to view on Review Validate Screen.
  • createHOCRforBatchClass’ web service can have tiff file and zip folder having single/multipage tiff or pdf files as an input.
  • Improvement in PPM by integration of Paperstream with Ephesoft as an alternative of Twain driver.
  • createHOCRForBatchClass’ web service response can be consumed up by ‘ExtractKVForDocumentType’ web service directly consecutively.
  • User can identify the Last Updated time of Reports through the value of  ‘Last Sync At’ label on Reports user interface.
  • User can use Ctrl + X/Ctrl + C/Ctrl + V shortcuts to Cut/Copy/Paste any value of Index Fields in Validation screen.
  • Support of lazy loading of the batch to improve the performance of Review Validate Screen while loading a batch with large number of images. While saving , the modified documents are sent for the save operation instead of the complete batch.
  • Workflow Management is supported through Activiti version 5.16.1.
  • Tab key does not move focus to Read Only fields on Validation screen.
  • User can install the application without any user intervention on Linux by adding all requested information in the SilentInstaller.conf file before starting the installation.
  • User can select multiple values in combo box type index fields by using Ctrl key.
  • User can use web services to Restart any particular batch or set of batches. Restart web service restarts a batch from a particular module provided by the user and Restart All web service restarts all batches that are in ERROR, READY FOR REVIEW, READY FOR VALIDATION state from the very first Module.
  • Validate button can be configured to work as Ctrl + Q or Ctrl + S by setting corresponding property with default values as  Ctrl + Q.
  • Using Copy Batch Class web service, user can copy any input Batch Class in the application.
  • User can add a column at any position in the Table column Listing or any other grid view by selecting the row before which the new entry needs to be added and then proceed with the Add operation on Batch Class Management user interface.
  • User integrate MariaDB with the application. In case of fresh installation, MariaDB is supported but user can also upgrade application of 3.1.x.y series having MYSQL DB configurations.
  • ‘install’ and ‘install-helper’ script is provided to install Ephesoft on Linux OS.
  • Tesseract plugin dependency has been removed from Search Classification plugin.
  • User now has the information about the operating system on which the application is running with the help of information present in all Ephesoft Logs.
  • Super User can configure Application server to auto Start whenever system is restarted/started by using ‘Ephesoft’ service on Linux.
  • All the license files are compiled to a single folder named ‘Licenses’ in Ephesoft installation directory.
  • Columns can be reordered on Fuzzy Search Results window using drag and drop which will be remembered using cookies.
  • All temporary files present in web-service-folder in Shared Folders get cleaned after every 12 hours by default. User can also change this value as per his/her preference by changing value of cron job for the same.
  • User can configure Fuzzy DB with MSSQL Windows Authentication.
  • Fixed form extraction web service is provided to perform different types of extraction.
  • User can configure/alter the date formats that are used in auto generated Batch Name by using property in file.
  • Read Only Index Fields are disabled and greyed out in Validation screen.
  • OCRing of images with different languages is supported by Nuance.
  • PSIP is integrated with Ephesoft application to upload a batch.
  • Improvement in learning and batch processing mechanism such that if large number of pages are processed, the processing will be carried out for all other pages in case a single page errors out.
  • Logs to display the user name who opened the batches on Review/Validation screen are displayed in user-dcma.logs.
  • User can select multiple values in an Index Field of drop down type using Ctrl key on Validation screen.
  • License Generator is remodelled to improve PPM in application.
  • tableExtraction’ web service performs table extraction on the input document. Input would be an HOCR file along with xml file with batch class details and document type.
  • Four empty columns with names Column1, Column2, Column3, Column4 are provided on Batch Instance Management screen so that the user can populate these columns as per the customer specific requirement.
  • User can view the number of OCRs corresponding to the value of Ephesoft License Type by doing Mouse Hover on that value on License Generator screen.
  • JDK 7 support with Ephesoft.
  • Batch Instance Name and Document ID of a batch can be exported through DB Export plugin for which mapping has to be done at document level.
  • By default overlays for Key and Value pairs are provided on KV screen for a loaded image. User can drag-drop and resize them as per the convenience.
  • Select All checkbox has been provided on every grid view header to select/deselect all the rows on Validation screen.
  • All the list boxes are made as searchable combo boxes. User can filter the data to be displayed in the Document Type  drop down on Validation screen and Field Type dropdown on Batch Class Management screen.
  • User can Add , Remove and Reorder the Selected Plugins/Modules with the help of user friendly drag and drop on user interface.
  • User has the ability to select the type of Index Field from multiple Field Type settings while defining an Index Field.
  • User can suppress specific popups just by selecting a checkbox saying “Don’t ask me again” on that popup in Review Validate screen.
  • User is not allowed to delete the default batch classes BC1, BC2, BC3 from the Batch Class Listing user interface.
  • UNC folder of a batch class can be changed from Batch Class Management Batch Class Listing user interface ,provided no batches are in running, error, ready_for_review or ready_for_validation state in the corresponding batch class.
  • A batch or multiple batches can be restarted from the current, previous, first or the selected module from the batch workflow from Batch Instance Management screen.
  • No operation is requested from the user side to validate RegEx pattern entered in a field. Application helps users by automatically validating RegEx patterns.
  • User now don’t have to Generate Folders for Learning. Folders for First, Middle and Last page for document type in Shared Folders (for image-classification-sample and lucene-search-classification-sample) are created as soon as document type is saved or imported.
  • User can  upload images through drag and drop user interface to perform Classification and Learning from Document Types Listing screen.
  • Use can export a document type or multiple document types with the help of Export functionality on Document type listing screen. Similarly documents can be imported in a Batch Class by using drag and drop/upload section available on Document type listing grid.
  • A column named ‘S.No.’ is added in the ‘Test Table’/’Test Table Extraction Rule’ results window to help user identify the number of rows extracted in result.
  • User can map any method with a Function Key while configuring a Batch Class by selecting the Key from dropdown and the same function key get displayed on Review Validate screen with its description.
  • User can upload multipage PDF/TIF images to Test Extraction with the help of drag and drop user interface provided on Document Types listing screen.
  • User can upload multipage PDF/TIF images to Test Classification with the help of drag and drop user interface provided on Document Types listing screen.
  • User can upload multiple images on KV screen while adding KV Extraction rules. The zone overlays gets retained on same position whenever user select another image from dropdown and move to previous image again.
  • User can upload multipage PDF/TIF images on KV Extraction rule creation screen using drag and drop user interface.
  • User can view options like Apply, Clear, Test KV and Cancel directly on the Add/Edit KV Extraction rule screen without scrolling horizontally.
  • By default, the Validate/Review functionality on Review Validate screen works as Quick Save( Ctrl + Q).
  • Browser Context Menu is suppressed while drawing overlays in Google Chrome using right click.
  • User can enable/disable page jumping on Validation screen while moving on different fields by using ‘Ctrl + Shift + /’ shortcut.
  • User can reorder and move pages among different documents or within the documents by drag and drop functionality over thumbnails on Review Validate screen.
  • User can view all the error messages corresponding to an Invalid field in Review Validate screen on mouse hover at once with different color coding.
  • Fuzzy DB configuration setting is moved to document level to make it more flexible and user friendly.
  • All connections are now created in the Connections Manager screen present under System config screen in order to avoid making connections again and again with the same database in different Batch Classes.
  • Feature has been provided to user to select few or all columns for creating fuzzy DB indexes on which database search is to be performed. Value is extracted for all columns from the custom values on which search is performed.
  • Fuzzy text search by default doesn’t display row Id(primary/unique) key. However, user can view same from the filters.
  • Fuzzy text search provides ability to the user to hide few columns or reorder columns by dragging and dropping the columns. Order is maintained in the session for the user.
  • Values in Fuzzy DB search box can be populated by drawing overlays on the image.
  • No. of Rows’ field is no more in use on Review Validate screen and has been removed from table configuration as the number of table rows on RV screen now depends on the number of tables configured in the Batch Class Management.
  • Shortcut keys support provided on Review Validate screen are different from browser shortcuts to avoid any conflicts.
  • Options which are not available based on selected settings in the plugin configuration will be greyed out and read only.
  • DB Export plugin now use mappings that are created at Document level.
  • User can configure the dynamic name for Final drop folder and Exported File by using ‘Multipage export file’ and ‘multipage export folder path’ fields in Copy Batch XML plugin.
  • Classification type ‘SearchablePDFClassification’ in Document Assembler plugin is renamed to ‘OneDocumentClassification’ to make it more intuitive.
  • Deprecated plugins (like FileBound_Export, HTML_TO_XML_Plugin, NSI_Export, OCROPUS, Scripting_Plugin) are now removed from that system.
  • Email Account that needs to be used for batch import can be Enabled/Disabled from Email Configuration screen.
  • User can choose the column on the basis of which Fuzzy DB Search results should populate on Validation screen by Selecting  ‘Is Searchable’ checkbox while doing column mapping for Fuzzy DB.
    On Validation screen, Fuzzy DB Search results populate as per those columns for which Is Searchable flag is true while doing mapping for Fuzzy DB.
  • User can easily identify the plugin where the Batch has gone in Error state with help of executed plugin list populated on Batch Instance Management bottom panel.
  • User can add Batch Description for a batch on Web Scanner and Upload Batch screen.
  • In Table View, user can Copy/Paste values of a row/column to multiple rows/ columns by drawing overlays.
  • User can use arrow keys to navigate with in a Table on Validation screen.
  • User has ability to avoid page jumping on Validation screen when any field having value from next page is selected within a document on Validation screen by using  ‘Ctrl + Shift + \’ shortcut.
  • User can change the size of Multiline fields which will be remembered using session level cookies on Validation screen.
  • Application has support for writing  JavaScript for some basic level of client side validations for index fields.
  • Test Extraction functionality has been provided at Document level to help user to test all types of extractions.
  • Input files (single/multipage pdf and tiff) can be uploaded for all the Test Classification, Extraction and Learning files by using drag and drop user interface in bottom panel of Document types listing screen.
  • User can validate  key-value pairs by testing the extraction on uploaded image on KV screen with the help of Test KV button.
  • User will be able to see the order of columns in the Batch Class Management grid view in a logical manner.
  • OCRed data of the current uploaded image can be viewed by using ‘View OCR Data’ button functionality.
  • Key and Value overlays can be resized, repositioned to select key and value on KV screen to add KV extraction rule.
  • User can Sort data present on Batch Instance Management screen in Ascending or Descending order either through the column menu or by clicking on the column header.
  • User can view the current module in execution in the bottom panel of Batch Instance Management screen by selecting the particular batch in the grid.
  • User can change the priority of a batch instance from Batch Instance Management screen and the change affects execution only  when that batch is restarted or processed further from Review and Validation state.
  • Size column has been provided to display the size of corresponding file on Folder Management screen.
  • Files can be added to different folders on Folder Management screen by using drag and drop functionality in bottom panel.
  • Folder Management Screen user interface has been improved to provide better user interface. User  can add files using drag and drop and see the size of added files as well.
  • An alert box is provided on right click of Review Validate screen Table view for unsaved changes with suggested actions like ‘Leave this page’ and ‘Stay on this page’.
  • User can insert a row in table at any page level with in the document and remain on the same page even after insertion.
  • To view large number of Index Fields at a time, user can logically group them in categories .
  • Upload Batch screen has been enhanced to make it more intuitive and user friendly.
  • User can select the Date Format that appears in the Batch name by changing the property batch_name_date_format in
  • User can upload files on Upload Batch screen with the help of drag and drop functionality in the bottom panel.
  • User can provide the Batch Description for a batch on Upload Batch Screen.
  • ACTIVITI v 5.16 workflow engine is integrated with Ephesoft  to improve processing speed of batches.
  • Performance of batch execution has been improved from 3-4 minutes approx. to 10-30 seconds approx. for a single page batch.
  • Pick up service for starting a batch instance executes on single server now so that running batch count always remain less than or equal to the total of execution capacity of different servers.
  • Failover mechanism is provided for Pick up service execution and at a time pick up service executes on a single server.
  • A batch executes now by same server till it halts at Review/Validate/Error/Finished state or its executing server turns inactive.
  • Batch XML are kept in memory while execution of plugins and backup XMLs are written at the end of every module.
  • Batch XMLs are now created at module level and not at plugin level to reduce the number of input/output operations.
  • Clean up mechanism has been implemented to make database lighter and clean it regularly that executes after every half an hour to clean run time tables.
  • Every Batch Class has a workflow serialized file which is getting created every time whenever workflow/Batch Class settings are updated. Bach instances of that Batch Class use this common file while starting processing.
  • Support for upgrade and new installation is provided with no loss of any current feature of the application (with a prerequisite that all batches would be in FINISHED state when upgrade is done).
  • Error cause for a batch can be viewed on BIM screen in Batch Execution detail grid by selecting the batch that is in Error State.
  • User can reserve servers to execute batches based on their priority by configuring batch instance priority range for server.
  • Batch xml now has a ‘Batch Description’  tag having description of a batch same as batch name or the description updated by user from Upload Batch/Web Scanner screen.
  • License issued now works as Failover License every time.
  • License can be issued with the License Generator for any number of cores.
  • License to a requesting server would be given based on either number of cores the server has or number of threads in a properties file, whichever is smaller.
  • Multiserver license execution can be Enabled/Disabled by using ‘Platinum Support’ property in License Generator.
  • A server can be made as a user interface server by setting Thread Count as 0 in file.
  • Number of images processing now can be restricted by ‘Annual image  count’ property in License Generator.
  • Advanced Reports are visible on user interface only if Advance Reporting switch is ‘True’ in  Ephesoft license generator.
  • User interface enhancements and modifications in the Ephesoft License Generator.
  • Internationalization support is provided on user interface of application.
  • Tomcat v 7.0.57 is integrated with Application.
  • Analysis Grid Reports have been provided having data and charts to analyse the Document Type Correction and Field Value Correction rate corresponding to Batch Class.
  • User can navigate to individual reports under Advanced Reports by using navigation tree in left panel of Reports screen.
  • Back button is provided on individual low level reports to move back to parent Report with current set filters by default on Reports screen.
  • In case of no data in grids and charts, ‘No data found’ message will be displayed.
  • LogiInfo failover mechanism support is provided to avoid any failure and to provide faster user interface response.
  • A system with Advanced Reports License can integrate their custom Reports, generated by any Report tools with Ephesoft Reports by inserting context paths in reports_folder, report and sub_report tables in Ephesoft database.
  • On Review Screen, focus moves to the next thumbnail when any thumbnail is deleted.
  • Support for reports created using a third party Report user interface tool and embedded into Ephesoft Reports, making third party implementation independent of Ephesoft user interface.
  • Reports database is separate from Ephesoft database.
  • User will be able to see the last user interface state of Dashboard reports whenever the screen is opened. Also, user can save his preferred report on Analysis grid and view any time by using Reload feature.
  • User can have the overview of ‘Pages processed per minute’ corresponding to a Batch Class  on Batch Class Management screen by referring PPM charts.
  • User can configure ETL with Windows Authentication for MSSQL in
  • User can configure ETL with encrypted password in
  • By default, a set of reports are shown in Dashboard Reports to analyse System Health, System Reporting and Batch Processing.
  • User can analyse the pages processed per unit time with different parameters using Standard Reports.
  • User can analyse the performance of Ephesoft with Classification and Extraction of Documents using Advanced Reports.
  • Overlays enhancement on Review Validate screen so that the overlays gets created from the exact points from where it was drawn.
  • Fuzzy Text Search Results window on Validation screen is now more user friendly with respect to window size, ordering and filtering of columns.
  • User can configure CMIS Export folder name and file name by using different parameters like $Document_Level_Fields, $Batch_Level_Fields and $Document_Type.
  • User name tag has been added in the batch XML.
  • Final Drop folder name can be customized using different parameters $Document_Level_Fields, $Batch_Level_Fields and $Document_Type.
  • When a field is invalid, the error message tooltip will  refer to the field description and the sample value for the field.
  • User will be indicated if a multi page file has been put in the learn folder before OCRing of the file takes place.
  • Test KV Extraction shows the results with an overlay image rather than coordinates.
  • Test Extraction toggle button is provided on Document Type listing screen to go to and close the Test Extraction screen.
  • Last Modified Date column has been provided on Batch Instance Management screen.
  • Restart menu present on the Batch Instance Management Screen will allow user to restart a batch from the current, previous, first or any desired module.
  • Better error handling is provided in fuzzy DB plugin, so that there is no error if no pages are found.
  • User will not see any irrelevant confirmation pop-ups if there are no unsaved changes when navigating from one screen to another.
  • User can move Up and Down in grids by using Up or Down Arrow Keys.
  • User can Delete multiple or all document type(s) that are to be deleted at one click rather than doing it individually.
  • User will be able to edit the fields in the grid view cells only.
  • When the user splits any document, the document type will be set to Unknown so that the user will not overlook and will force review the split documents.
  • On validation screen, user can view all alternate values in suggestion box in a cell by enabling Suggestion box switch in Validation Plugin.
  • User can export any number of Documents Types in a Batch class by using ‘Export’ option available on Document Types grid. Similarly Index Types can be exported by using ‘Export’ option available on ‘Index Fields’ grid.
  • User will be able to map the index fields and tables of a particular document type to the desired database with the help of a user friendly user interface.
  • New enhanced Folder Management screen where user will be able to navigate to any folder/file inside Shared Folders and will have the options to create, cut, copy, paste, delete any file/folder.
  • Clear button on Add/Edit KV screen just move the overlays on their default position.
  • Default overlays are provided on Adv. KV screen that are used for creating overlays of Key and Value.
  • Support for PP and DA scripting plugin is available in Test classification functionality.
  • User will be able to make the DB Export mapping at the document type level instead of the Batch Class level.
  • License can be issued with the License Generator for any number of cores.
  • Text Boxes on Review Validate screen can be resized by stretching and contracting them through mouse.
  • Fuzzy DB Search Results can be sorted as per the selected column by using ‘Sort Ascending’ and ‘Sort Descending’ options provided under selected column Menu on ‘Fuzzy Search Result’ Grid on Review Validate screen.
  • User will be able to right click on the links present in the Screen Navigator and allow the screen to be opened in new tab.
  • User can add/remove plugin dependencies of each plugin by dropping them IN/OUT in dependencies on System Config screen.
  • To add dependencies for a plugin, a user friendly interface has been provided on System Config screen under Workflow Management.
  • The relationship between dropped plugin is AND by default but if user drops plugin pressing the Ctrl key then the relationship changes to OR while adding dependencies under ‘Workflow Management’ in ‘System Config’ screen.
  • User can maintain any number of DB connection strings in the system by using ‘Connection Manager’ user interface on  ‘System config’ screen that can later be used directly in Fuzzy DB Mappings and DB Export Mappings.
  • System Config user interface is enhanced to make it more user friendly.
  • User can import a Plugin in the system by just dropping/uploading  the valid zip file into the bottom panel under ‘Workflow Management’ on  ‘System config’ screen.
  • User can import RegEx pool by just dropping/uploading  the valid zip file into the bottom panel under ‘RegEx pool’ on  ‘System config’ screen.
  • RegEx Builder’ is integrated on Batch Class Management screen with those fields where RegEx pattern is requested to be entered as a value.
  • Bottom Panel is not visible by default on RegEx Pattern, RegEx Builder, Generate Key, Connection Manager and License Detail on  ‘System config’ screen as it is not required there. It get displayed whenever user performs any Add/Edit operation on any record.
  • User can insert any number of pages before the selected page in a document on Review Validate screen by using ‘Insert Page(s)’ option under ‘Scanning’ Menu .
  • No confirmation message is prompted to user while navigating among different screens like Review/Validate/Web Scanner .
  • Rescan’ and ‘Delete’ image functionality on Web Scanner screen can be enabled and disabled through Scanner Profile.
  • User can re-order the thumbnails using drag-drop functionality on Review Validate and Web Scanner Screen.
  • User can scan and insert a new page before the selected thumbnail using ‘Insert’ option under ‘More’ menu on the Web Scanner Screen.
  • Support for Paper Stream  is provided in Web Scanner using EZTwain3.
  • User can view more number of thumbnails of scanned images on Web Scanner user interface by collapsing the left panel.
  • Batch Description is editable by user through Web Scanner user interface through Description field.
  • User can view the number of pages scanned and present in current batch by the values displayed corresponding to the Pages Label on Web Scanner user interface. Also, the value is updated in case of START, RESUME, DELETE and INSERT.
  • Application PPM has been improved drastically using different scanning APIs.
  • In Application, scanners supported are : Fujitsu fi-6130 ,  Fujitsu fi-6140z ,Fujitsu fi-6800, Fujitsu fi-5950,Fujitsu fi-6670, Kodak Ngenuity-9125,  Fujitsu fi-7160.
  • us_invoice’ table gets created by default when application is installed to help user in DB Export.
  • User can select/deselect Tables and Fields without using mouse while splitting a document on Validation screen.
  • Image view acquires complete screen width of active region on Review Validate screen.
  • New workflow is designed custom to Ephesoft using third party.
  • Reporting history is integrated with Activiti instead of JBPM.
  • Reporting ETL and Logi Info user interface supports integration with MariaDB.
  • User can configure the time to load updated Reports data specific to a Report type by configuring cronJob expressions.
  • In multiserver environment, ETL service executes on single server and in case of server failure, ETL then starts on another server to avoid any failure.
  • Reports generated by Logi Info 11.0.4 version are embedded in Reports user interface.
  • Navigation tree has been provided on Reporting to help user to navigate among different reports.
  • Internationalization support is provided on Reports user interface.
  • User is able to delete multiple thumbnails at once by selecting them using “CTRL” key and then using  Delete functionality on Web Scanner screen.
  • Ephesoft is best viewed in the following standard screen resolutions:
    1) 1366 * 768
    2) 1440 * 900
    3) 1600 * 900
    4) 1920 * 1080
    Ephesoft support all the resolution with width > 1366 and height > 768 keeping the above ones as our standard resolutions.
  • Ephesoft validates the invalid regex patterns with JavaScript.
  • ‘scriptOptimizerSwitch’ is always set to ‘ON’ after upgrade to work with Test Extraction feature and Batch XML writing optimization.

Ephesoft Enterprise Edition 3.1


  • Maximum size of fields in database tables, used for storing regular expressions, have been increased.
  • Enhanced notification mail sent by Ephesoft upon any batch going into error state. The mail now includes the batch class name, batch instance ID, Error message, Complete stack trace etc.
  • Date on which batch is imported will be displayed on the Batch List screen.
  • A new sortable column for “Batch Import Time” has been provided on Batch List and Batch Instance Management Screen.
  • Warning will be shown at the UI X minutes before the session times out due to inactivity. Also user will be redirected to home screen in case session times out.
  • With this feature, new functionality has been added to ignore multi-words while performing fuzzy DB extraction and search. Previously, only single words were allowed to be added in ignore list.
  • Enhancements have been made to RECOSTAR EXTRACTION plugin so that Ephesoft can perform extraction on multiple pages of a document. Earlier RECOSTAR EXTRACTION plugin was able to perform extraction only on first page of document. Currently we enhanced RECOSTAR EXTRACTION plugin to perform extraction on first 4 pages of a document
  • Recostar extraction can now be performed on first three pages and last page of document
  • Locale settings of Ephesoft Application can now be directly managed using browser locale settings. No server restarts will be needed and locale changes will be reflected instantaneously by performing simple browser page refresh.
  • Solution for unable to search batch properly on batch instance management screen when logged in as user other than super admin.
  • An exclusion list of words/regex patterns has been added Key value learning to filter out the unwanted or common occurring words and regex patterns.
  • Enhanced algorithm for document assembly. There will be option for admin to select one predefined document type and a confidence threshold. If the confidence of the document classified is more than the threshold then we set that document as the predefined document type otherwise the document will be set as UNKNOWN document type.
  • Currently, when multiple validation regular expressions are defined for a document level field, value is matched against all the regular expressions and if value doesn’t match with any of the regular expression, field value is considered as invalid. New functionality has been added so that administrators can choose the logical AND/OR between regular expressions for a document level field. Configuration for the same has been provided on admin UI. In case AND is selected, field value will be marked as valid only if it matches against all the regular expressions whereas in case of OR, it will be marked valid if it matches against any of the regular expression.
  • Enhanced functionality for Learn DB functionality. Now, it will look for the mappings defined in the current batch class only which is being edited.
  • Wherever regex need to be defined for any of the pattern input text box, there will be a facility to choose regex patterns from set of regular pattern expressions. User can select a regex group from the list of groups. For each group there will be list of regex pattern shown to the user. User can select any of the regex to populate the regex text box. Admin can also add/edit or delete any of the regex group and regex patterns corresponding to any regex group.
  • Fuzzy matching support for Key in KV extraction supported only on alphanumeric Key’s. This feature can not be used with regular expressions.
  • Only Super Admin will now be able to delete all batches from batch instance management screen.
  • Upgrade of GWT being used in Ephesoft from version 2.1 to 2.5
  • Logging framework has been improved.
  • Support for ordered default lists view, pagination and sorting of lists on Batch Class Management and Batch instance management UI screens.
  • All the data displayed on Ephesoft UI has been made configurable from the locale.
  • LDAP version shipped with Ephesoft installer has been upgraded has been upgraded from 2.2 to 2.4.
  • New Ephesoft installs and versions above make use of LDAP 2.4. Upgrading existing installs will utilize existing LDAP versions 2.2 and requires customer to update to version 2.4. Product version and versions below has both the LDAP versions in dependencies, but 2.2 is installed by default.
  • Currently there is only one regex pattern that is used for column extraction and validation. Now there will be two regex patterns for each table column, column pattern and validation pattern. Column pattern will be used for column extraction while validation pattern will be used for column validation.
  • At table column info listing page, there will be a feature where user can add some of the columns from the pool of default columns provided. Admin can always add/edit the default columns provided in the columns pool. This is an application scope feature. Table column pool will be accessible from every batch class.
  • Support for extracting multiple columns data from one column in the document.
  • For each table configured in a batch class, admin can specify a rule that must be used for table validation purpose. In case rule fails on a particular row, that row will be shown as invalid on table validation screen, i.e., all cells of that row will be displayed red.
  • Currently tables having one table row expands to multiple rows of invoice, accurate and complete data can be extracted via script only. Now, this support has been added to table extraction plugin itself. Invoices of such type will be extracted by the plugin itself.
  • Default height of table is made configurable by providing the number of rows that can be displayed at a time on table validation screen. Currently, all tables displayed have a fixed height irrespective of the number of rows in the table. Also, now the width of the table has also been expanded to maximum available space. It will be adjusted automatically as per the resolution.
  • New scripting hook have been added at table validation screen, when user inserts new row in the table either by clicking insert button or by pressing the key-board shortcut. The script execution can be enabled or disabled by a switch provided in VALIDATE_DOCUMENT Plugin in Validate Document module.
  • Function keys have been added to the table validation screen as well. Previously to execute a function key from table UI, user needed to press back button and then execute function key script.
  • Feature has been provided to extract data for only selected columns, using manual table extraction. Previously,  performing manual table extraction, always adds new table rows. Now, with column based manual table extraction, no new rows will be added but data will be added to the existing rows.
  • Feature has been added to delete multiple rows from table. Previously there was support to delete either single row or all rows at a time only.
  • At table validation screen, user can disable/enable the validation pattern from the selected table column. By default, when batch comes to validation screen, validation pattern will be applied all the columns. If user wants to disable validation pattern for specific column, user can do so by pressing ctrl + b.
  • New functionality has been added to move to next/previous page directly from table validation screen by pressing ctrl + p/ctrl + shift + p.
  • Currently pressing insert button for a table presents user with an option to either insert before/after selected row. Now, by default row will be inserted after the selected row. For adding new row before selected row, new shortcut, ctrl + shift + i/I, has been added.
  • Feature added to allow the user to specify sample alternate values for a column. The sample alternate values needs be specified in table column info configuration on admin screen.
  • Feature added to allow a user to delete multiple rows in a table by checking the checkbox of rows.
  • Support for advanced table configuration options to achieve more accurate table extraction results.
  • Batches will not be processed if valid license is not installed on the system.
  • Ephesoft web scanner now support all the drivers that are compatible to work with EZTwain3.
  • Instead of just storing batch meta-data from DLF, DB-Export plugin now export data from extracted data tables in the batch. Also the process of creating and populating database tables have been automated and improved.
  • Advanced document assembler algorithm is added for classification of documents in Document Assembler plugin. Document type of present page and previous page are compared along with their respective alternate values to check the compatibility of the two pages. If the pages deem compatible then these pages are merged into single document, otherwise a new document is created.
  • Support for PDF files processing using Recostar in IMPORT_MULTIPAGE_FILES_PLUGIN.
  • New web service has been added to create HOCR XML for a given single page tiff/tif (as an input).
  • New web services implemented in 3.1
1. extractKVForDocumentType- Extracts all the KV pairs for the document type passed as an input.
2. copyDocumentType- Copies an existing document type.
3. createHOCRforBatchClass- Creates HOCR XML of input image, using tesseract/Recostar depending upon batch class configuration.
  • Solution for batches not clean up properly when deadlock occurs just before the execution of clean up plugin.
  • Ephesoft will now automatically detect the commands that are stuck and retry to execute those commands 3 times.
  • Time out and retry mechanisms for Ephesoft command execution.
  • Ephesoft installer will now modify the plugin settings for the FuzzyDB and DB Export plugins to the default ones in three default batch classes.
  • Configurable property has been provided in Create Multipage Files plugin to create multipage pdfs files of PDF/A format using iText Searchable.
  • Support has been provided for resizing the Fuzzy Search results window, on validation screen.
  • Resizable FuzzyDB search results dialog.
  • A new API has been provided to create multipage PDF from TIFF files using Recostar in Export module. This PDF is searchable for single or multiple words and provide good results in case of tilted words as well.
  • Enhancements have been made to the batch picking algorithm to encounter for the case when there are more than 2000 new batches are present in the unc folder of any batch class, when Ephesoft server is being started.
  • Ephesoft now configures the Fuzzy DB database according to the configuration provided by the user during installation.
  • Table extraction suggestion box switch has been moved to batch class level.
  • Ephesoft now allows the user to copy Field Types.
  • Ephesoft now allows the user to copy Extraction rules.
  • Ephesoft now allows Batches with Unknown document type to go to Review state.
  • A new option for deleting the first page of every document has been added to the DA Plugin. It is of great significance for customers using barcode separator sheet to classify documents.
  • Ephesoft now provides batch instance specific logs. The log folder can be found inside the batch instance folder.
  • Copy Batch XML Plugin now copies all the available multi page file(TIF, PDF or Both).
  • Create Multi Page Plugin now provides options for producing TIF, PDF, TIF and PDF.
  • Ephesoft now allows to add weight to an extraction rule. It is used to give preference to the extraction rule.
  • When a batch goes to error state an email containing the actual hexadecimal batch instance Id is sent to the configured email id. Earlier it used to send the equivalent decimal value of batch Id.
  • Page selected in review validate module is now highlighted using a bold black border.
  • Batches can be sorted on the basis of any column in Batch List and Batch Instance Management Screen.
  • Ephesoft now retains the Batch selected in Batch Instance module even after pressing Refresh button.
  • Column name comes before column pattern in the column listing for table extraction.
  • Ephesoft now supports upload and test single page pdf images on advanced KV screen.
  • Ephesoft enterprise service will be installed automatically when Ephesoft is installed.
  • If there is a licensing problem, Ephesoft will start but login screen should say there is a problem with Ephesoft.
  • UI enhancements for FuzzyDB plugin. As the columns are mapped, users will be provided with an option of Ok and Cancel (to save or discard the changes), like other plugins in Ephesoft.
  • Reporting has been made part of Ephesoft application. As per current implementation, reporting is not a part of Ephesoft application itself and is invoked from Ephesoft from command line.
  • Mandatory criteria from pattern field for the document level field is removed. Users can configure their field types without having to tell the pattern field, if not required.
  • Feature added to allow the admin to download various artefacts required for troubleshooting purpose. There will be an option to upload to an ftp server, if required.
  • Added Troubleshoot feature which enables user to collect necessary items for troubleshooting in case any error is encountered by the Ephesoft application. User can click on troubleshoot button to download/upload logs, database dump, batch instance folder, exported batch class etc.
  • Tomcat memory optimization has been added to JavaAppServer.
  • Test Classification button is provided under the document type tab. The functionality of this button is to provide a brief functionality of DA plugin. On the click of this button the images provided as input in the batch class folder under test-classification folder are processed and results are shown in tabular form. The resulting XML of the processing can also be downloaded from the resulting screen. This button provides the result of DA plugin over different classification methods for a set of inputs.
  • Test classification feature has been added under document tab which will allow user to test the classification results as classified by Document Assembly module using results of Page Process module configurations for the batch class. Results are displayed in tabular manner.
  • Functionality have been added to test mail configuration settings for an Ephesoft mail import service configured account.
  • Configurable option provided for a user to control overriding of existing CMIS settings for a batch class when choosing “override existing” option during batch class import.
  • Password fields displayed, during email configuration on Ephesoft admin UI, will be masked.
  • A new feature has been provided to make the Locale changes using browser locale settings. Now there is no need to restart the server, instead just refresh the browser and changes will be reflected.
  • A new feature has been provided to change the “Theme of the Ephesoft UI”. Users will be provided with different themes which they can set according to their choice.
  • Various enhancements are made to the review validate screen:
1. When unlocking the scroll, focus will be maintained at current document level field. Currently, focus moves to the first document level field of the document.
2. When unlocking the scroll, focus will be maintained at current page. Currently, focus moves to the first page of the document.
3. While traversing through the document level fields of a document, scroll will be maintained as it is, when focus goes to a document level field having not coordinates information. Currently, image :in the third panel scrolls to top.
  • Ephesoft UI is now supported for French language.
  • Ephesoft now provides a RegEx Builder to help a user in defining a regular expression.
  • Support has been provided for Advanced Extraction for images with “.tiff” extension.
  • New feature has been added to allow admin to enable/disable field value change script for specific document level field. By default it is set to false for each document level field. Operators can enable/disable the field value change script dynamically for a document level field at validation screen by pressing   ‘ctrl + a’ from keyboard.
  • Switch for creating compare thumbnail has been renamed from “Create Thumbnail Switch” to “Create Compare Thumbnail Switch”.
  • New web service has been added to upload files tif/tiff/zip for learning () single/multiple document types for a batch Class. Input file can be uploaded to either Search Classification folder, Image Classification folder, or both the folders.
  • Added sticky document level fields feature at validation screen. This will allow user to retain the common index field values when reclassification done for documents, i.e. when document type is changed on validation screen.
  • A new tab named ”System Config” has been added on the Ephesoft Admin screen that contains two sub-tabs: “WorkFlow Management” and “Application”. The “Application” tab provide facility to “Generate Regex” and “Import/Export Regex Pool and Table Column Pool”.
  • Includes configurable option for a user to control overriding of existing CMIS settings for a batch class when choosing “override existing” option during batch class import.
  • New feature has been added to allow admin to reorder the key value extraction fields on admin UI.
  • Check for empty UNC folder while copying/importing batch class. In case UNC folder is not empty, batch class will not be allowed to import/copied and proper error message will be displayed.
  • Document level fields can now be validated on the basis of OCR confidence generated by OCRing Engine. A switch has been provided to enable/disable the OCR validation.
  • Ephesoft CMIS Export Plugin is now supported with Documentum Repository.
  • Solution for scrollbars for tables are removed on saving a batch on validation screen.
  • New feature has been provided to “Auto Stop” the web scanner whenever there are no pages for scanning further. As soon as the web scanner stops, a pop-up will appear displaying the number of pages scanned.
  • Auto Stop functionality has been added to web scanner which stops scanning whenever there are no pages left in scanner. A pop-up will be displayed displaying number of pages scanned soon after scanning stops.
  • Various enhancements has been done in Ephesoft Web Scanner that provide support for multifeed detection, shifting the focus to the next thumbnail on web scanner UI in case of image deletion, refreshing the image panel along with the thumbnail in case of image rescanning.
  • Currently, on searching groups or users who are login in Ephesoft by default common name is returned, with this feature we provide functionality for making this configurable, if nothing is specified common name is returned.
  • New functionality provided for timely check for watch on all UNC folders of watch from all the batch classes and re-apply watch on all of them. Due to some network issues sometime watch gets removed from batch classes, for applying watch over them again, we timely remove watch from all the present batch classes and re-apply them afresh.
  • Support has been provided for processing skewed images. During page processing module Ephesoft will deskew all skewed images.
  • Rotated and skewed image handling can now be enabled using switch in RECOSTAR_HOCR plugin.
  • This feature provides user an option to decide whether to retain document level and table level fields while splitting document at validation screen.
  • Retain document level and table level fields while splitting document at validation step.
  • New feature has been added to unlock the batch class. This feature will be available for super admins only.
  • Feature added to send the batch to error state if a script file is missing.
  • All the passwords in Ephesoft application will be stored in encrypted form in database and corresponding fields will be masked on admin UI.
  • Web service API added that can be used to perform KV extraction for a document type in batch Class for the HOCR file(s) supplied as input.
  • On table validation screen, users will now be able to click image and fetch data from the highlighted row on the image being displayed.
  • Feature:
1. Description for “Ctl-0” shortcut has been changed from “Toggle Document types” to “Toggle instant document type search” in shortcut listing dialog box on validation screen.
2. Label for “Length” has been changed to Height, for value zone created on advanced KV extraction UI.
  • CMIS OAuth Security is Integrated in CMIS Export plugin.
  • Ephesoft now can be authenticated or authorized using single sign on features configured at clients end.
  • Ephesoft is now supported with the open-office 4.0 version.
  • Document Assembly algorithm has been enhanced for documents being classified as UNKNOWN. Two properties have been provided: Unknown default document type and a switch for classifying the documents under this functionality. If the switch is ON then all the UNKNOWN documents will be classified as the default document type provided.
  • Enhancements has been made to point and click functionality on validation screen. Currently, when document level field is being displayed as drop down list, click on image causes data to be added to the drone down list of the document level field. Now, data will not be added to drop down list of the document level field.
  • The web scanner Batch Class dropdown box is now sortable on the Batch Class Name and Batch Class ID, alternatively.
  • Upon changing the document type on validation screen, empty table schema will be created as per configuration in the new document type so that user can add information to the new table.
  • Ephesoft now provides the heart beat service on HTTPS also. This can be configured using the protocol parameter in web.xml
  • Coordinates of the carious Barcodes present in the image file will be added to the Batch XML.
  • Added new web service for KV extraction and copy document type for a batch class.
  • Batch Class lock ownership problem fixed.
  • New web service API added to copy an existing document type to create a new document type for Batch Class.
  • New plugin added for Export to FileNet’s Image Import Application with HPII.
  • A feature has been provided for Web Scanner to display the “Batch Instance Name” on the popup on clicking the “Finish” button.
  • Support added in Auto Key value learning plugin to ignore numeric data being used key. Switch has been provided for the same with default value being set to OFF.
  • Enhanced algorithm to classify documents while using Barcode Classification. It will classify the documents as default document type provided if the regex provided matches with any of the values in page for barcode extraction and KV page process extractions.
  • Support for colour images on Review-Validate screen has been added.
  • Solution for unable to remove mapping from fuzzy DB mapping UI, when mapping are set to blank.
  • Added support for emails with attachments having spaces in filename.
  • Web service has been added which pushes batches from Review/Validation module to their corresponding next modules in workflow.
  • Installer will display a dialog box mentioning lack of disk space for up gradation.
  • MSSQL installation of Ephesoft will create and populate ‘Vendor’ table in database.
  • Recostar version has been upgraded to 7.0.
  • Recostar version has been upgraded from 6.0 to 7.0.
  • EphesoftEnterprise service will be installed by Ephesoft installer setup.
  • Ephesoft installer setup has updated End User License Agreement.
  • Ephesoft’s page loading performance has been optimized.
  • Option for retrying email before being marked as read has been added. Number of retries and retry interval have been made configurable.
  • New tag has been added in the batch.xml. This will contain batch creation date.
  • Rules will be validated automatically when changing the values of table cells on table validation screen. Getting the focus on any cell of a table row, error message will be displayed on the validation screen specifying the rule that has failed on that row.
  • Support for Global currency validation has been added.
  • Added support for French and Spanish languages.
  • Open Office restart feature will restart Open Office process if process is killed accidently or hangs or becomes unresponsive.
  • Switch has been added which will decide whether to download and process the e-mail body or not.
  • LibreOffice 4.0 has been included in dependencies.
  • Added support for point and zoom functionality on Review/Validation screen.
  • Segregation of table and table columns definition from its table and table columns extraction properties.
  • A new tab has been added under “System Config” tab which will display license details on UI.
  • Checkbox and a message regarding valid license has added in final dialog of installer.
  • Support for extracting values based on the zones has been added while performing Advance KV Extraction. There are six zones which can be configured from admin UI: ALL, TOP, MIDDLE,BOTTOM,LEFT,RIGHT.
  • Application/system level script can now be configured which can be executed using a cron expression. Script can be configured using This script is present inside Ephesoft SharedFolders. Script works in multiserver environment.(At a time system level script will be executed on a single server.)
  • Few cosmetic changes have been made on Email account configurations screen. Changes are as follows:
1. Server name changed to ‘Incoming server’.
2. Port Number changed to ‘Port’.
3. Is SSL changed to ‘SSL’.
4. Folder Name changed to ‘Folder’.
5. Server Type was changed to ‘Type’.
6. Password column has been removed as it doesn’t serve any purpose there.
  • Colour code has been added to test classification to distinguish the good results from results having value less than threshold of configured document types.
  • Dropdown has been provided to configure (POP3 or IMAP) as protocol in email configuration.
  • Dynamic workflow has been optimized such that it will notify if a plugin being added to workflow is already present in workflow or not.
  • Shortcut link for home page is added.
  • Ephesoft Installer will now create backup under a main folder inside installation directory.
  • Key value learning configuration has been moved from application level to batch class level. Configuration files for the same have now been included in batch class folder located inside Ephesoft’s Shared Folders.
  • Few plugins have been removed for optimizing batch class BC1 and plugin properties have been set for achieving optimum performance in batch processing.
  • Allows document level fields and table extracted during batch execution to be stored in database depending upon user configuration of table and column name.
  • Optimized Performance Reporting.
  • License for IText has been included in Ephesoft’s native folder and an environment variable corresponding to same has been created.
  • Ephesoft Enterprise Service has been configured to make use log4j for purpose of logging instead of JULI and log files like catalina.log, localhost.log, manager.log logs will be manageable from files present inside JavaAppServer lib folder. LibreOffice/Open Office process will be automatically terminated when JavaAppServer will be stopped using Ephesoft Enterprise Service or using CTRL + C on Ephesoft server console.
  • Email consolidation feature has been added. This feature enables user to club number of emails to be consolidated as a batch on the basis of configuration done in email properties.

Patch Installer – v3.1.0.1

  • Separate recostar project file is created for PDF creation using Recostar. This file will be copied in all existing batch classes by patch installer setup. Whenever a batch class is imported or copied on Ephesoft server then same file will be copied in newly created batch class as well.
  • Email forwarding feature: This feature will help to forward the erroneous email to the email account configured for getting email notifications about failure of batches. Earlier Ephesoft mail service used to just sent the email notification that an email cannot be processed. Now with this feature Ephesoft will append the content of failed email after the notification email.
  • Recostar version is upgrade to 7 SP1.
  • User Name Display Feature : Through this feature user can select either full name or common name as a display name in header of Ephesoft UI.
  • Shortcut for saving the batch on validation screen has been changed. Now ‘ctrl + alt+ c’ is used for the same.
  • Test Table Extraction Rule functionality : This feature enables user to tests table extraction for a particular extraction rule.
  • The behaviour of ephesoft KV Extraction algorithm rounding off end 0s of the extracted value is changed to show non rounded 0s in end of extracted value.
  • Replacing RegEx Validation with RegEx Extraction in the view of selecting table extraction APIs.
  • Ephesoft displaying table row as invalid on validation screen even if the calculation is correct as per the defined rule.
  • Batch.xml file for certain plugins were not being created for few batch instances.
  • Saves As dialog box pops up randomly when user presses Ctrl + S on RV screen.
  • Regex Extraction in Table Extraction was not working correctly. Columns were getting merged.
  • Critical – Field Entry Edit Fix(4/21/2014)
  • Medium – BC Import Fix(4/28/2014)

Service Pack 1 – v3.1.1.0

  • Encryption – Web Service to Decrypt batch.xml.
  • X and Y-offset should be calculated from the centre point of the Key overlay and top left corner of the Value overlay drawn on the advance KV screen.
  • Reporting user name dropdown should display list of users who have visited the batch on RV screen in case of Active Directory.
  • DB Export feature to export multipage pdf/tiff file location from batch XML to configured database.
  • Encryption Feature for xmls, lucene, fuzzy learning and system config UI for key generation
  • Fix for support ticket 4230: Enhancement in duplicate function on RV screen if there is no page level field available.
  • Fix for support ticket 4619: Enhancement for logging functionality in case Log4j log files were not getting updated after midnight or after some duration.
  • Fix for support ticket 3359: Enhancement in table column validation to allow empty regex as validation pattern.
  • Fix for support ticket 4320: Data Matrix Barcode Recognition Issue.
  • Fix for support ticket 4548: Solution for populating the document level fields on click on the image on the third panel of review validate screen and not to concatenate in case of control + S event.
  • Fix for support ticket 4602: Solution for making the document level fields editable on RV screen.
  • Fix for support ticket 4742: Extracted value from KV shall not be rounded off to two decimal places.
  • Enhancement in Folder Import plugin for extremely slow network.
  • Enhance Multiline anchor feature for table extraction.
  • Disallowing use of any OCR engines other than Recostar/Nuance/Tesseract.
  • Support for License Server Cluster for failover mechanism.
  • Configure LDAP 2.4 on Ephesoft fresh installation.
  • Solution for allowing to override a batch class with existing non-empty UNC folder and old batches in that UNC folder must not be picked up as new batches.
  • ImportBatchClass web service for importing batch class along with encryption changes.
  • MAGICK_THREAD_LIMIT should be set to 1 and be available in the runtime environment of the convert command. It is the way to force ImageMagick to use a single processor or core when performing an image conversion.
  • Validating document index field using Ctrl + B in case the force review tag is set to true.
  • Installer upgrade will not alter user.msactivedirectory_group_search_filter property present in file.
  • Hot-Fix for Recostar 7.0 SP1 – Memory Error handling for Full Page OCR on Large image files

Service Pack 2 – v3.1.2.0

  • Support MS SQL 2012 AlwaysOn Feature (for highly available environments).
  • Fix for Problem: Resolved problems with readability of read-only font of index fields on Review/Validate screen.
  • Feature to select and import CMIS export plugin settings or CMIS Plugin Mappings from import batch class widget while importing a batch class.
  • Fix for Problem: Solution for Active Directory error when the number of records are greater than a fixed limit.
  • Fix for Problem: Recostar patch for converting high resolution PDF files into single page tiff files.
  • Switch for backup batch XML creation.
  • Fix for Problem: Reducing the number of IO Operations for scripts on RV screen to improve the performance.
  • Fix for Problem: Fixed the problem with barcode libraries not able to extract values due to improper image properties.

Patch Installer – v3.1.2.1

  • Fix for Problem: In the French version, the button “Générer regex” doesn’t open the Regex Builder utility.
  • Enhancement for barcode not able to recognise/process files properly, erroring out creating unknown documents
  • Enhancement for workflow of BC2, CREATE_OCR_INPUT plugin is added in page process module.
  • Fix for Problem: recostar_empty_regex property in file must be set to default value in case user has changed the same.
  • Fix for Problem: PDF batches going to ERROR state upon restart from folder import. Restart re-try successfully processed the batch.
  • Enhancement for updating the UNC sub folder in database and file system in case of change in corresponding property in batch.xml via scripting plugin.
  • Enhanced exception handling in CMIS export plugin.
  • Fix for Problem: License server failover mechanism’s Lock files is missing in case of upgrade if existing shared folders are used during fresh installation
  • Fix for Problem: focus issue on RV Screen due to which shortcuts were not working and User had to use mouse in that case
  • Fix for Problem: While displaying the username on screen using active directory when number of users exceeded size limit some exceptions were logged in log files. # A fix is provided for making the search of user as specific as possible.
  • Fix for Problem: Restart or deletion of batches sometimes didn’t work in multi server environment in few cases.

Patch Installer – v3.1.2.2

  • New Feature: Support for Oracle DB for Fuzzy DB functionality.
  • New Feature: Default template Batch Classes can not be deleted.
  • New Feature: Ability to import CMIS import configuration on the basis of Export Plugin Properties/Import Configuration checkbox.
  • New Feature: Ability to update the LOV(list of values) fields via fuzzy search. Both hidden and non-hidden fields are supported.
  • New Feature: recostar-extraction folder has renamed to fixed-form-extraction in Batch Class.
  • New Feature: Fuzzy Search populates the mapped hidden fields.
  • Fix for Problem:

Troubleshooting functionality
a) Now batch class is present in troubleshoot zip file even if lucene or the image classification sample directories have not been selected on troubleshoot screen.
b) Copied Batch Class in the troubleshoot zip file can now be imported in Ephesoft.”

  • Fix for Problem:

DB Export Plugin
Manually extracted/added row/rows can now be exported through DB export plugin, inconsistency in XML structure has now been resolved.”

  • Fix for Problem: Script performance optimization Switch to support switching between new script optimization API and earlier un-optimized scripting API. By default new optimized script API will be enabled.”
  • Fix for Problem: Changed the property name in Document Assembler Plugin from “Default Document Type” to “Regex Classification Default Document Type” for better understanding of property.”
  • Fix for Problem: The table extraction with column header based extraction now works in case if the batch contains multiple pages and table starts from any page except for first page.”
  • Fix for Problem: Table Issues during Validation Ctrl + B now working on tables and valid columns don’t get marked as invalid.”
  • Fix for Problem: Alternate values on R/V screen in suggestion box can now be selected by mouse and are persisted in batch.xml.
  • Fix for Problem: Web scanner now has a prevention mechanism which will prevent creation of multiple batches while scanning.
  • Fix for Problem: Jar for Oracle JDBC and Oracle I18n now included in Installer.
  • Fix for Problem: Error handling is done for Copy_batch_class web service.
  • Fix for Problem: Itext-searchable is able to create non searchable pdf as well.
  • Ephesoft Wiki updated: Clean up procedure creation is mandatory for using Ephesoft’s default reporting.
  • recostar.empty.regex property is now configurable. If property is left empty then a default value for the same is considered.

Patch Installer – v3.1.2.3

  • New Feature: Decrypt Batch XML web service “decryptReportingBatchXml” has been added which can be used to decrypt encrypted Batch XML files present in report-data folder.
  • New Feature: Signature information is now added to Batch XML at start of Batch, this information is used by Decrypt Batch XML web service.
  • New Feature: Non ASCII characters are now removed from email attachment file name such that batches don’t error out due to same.
  • New Feature: After successful up gradation of Ephesoft using windows patch installer setup, a ReadMe.txt is displayed to user which suggests user to re-configure Web.xml, log4j.xml and applicationContext.xml in case user had already customized these files.
  • New Feature: If backup.batch_xml_backup_switch property is missing from META_INF/dcma-util/ then a proper error message is logged in log files. In addition to this, by default backup.batch_xml_backup_switch is enabled.
  • New Feature: Ephesoft now supports more file formats like ODT , ODS , ODP , ODF , SXW , BMP , GIF , JPEG , JPG , PNG , HTML , HTM , XLS , XLSX , PPT , PPTX , DOC , DOCX , RTF , TXT, PSD, ODG , SXI , SXC , SXD and WPD. These file formats can now be processed by Ephesoft using folder monitor service.
  • New Feature: Restart All functionality now support restarting all the batches in RUNNING, ERROR, REVIEW or VALIDATION states.
  • Fix for Problem: Read only fields are now skipped while navigating to the next index field using TAB key.
  • Fix for Problem: Shortcuts have been updated on Review-validate screen-
    • “ctrl + alt + t” alongside “ctrl + t” can be used for splitting the document, same has been updated in shortcut menu.
    • “ctrl + alt + t” alongside “ctrl + t” is now displayed on mouse hover on the split document button.
  • Fix for Problem: At the start of server if there are batches stuck in RESTART_IN_PROGRESS state they are now restarted from the last executed module.

Patch Installer – v3.1.2.4

  • New Feature: Ephesoft generated HOCR file now has correct coordinate values (in few cases 0 was getting set for coordinates).
  • New Feature: Ephesoft generated HOCR file now does not have duplicated entries.
  • New Feature: When license failover switch is OFF, OCR core available to a server will be half the number of Ephesoft license cores. For example, if 16 core HP license has been installed, then the number of OCR cores available to the server is 8. Exception: In case of 4 core license, 1 OCR core will be available to Ephesoft. When license failover switch is ON, OCR core available to a server will be half the number of CPU cores of the server. For example, if 16 core HP license has been installed on 8 CPU core server, then the number of OCR cores available to the server is 4 only. Exception: In case of 4 CPU core machine, 1 OCR core will be available to Ephesoft.
  • New Feature: Batches stuck in RESTART_IN_PROGRESS state are now be moved to READY state once the server is restarted.
  • New Feature: Advanced Key Value Extraction now extracts the values even when overlay drawn do not coincide with any of the corners of the extracted value.
  • New Feature: Improvements have been done on serialisation mechanism for the batch instance. Single serialised file will now be created for batch class and same will be copied to each batch instance while batch execution. Whenever batch class configuration will modified and apply button will be clicked, serialised file is recreated.
  • New Feature: Save batch button will work as either “ctrl + q/Q” or “ctrl + s/S” based on the property provided in the file. Default behaviour provided will be that of “ctrl + s/S”.
  • New Feature: On Review/Validation screen focus will now remain on the current selected page when new table row will be inserted.
  • New Feature: Now database entry for executed modules is not missed/skipped during batch execution.
  • New Feature: Upon changing the document type on Review/Validate screen, reviewed and valid elements will be set to false by default in batch XML.
  • New Feature: Optimizations have been made to improve Restart batch functionality. In addition to this unwanted pop-ups during restarts have also been removed.
  • New Feature: External application pop up window can now be closed on IE9 and above.
  • New Feature: A switch has been given in file to use browser shortcuts like Ctrl + A, Ctrl + X , Ctrl + C on Mozilla-Firefox.
  • New Feature: Ephesoft now converts input tiff file into PDF if size of tiff file is greater than 15 MB before processing the batch to avoid execution failure.
  • Fix for Problem: Installer setup now don’t reset AD settings present in file.
  • Fix for Problem: copyBatchClass web service has been optimized and now it works as expected.
  • Fix for Problem: ClassifyMultiPageHocr web service now works well even for more than 2 HOCR XML inputs.
  • Fix for Problem: On saving batch, field value change script will not be fired for a document level field if it is not configured.
  • Fix for Problem: For duplicated pages, display images are opened in 3rd panel on review/validation screen.

Patch Installer – v3.1.2.5

  • New Feature: SMTP can now be configured in both SSL and NON-SSL modes for email notification mechanism.
  • New Feature: Encrypted HOCR xml files present in Batch instance folder, lucene search classification and test folders in batch class directory can now be decrypted using decryptHocrXml web service.
  • New Feature: Nuance OCR and Nuance Extraction now supports following languages: English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, German, Swedish, Polish, Dutch, Czech, Slovak and Russian.
  • New Feature: RecostarPlugin native code has been enhanced to support a wide range of QR and other barcode extraction.
  • New Feature: Logging for Recostar, Ghostscript, Naunce and ImageMagick commands has now been improved, now commands are logged inside the log files.
  • New Feature: Test Advance KV Extraction has been enhanced to support operation on pdf files with .PDF extension. UI changes now get reflected in case two files with same name has been uploaded subsequently on Advance KV Extraction Screen.
  • New Feature: Installer’s upgrade mechanism has now been enhanced to merge MEAT-INF properly while upgrading such that queries in post-schema.sql have correct database information like server name, port number and database name etc. Changes have also been made to preserve comments in properties files.
  • New Feature: KV extraction web service now performs better extraction and populates multiple values of same document level field in alternate values in batch xml.
  • New Feature: Recostar Native has enhanced to support wider range/types/variety of tiff files.
  • New Feature: Optimizations have been made to the table extraction algorithm to give better results in case multiple type of table extraction methods have been configured for a table.
  • New Feature: Field value change script will not be executed if it is not configured for an index field, upon save batch click.
  • New Feature: Optimizations have been made to the table extraction algorithm to give better results in case multiple type of table extraction rules have been configured for a table.
  • New Feature: Batches in RUNNING state will not exceed the server max capacity.
  • New Feature: Logging mode is changed for few messages such that unnecessary and repeated logs can be avoided.
  • New Feature: DA classification algorithm has been optimized in case if Regex classification switch is ON to avoid blank documents on review/validation screen.
  • New Feature: Fixed form extraction web service will now accept multipage tiff and single page coloured png files as input. The web service will take batch class and document type as input to perform extraction. The extraction RSP/ZON files will be decided on basis of RSP/ZON files configured inside the document type.
  • New Feature: Mobile web services has now been included in the Ephesoft release such that user can configure the web service to use Ephesoft SnapDOC mobile application.
  • Fix For Problem : null pointer exception handling on click of Sync DB in Reporting functionality.
  • Fix For Problem: Now batches will not be sent to error state in DB export plugin when multiple document types have been configured in the batch class and all the mapped document types are not present inside the batch.
  • Fix For Problem: MS-SQL configuration in META-INF has been optimized to avoid problems with enabling/disabling Ephesoft Reporting.
  • Fix For Problem: Document level fields in Document under Batch Class Management screen can now be copied without clicking apply button.
  • Fix For Problem: Values can now be selected from drop down list for document level fields on validation screen.
  • Fix For Problem: Now user will be able to access/edit the table view on validation screen if no extraction rule is configured for the table.
  • Fix For Problem: Validation pattern defined for a column of a table will only be used for validation on data present inside the table. Previously in some scenarios validation pattern was validating and altering the extracted data.
  • Fix For Problem: On inserting new row in a table via function key on validation screen focus will not be shifted to first page.
  • Fix For Problem: On clicking save batch link on review screen the data of batch will now be saved.

Patch Installer – v3.1.2.6

  • Fix For Problem: Batches with extremely long file path/names are sent to error state on start of workflow to avoid stuck batches.
  • Fix For Problem: OCR Confidence is now set in Batch xml even for the extracted values which matches partial span value in HOCR xml.
  • Fix For Problem: Email attachments with hidden/non-printable/special characters in file name are now renamed by removing such characters to avoid any errors during email import.
  • Fix For Problem: Mobile web service now uses FPR.rsp file present inside the batch class.
  • Fix For Problem: Following confirmation Pop-ups on RV screen can now be disabled/suppressed using property in properties file:
  1. Save batch button click.
  2. Next batch button click.
  3. Review done confirmation.
  4. Validation done confirmation.
  • Fix For Problem: Recostar native code for PDF to tiff conversion updated to support conversion of PDF files having large size.
  • Fix For Problem: All locale.js present in Ephesoft now use UTF-8 encoding scheme.
  • Fix For Problem: Null pointer exception will not occur in Folder monitor while copying files to batch folder.
  • Fix For Problem: Document threshold confidence now gets set for the document when Barcode Classification is used.
  • New Feature: User can now map rowid with primary/unique keys in fuzzy DB.
  • New Feature: Username of user working on any batch instance will now be logged in a separate log file ‘Application\logs\dcma-user.log’.
  • Feature Enhancement: Recostar native code updated to support extraction for a wide range of QR barcodes.
  • Feature Enhancement: Recostar native code updated to support extraction for a wide range of Data matrix barcodes.
  • Feature Enhancement: Invalid regex patterns have been rectified in regex pool.
  • Feature Enhancement: Field value change script is now fired for every document level field for which it is configured in the batch class.
  • Feature Enhancement: CMIS export plugin now supports all the file extension during export to CMIS server.
  • Feature Enhancement: Readme.txt for Linux installer has been updated
  • Feature Enhancement: Non HP Licenses generated by license generator now works like a NON HP license i.e. license having 1 OCR core.
  • Feature Enhancement: dcma-key-value-learning folder has been added in META-INF such that user can configure the properties as per the requirement.
  • Feature Enhancement: I/O operations over network improved for R/V screen which results in better load times and less document switching and processing time.
  • Feature Enhancement: Optimizations have been made for improving I/O over network to improve overall throughput of the system.

Patch Installer – v3.1.2.7

  • Fix For Problem: Fixed form extraction web service now works well in case multiple concurrent requests are made.
  • Fix For Problem: Tesseract HOCR plugin now allows processing of Chinese characters.
  • Fix For Problem: Fixed form web service is now backward compatible with earlier web service i.e. old web service has been re introduced in system to provide backward compatibility.
  • Fix For Problem: Batches are no longer duplicated on MSSQL Server always on cluster fail-over.
  • Fix For Problem: Batches moved to ERROR state due to MSSQL Server always on cluster fail-over are now restarted from current module after successful failover.
  • Fix For Problem: Extraction now extracts correct words and in correct order even for image samples having words with strange y coordinate difference values.
  • Fix For Problem: Duplicate instances of workflow execution for same batches are now avoided in multi-cluster environment.
  • Fix For Problem: Rare occurrences of blank batch instance UI while using MSSQL server has been eliminated.
  • Fix For Problem: Open LDAP DLLs updated to remove security vulnerabilities.
  • New Feature: OCR, Classify and extraction web service for mobile SDK and application. This new web service will use plugins configured in extraction module and optional document type as input for generating the extraction results.
  • New Feature: Support for Linux batch class on windows version of Ephesoft.
  • Feature Enhancement: Windows authentication has been added for all database connection settings in META-INF.
  • Feature Enhancement: KV page process configurations will remain intact during upgrade process.
  • Feature Enhancement: Table extraction feature enhanced to handle various error scenarios where table data displayed on Validation screen has incorrect table rows and columns.
  • Feature Enhancement: Change in MSSQL data source URL to improve database server performance.

Patch Installer – v3.1.2.8

  • Fix For Problem: Solution for multiple workflows instances executing same batch on different servers.
  • Fix For Problem: User will be able to navigate between table cells using TAB button on validation screen.
  • New Feature: Capability to change the logging level for loggers on runtime.
  • New Feature: Enabling zip file input support for createHOCRforBatchClass, executeMobileupload(mobile web service in use) and OCRClassifyExtract web service.
  • New Feature: Incorporated Recostar’s Batch Operator API support for createHOCRforBatchClass, executeMobileupload(mobile web service in use) and OCRClassifyExtract web service.
  • New Feature: Extraction Scripting support for OCRClassifyExtract web service.
  • New Feature: Added BatchLocalPath in Batch xml for OCRClassifyExtract web service.
  • Feature Enhancement: Memory optimizations have been made in web scanner to render better support for Kodak drivers.
  • Feature Enhancement: Optimizations have been made to Zip file I/O API on network share.
  • Feature Enhancement: Restart batch functionality on Batch instance management screen has been optimized to improve restart time.
  • Feature Enhancement: DeleteBatchInstance web service now also deletes BI folder from Ephesoft-system-folder.

Patch Installer – v3.1.2.9

  • New Feature: Recostar native has been updated to Recostar v 7.2 which has better error handling and performance optimizations.
  • Feature Enhancement: Document Assembly algorithm has been optimized to yield correct page ordering even in case of difference in window explorer and java sorting algorithm.
  • Feature Enhancement: BatchLocalPath in result batch xml of OCR extraction web service now points to web service execution folder.
  • Feature Enhancement: ocrClassifyExtract web service now use plugin configurations from input batch class to perform OCR on input images.
  • Feature Enhancement: Extraction scripting plugin if enabled in batch class can be used to perform extraction using ocrClassifyExtract web service.
  • Feature Enhancement: Always on feature now allows restart of multiple batches in parallel during failover switch. It also validates the state of batch before restarting.
  • Feature Enhancement: Default IE 8 compatibility mode setting has been removed to prevent incompatibility across different browsers.
  • Feature Enhancement: Ephesoft server now starts despite of presence of stuck batches in RESTART_IN_PROGRESS state for deleted batch class.
  • Fix For Problem: uploadDocumentForLearning web service has been enhanced to work on page type.
  • Fix For Problem: Duplicate PDF files don’t get exported on CMIS server during CMIS Export.
  • Fix For Problem: Now CMIS import settings remain intact in source batch class while copying the batch class.
  • Fix For Problem: In case of upgrade now installer does not reset custom changes in table schema.
  • Fix For Problem: Default value for END_TIME in reporting database is now set to null value instead of default date if end time is not populated.
  • Fix For Problem: Fit to page now works on web scanner.

Patch Installer – v3.1.2.10

  • Feature Enhancement: Ephesoft now supports adding multiple regex for extraction/validation patterns from RegEx Group.
  • Feature Enhancement: Folder import module has been optimised to handle scenarios wherein Ephesoft throws FileNotFoundException.
  • Feature Enhancement: Optimizations have been made to Zip file reading API on network share.
  • Feature Enhancement: Files with extension TIF/TIFF (having extension defined in capital letters) greater than 15 MB are now supported by Ephesoft.
  • Feature Enhancement: Email attachments with .msg file extension are now downloaded in download-emails folder.
  • Hotfix: CMIS export implementation enhanced to support aspect mapping with Alfresco v 5.x and above.
  • Feature Enhancement: Now email import allows to configure number of mails to be imported per cron cycle. The number of email to be imported has to be configured in a properties file.
  • Feature Enhancement: Email attachments with no file extension are now downloaded in download-emails folder with .unknown extension.
  • Fix For Problem: Page deletion of a document on review screen moves focus to the page replacing the deleted one in that document. In case document has only one page, focus will shift to the first page of first invalid document.
  • Fix For Problem: ClassifyMultiPageHOCR web service now uses natural order sorting i.e. as operating system sorting for purpose of classification.
  • Fix For Problem: Executed modules in Batch Instance Table are updated in correct order as defined in batch class workflow.
  • Fix For Problem: Ephesoft now removes invalid xml characters if present in barcode value extracted by Recostar.

Patch Installer – v3.1.2.11

  • Feature Enhancement: Nuance OCR support for createHOCRForBatchClass web service in Linux.
  • Feature Enhancement: Document classification works aptly when document types are copied using copyDocumentType web service.
  • Feature Enhancement: OcrClassifyExtractSearchablePDF web service  creates searchable PDF along with resultant batch.xml.
  • Feature Enhancement: Email import now processes .msg attachments as .eml attachment.
  • Feature Enhancement: Recostar native code has been optimized to process special images which earlier use to make Recostar unresponsive during generation of HOCR xml.
  • Feature Enhancement: Fuzzy DB extraction now supports extraction with CHAR data type.
  • Fix For Problem: Optimizations have been done to support Chrome v and make overlay generation consistent on Validation Screen.
  • Fix For Problem: Recostar native code has been optimized such that it can process barcodes by removing invalid XML character if present in extracted value.
  • Fix For Problem: Learn File web service has been optimized to generate optimum learn index.

Patch Installer – v3.1.2.12

  • Feature Enhancement: Support for the latest Paper Stream driver v1.21.
  • Feature Enhancement: All the HTML files in Ephesoft now support HTML 5 complainant doctype.
  • Feature Enhancement: Upload process in Web Scanner has been optimized for speed.
  • Feature Enhancement: OutOfMemory Error has been resolved for Batches with large number of images (more than 1000 images).
  • Fix For Problem: Uploaded file names on Linux Environment are generated correctly when files are uploaded using Internet Explorer.
  • Fix For Problem: Learn DB now supports large number of Fuzzy DB mappings in batch class.
  • Fix For Problem: Scanned Images from Web Scanner and Uploaded Files from Upload Batch now gets uploaded in case username contains spaces.
  • Fix For Problem: Sync DB operation has been optimized for null values.

Patch Installer – v3.1.2.13

  • Feature Enhancement: Optimizations have been made to CMIS Export such that file size is transmitted for each document at time of upload to avoid failure.
  • Feature Enhancement: Email Import has been optimized and it creates mail body after attachment even in case attachment file name start with numeric.
  • Feature Enhancement: UNC Import and Upload Batch have been optimized to support .zip files during batch processing.
  • Feature Enhancement: CMIS Export has been optimized to support Boolean values in Ephesoft.
  • Feature Enhancement: DeSkew operation has been optimized and it is supported with single core license as well.
  • Fix For Problem: Optimizations have been made to restrict creation of duplicate batches when batch is renamed using scripts.
  • Fix For Problem: Multipage tiff to single page tiffs conversion has been optimized to generate tiffs having almost identical dimensions as in source Multipage tiff file.
  • Fix For Problem: field_option_value_list column size in field_type table has been set to 5000 to allow import of batch classes with large number of field value option list.
  • Fix For Problem: Optimizations have been made to ocrClassifyExtract web service to yield correct extraction results.

Patch Installer – v3.1.2.14

  • IText will be used instead of Open Office for HTML to PDF conversion during Email import.
  • Optimization has been made to Recostar to cater the scenario in which Recostar was unable to generate hocr xml for some images randomly.
  • Optimization has been made to validation script fire on RV screen and the focus will always go to the next invalid field on validation script fire.
  • Retry timeout for creation of backup Batch XML has been made configurable from
  • Recostar now supports computation of very small skew angle in image.
  • Optimizations has been made to prevent occurrence of null pointer error when the ephesoft logger level is set to INFO.
  • Fit to page functionality now works fine on IE10 & IE11 browser.

Ephesoft Enterprise Edition 3.0


Super Admin functionality

Version 3.0 has introduced two levels of admins. An admin and a Super Admin.
Roles of Admin
Admin would be responsible for configuring batch classes assigned to him by Super Admin. An admin can modify the plugin properties (configurations for different plugins) present in the batch classes accessible to him. Admin no longer would be able to Import/Copy batch classes on his own. These rights have been revoked from Admin group. However Admin can modify the workflow configurations for the batch classes assigned to him (changing the order of plugins, adding plugins etc) but will not be able to edit the Batch Class Details. Admins would no longer be able to assign\remove roles to\from any batch class.
Roles of Super Admin
Super Admin would have all the permissions that an admin can have along with that he has access to all the Batch Classes that exist in the System. Super Admin can import/copy any number of batch classes as well as can also edit the Batch Class detail and workflow configuration. User of such roles will be able to see all batch classes on Batch Class Management screen, all batch instances on Batch instance management screen and all batches which are in REVIEW OR VALIDATION state on Batch List screen.
Besides this a user who has super admin role can assign batch classes to other user of different roles. Only then other users can see that batch class and batches corresponding to that batch class on screens.
Super Admin Role Configuration
Super admin role/roles (group/groups) can be configured in file. user.super_admin=admin;;role1 So admin and role1 will be treated as super admin roles (groups).
Ephsoft should wait for complete batch downloading before start processing:
Ephesoft waits for a batch to get downloaded completely before it is picked up for processing. It checks if there no change in the batch folder for more than 30 seconds then only batch would be sent for processing.

Create Back up of a batch

Ephesoft can create back up of original files which are placed in the watch folders. These back up files are created inside the batch folders. This feature can be turned on by configuring a property in the file.
create_batch_instance_backup =on

License expiry message on Login Screen

License expiry message is shown to user at the time of login.Before how many days this message will be shown is configured in file as follows.
So message will appear before 30 days of license expiry on login screen . This property is configurable whenever license is being generated for any customer.

On back button click warn user about data lost

On clicking back button on Batch class management screen a warning message is displayed to user if there is some unsaved data and user is moving back to Batch Listing screen.

Double click on Key Value field listing table

On double clicking any Key Value record in the key value field listing table appropriate KV or Adv KV screen is displayed depending upon the type of record under selection.
Result table of Test KV and Test Table will also show file names corresponding to which no result is found

Other Features

  • Passwords in the properties files can now be encrypted
  • Fields are now centered in Validation screen.
  • Ability to add/remove/assign plugins to Batch Classes
  • FuzzyDB Matching can now use an field value to perform the database lookup in addition to full page OCR results.
  • Index fields can be configured to be bigger in validation screen for large values such as address as Multi Line fields.
  • JDBC Export Plugin writes the Document Level fields to database table columns.
  • Tree view in Document Review can display the document type name as information below the Document ID. This information can also be updated by the developers by simply updating the Batch XML.
  • There are two levels of Admin groups. Super Admins are able to see everything but Batch Class admins will see the batch classes only if they are assigned to them.
  • Table and Test KV displays the file names in the result windows even if there are no results for that image. This will help locate the documents we need to improve.
  • Two Word support for Auto Learning
  • New Installer for Ephesoft Enterprise.
  • Copy PDF/TIFF XML export plugin can rename the files based on Document level index fields.
  • Table recognition can use table headers besides the regular expressions
  • Allow Admin to upload sample pages, scripts and other files for Batch Classes using Web interface
  • When editing an existing Advance KV extract, automatically recall and load the image that was used to define the key/value relationship.
  • Allow adjusting/tuning of the borders for both the capture-key and capture-value boxes rather than requiring that they be redrawn each time.
  • Allow testing of Advanced Key Value settings directly from this interface.
  • Key Value Extraction can now use the result of another field as Key location.
  • Administrators can see the OCR results in the Advanced Key Value screen by right clicking on the image
  • Administrators can change the Batch Class Workflow by simply adding, removing or ordering plugins.
  • Batches go to ERROR state if Ephesoft Script fails to compile.
  • Administrators are required to validate the regex pattern entered in a text box at the admin UI. Invalid Patterns are no longer allowed.
  • Recostar Barcode Recognition has been added in addition to Zxing. Recostar Barcodes include 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • CMIS Export supports for Alfresco Aspects.
  • Ephesoft Web Services API for OCR, Classification, Extraction, Batch Class Management and Batch instance Management.
  • Web Scanner settings are now controlled by profiles at the Batch Class level.
  • Reporting has been fixed when calculating Operator times for review and validation
  • Original PDF/TIF files (original files) in the import folder are saved to a sub folder before they are converted into single page documents
  • Key Value results can be filtered based on First, Last and All Pages.
  • When a batch instance is restarted, Latest version of the batch class is used. In another words, Restart deleted the .ser file for that batch instance.
  • SharePoint Integration with Ephesoft and Documentation.
  • Ephesoft can now import Multi Page TIFF or PDF files from the Import/UNC folder without the need for a folder. File name will become the folder automatically.
  • CMIS Import Plugin allows Ephesoft to import files directly from CMIS repositories such as Alfresco, IBM FileNet, IBM CM, Nuxeo, Documentum, SAP, Sharepoint, etc.
  • Web Scanner and Upload Batch now remembers the last used Batch Class so it is easier to process documents with same batch class.

Service Pack 1 – v3.0.1.0

  • Ephesoft compatibility for IE8 and IE9. Field Highlighting, Single Click OCR, Advanced Key Value Extraction has been fixed.
  • Advanced key value algorithm enhancement. Algorithm has been improved to compensate KEY zone size and its relative position to Value zone.
  • Key Value Extraction now supports multi word values in regular expressions.
  • Grid computing (Remote Capture) has been fixed for version 3.x.
  • Document deletion to be restored on restarting a batch (soft delete). If the user deletes pages in Review, restarting the batch restore the pages.
  • CMIS Export file name configurable like Copy Batch xml plugin. When uploading files to CMIS repository, admins can chose to name the files based on an index field.
  • Validation UI screen focus will, by default, be on first field.
  • Validation UI screen scroll bar is always set to top whenever user navigates to any screen on admin UI.
  • Installer UI fixes for labels. MS SQL server has been changed to Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Reporting user filter was not working for MSSQL Server installs. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Validate Regex button logic has been improved so that enabling ok and cancel made consistent throughout application.
  • PDF Optimization Option Multi-Page creation plugin in Export has been fixed.

Service Pack 2 – v3.0.1.1

  • Web scanner has been fixed for rotation of images for front and back.
  • Zoom feature has been extended to support 6 zoom levels.
  • Installer Improvements.
    • Separate imageMagik setup for 32 bit and 64 bit systems.
    • Tomcat logs are in error mode instead of info and size of log files should not exceed 2MB.
    • Added an argument in service.bat in java app server to avoid perm gen issue.
    • Change in preschema.sql a query is missing for key value fix (Unable to persist error when saving Batch Class).
  • Field order on review validate screen has been fixed.
  • Recostar Check Box Support has been fixed.
  • Recostar extraction plugin performance has been optimized.
  • Fuzzy DB plugin Fixes regarding MSSQL and MySQL Connectivity.
  • Advance Key Value Fixed for dynamic zoning and confidence score calcuations.
  • Scripting plugin can not be turned ON/OFF. Ephesoft Cloud will have this scripting off, by default for security reasons.
  • Recostar auto rotate with color option has been enabled.
  • PDF Import has been fixed when multiple PDFs are copied to the watch folder.
  • Recostar QR Barcode Patch has been applied for Recostar Version 6.0 SP1 Patch #7.
  • Email import has been fixed. Ephesoft will no longer import two emails into one batch class for very fast computers.

Service Pack 3 – v3.0.1.2

  • HOCRtoPDF (Searchable PDF) has been fixed for pages being out of order.
  • Pick Up Service enhancement to support Cloud/SaaS Systems.
  • Document Type names can no longer have extra spaces at the end of the value.

Service Pack 4 – v3.0.1.2

  • Recostar HOCR plugin is slower than v2.5. Fixed.
  • MySQL Multi Server restart batch does not work. Fixed.
  • MS SQL Multi Server restart batch does not work. Fixed.
  • Web Service API for Search Classification: Fixed.
  • Web Scanner Security and IE issues: Fixed.
  • Web Scanner SSL issue: Fixed.
  • Recostar QR barcode and Check Box issue: Fixed.
  • hOCRtoPDF page out of order issue. Fixed.
  • Review Validate does not show error message: Fixed.
  • Review Validate IE8 display issue fixed.
  • Advanced Key Value Display issue in Batch Class Management. Fixed.
  • Cleanup cannot delete some folders from system folder. Fixed.
  • LDAP Connectivity does not support users and groups in different directories. Fixed.
  • Key-Value Learning does not create rules properly. Fixed.
  • Round Robin batch pickup should process batches based on Priority of batch not batch class. Fixed.
  • Email attachments with certain names and content type cannot be converted to PDFs. Fixed.
Manual Install Instructions
1. Before merginng Ephesoft folder Rename the following folders:
   They can be renamed to something like reviewValidate.OLD
2. Merge the Ephesoft folder into your Existing {Install Drive}:\Ephesoft folder
   You will want to "Copy and Replace" the files when windows prompts you.
3. Restart Ephesoft
Note: Multi-Server and MSSQL Environments
If you are applying these patches to a multi-server environment - take note:
Please modify the dialect in {Application}\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-data-access\

Service Pack 5 – v3.0.1.2

  • Added batchPickingAlgo for specifying RoundRobin or FIFO in {Application}\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\
  • Added maximum_retries_on_executor_failure to set in {Application}\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\

Service Pack 6 – v3.0.1.2

  • Scripting plugin optimization

Service Pack 7 – v3.0.1.2 [1]

  • Thumbs.db should not be processed.
  • Restart handling enhancement from Folder Import Module.


Release Notes :

  • Assembla # 1608: Pickup on based on Batch Instance Priority.
  • Assembla # 1575: Installer Upgrade for 3.1 release.
  • Assembla # 1559: Have an option to have read-only fields in validation.
  • Assembla # 1601: Web Scanner SSL Support.
  • Recostar License file configuration.
  • Table cells will be extracted but not validated on the basis of Between Left and Between Right pattern.
  • Clean up plugin fix.
  • Tree view lost focus when multiple times Ctrl+S is hit.
  • IE9 fix for images not being displayed. Instead a black was getting displayed.
  • User Connectivity fix:
  • Two new properties have been added to “” property file, namely:
    • “user.ldap_user_base”: Property for fetching user names from LDAP w.r.t. the Organizational Units configured.
    • “user.ldap_group_base” : Property for fetching the list of groups from LDAP w.r.t. the Organizational Units configured.
  • Advanced KV fix for : click adv edit – don’t make any changes and click ok I will get a “the call failed on the server see server logs for details.” If I then redraw the zones and hit ok Test kv again – good results.
  • MSSQL issues fixes.
  • LDAP fix for authenticated queries.
  • Error message not getting displayed.
  • Ephesoft job executor time out limit increased.
  • No customer specific batch class settings should get lost : Database Patch fix.
  • Email fix : Name of folder modified to Nano Seconds.
  • Latest Email fixes for LSI.
  • Web Service for Multiple HTML classification.
  • Blank document level fields in xml (Customer Specific issue).
  • Fuzzy DB Fix for multiple Batch classes pointing to same DB.
  • Reporting multiple fixes.
  • Batch Stuck in Import if input file size is > 600 mb.
  • Missing LOCATION in defining key-value pairs.
  • Recostar rotation enhancement.
  • Thumbs.db should not be processed.
  • Test table and Table Extraction results differ fix reported by angelo.
  • Modified rsp file with resultImage instead of Original Image.

Service Pack 1 – v3.0.2.0

  • Restart All: Restart all feature for restarting batch instances.
  • Recostar threads retries: Number of retries for recostar page process thread levels.

This property is configurable in file.

# The number of retries for failure of executor command

  • Workflow retries count 1: Maximum number of retries for a job is now 1.
  • DB export : UI field mapping for DB export plugin.
  • CMIS: CMIS enhancement for string fields exact matching.
  • Clean up Exception/Error handling improvement: Error/Exception handling improvement in clean up plugin.
  • Image magic Exception/Error handling improvement: Error/Exception handling improvement in image magic plugin.

Service Pack 2 – v3.0.2.0

  • Batch Instance Feature: This feature include the following changes. If any Batch Instance having any role in batch instance group table, than that batch instance will not be able to review/validated by any other user which doesn’t have the access to review/validate the batch instance.
  • Visibility : Any batch instance having the user roles in the batch instance group table than that batch will not be visible on the Batch List Screen table and visible in Batch Instance Screen table.
  • Accessibility: Any batch instance having the user role in the batch instance group table than that batch will be accessible by those user having the provided roles in the batch instance group table or super admin.
  • Upload Batch: This feature includes the web service for upload batch to the specified batch class identifier. If authorized user doesn’t have the access to the batch class than the error message will be generated. Documentation is already shared in the web service documentation release.

Service Pack 3 – v3.0.2.0

Pre-requisite: Apply SP2 First

  • Fix for the issue of missing ErrorMessage tag for a pre-classified SearchClassification document.
  • Fix for unable to run/restart batches of overridden batch class.
  • Unable to open batch on HOME Screen while searching the batch instance.

Service Pack 4 – v3.0.2.0

Release Notes:

  • Files placed with invalid extension in unc folder should not be processed by Ephesoft.
  • Solution of missing aspects for some documents when uploading multiple documents at a time in CMIS Export Plugin.
  • Solution for unable to open batches on review validate screen if multiple roles were assigned to same batch instance from “batch_instance_groups” table.
  • Table columns regex listing should be fetched with respect to current batch class only.
  • Serialized file caching Improvement.
  • HTML to XML feature: Generating HOCR.XML file directly via Recostar and Tesseract plugin. Please remove HTML to XML plugin from the workflow.
  • Feature of resizing table horizontally on the UI.
  • Solution for overlay issues and multipage manual extraction support.
  • Docushare Export Plugin for exporting multipage pdf’s and docushare.xml only.
  • Email import enhancements with threadpool and performance enhancements. Mail import properties and open office properties file needs to be updated with the newly added property.
  • Itext searchable PDF enhancement for searching phrases instead of words.
  • Solution for DA invalid page level fields classification.
  • Document tree changes for loading images only for the document which expands for optimization.
  • Performance enhancement for loading Review Validate Screen by blocking invalid tiff loading.
  • Feature for sorting the table on the UI.
  • HOCR2PDF feature handling for large batch file names.
  • Batch instance group feature enhancement to delete the batch instance group entry for batches when its execution has either been finished or it has been deleted.
  • PDF/A creation using Itext.
  • Email import enhancement to include Sent date as a part of metadata for an email.
  • Failover Mechanism For Folder Monitor.
  • Confidence Calculation after page weight factor multiplication.
  • Unable to login with internal server error on the screen due to excessive entries in “batch_instance_groups” table
  • Configurable property on UI for the user to decide if Grid workflow or Normal workflow is required
  • Deadlock recovery mechanism for batch instance.



  • Batch class management UI locale support. Administrator can now customize Tab titles and change “Batch Class” to something like “Project Definition”.
  • Batch instance group entry delete upon batch completion and deletion. Batch instance Group table is automatically cleaned to improve performance.
  • Batch creation issues in multi-server environment have beed resolved.
  • Batches getting restarted from Folder import module irrespective of module selected issue has been resolved.
  • Duplicate page issues on review validate UI has been resolved.
  • Table extraction issues have been resolved: Table data was validated by wrong regular expressions in some scenarios.
  • Include sent date in !!!!mail.pdf file while importing batches via email import.
  • PDF/A support by IText-Searchable. The New Method has been added to Multi Page Creation Plugin where administrators can chose ITEXT to generate searchable PDFs that are compatible with PDF/A standard.
  • Removed legacy IBM_CM and CSV plugin from default batch class templates.
  • Import Multi Page Plugin settings changed to produce smaller files during the PDF to TIFF conversion. Memory usage for Imagemagick has also been restricted to prevent issues on low memory systems.
  • Deadlock errors have been minimized and automatic recovery mechanism has been developed for customers running MS SQL Server.
  • DocumentAssembly confidence score issue has been resolved: highest confidence value was not picked up correctly.
  • Recostar High Performance API implementation has been applied for optimizing HOCR file read. as a result, HTML to HOCR plugin is no longer needed.
  • Ephesoft Workflow has been optimized for hi performance.
  • Barcode field has been removed from default FullPage OCR settings (FPR.rsp file) to increase performance for those customers that do not need barcode classification.
  • Overlay creation issues for advanced KV and advanced table UI on IE and Chrome have been resolved.
  • Failover Mechanism For Folder Monitor has been implemented. All Ephesoft servers running together now fully supports redundancy.
  • Performance improvement for serialized file caching has been implemented to increase performance.
  • Performance enhancement for loading Review Validate Screen has been implemented.
  • Document tree changes for loading images only for the document which expands has been implemented for better performance.
  • Email import enhancements with threadpool and performance enhancements have been implemented.
  • Solution for unable to open batches on review validate screen if multiple roles were assigned to same batch instance from batch_instance_groups table has been implemented.
  • Configurable property on UI for the user to decide if Grid workflow or Normal workflow is no available.
  • Unable to login with internal server error on the screen due to excessive entries in “batch_instance_groups” table has been resolved.
  • Document type should be set to Unknown in case of unclassified document in the DA module for lucene classification.
  • New feature for sorting and resizing the table on the UI has been implemented.
  • Docushare Export Plugin for exporting multipage pdf’s and docushare.xml has been fixed.
  • Solution for overlay issues and multipage manual extraction support.
  • HTML to XML feature: Generating HOCR.XML file directly via Recostar and Tesseract plugin has been implemented.
  • Files with invalid extension will no longer be processed via Folder Import Module.
  • Solution of missing aspects for some documents when uploading multiple documents at a time in CMIS Export Plugin has been implemented.
  • HOCR to PDF Improvement for large batch file names has been implemented.


  • Solution for unable to fetch records with more than 2000 records in batch_instance_group table.
  • Email body formatting issues in mail import functionality.
  • Solution for batches restarting from source module in case of multi-server environment.
  • Itext searchable fix for maintaining the page order while creating searchable PDFs.
  • Solution for focus moving on to multiline document level field instead of next invalid document level field on validating document via CTRL+Q on validate screen.
  • Solution for focus on browser instead on Ephesoft if CRTL+S is pressed two times on validate screen.
  • Solution for improper functionality of following shortcuts on review validate screen:

•Ctrl + N;
•Ctrl + Shift + N;
•CTRL + P;
•CTRL + Q;

  • Below shortcuts are blocked by chrome browser:

•Ctrl + T;
•Ctrl + Shift + T;
•Ctrl + W;
•Ctrl + Shift + W

To enable them, follow below steps-
• Click the page menu.
• Select Tools > Create application shortcuts.
• In the Gears dialog box, select the checkboxes for the locations where you want shortcuts to be placed.
• Click OK.

  • Scripts folder at Folder Management UI will be accessible only to the Super Admin. Following property has been added to file-
               #To hide list of folders from normal user (separated by semicolon)
  • Support for following fields in rsp file in Recostar extraction-

• BoxReadField
• RegExpFormatter
• PixelCountField
• RegularExpressionField
• FullPageField
• CombineField
• CodeLineUSCheckField
• CodeLineCMC7Field

  • Recostar performance optimizations.
  • Replacement of “empty red square” (produced by Recostar for un-recognized characters) by “?” during Recostar extraction.
  • UNC folder path added to batch xml.
  • Display document index field description instead of name on Validation screen.
  • After successful Ephesoft installation, an additional popup will be displayed to restart the system.


Release Notes :

Please find the list of all the features which will be included in the Ephesoft installer

  • 1. Recostar HOCR enhancement. Page corner coordinates will be included in the HOCR.xml file for a page.
  • 2. Solution for unable to delete the file present on the CMIS repository in some special scenario.
  • 3. Included patch provided by OpenText for improved barcode recognition using Recostar.
  • 4. Upgraded commons-io jar version to 2.4.
  • 5. Solution for multipage pdf images getting tripped in case of landscape images generated via IText.
  • 6. MYSQL: While Ephesoft up gradation, in case of MYSQL, the values of “Lucene Valid Extensions” for all the existing batch classes will be pre-populated as ‘html’ and ‘xml’.

Service Pack 1 – v3.0.3.4

Download [2]

Release Notes :

Please find the list of all the features which will be included in the Ephesoft Service Pack 1:

  • 1. Solution for maintaining sorting order of kv extraction results. Results will be sorted in the following order:
   a) confidence score.
   b) y coordinates, if confidence generated is same. 
   c) x coordinates, if y coordinates are same.
  • 2. Support for “multi-word” value being used as a key for anchor key value feature in advanced key value extraction.
  • 3. Batch classes loading optimized on Batch Class Management Screen.
  • 4. Support for Regular Regex extraction for multiple pages in a document.
  • 5. Solution for Server not starting when more than 2000 batches are present in the unc folder.
  • 6. Solution for copying all tables while duplicating a document.
  • 7. Solution for Delete all functionality not working properly.
  • 8. Enhanced batch instance search functionality. Previously non super admin users were not able to search for the batch instance if it is mapped to his group.
  • 9. Table suggestion box ON/OFF feature. Following property has been added to file for the same:
  # Table cell display style. 
  # 0 - test box style 
  # 1 - suggestion box style(default) 
  • 10. Clean-up functionality for batch instances after deadlock.
  • 11. Solution for batches restarting from source module in case of remote server.
  • 12. Support for displaying document description instead of doc name at review and validation screen. Following property has been added in the file:
  # Text to be displayed for document on review and validation screen. 
  # 1 = document type name (default value)
  # 2 = document type description
  • 13. Support for displaying image fit to page by default if following property is set to 0:
  # Zoom count when image is loaded initially on review validate screen.
  # 0 - for fit to page, maximum zoom count allowed is 3
  • 14. Character limit of batch name displayed on review and validation screen made configurable. Following property has been added to file for the same:
  # Character limit for batch name displayed at review validate screen.
  # Minimum value - 18 
  # Maximum value - 25
  • 15. Solution for batches not being picked up in correct order.
  • 16. Solution for batches not being created for some files when copied directly to UNC folder.
  • 17. Solution for zip file for plugin copied at root directory instead of temporary folder path configured, while adding a new plugin.
  • 18. Solution for Ctrl+L not working properly.
  • 19. Solution for image being always displayed scrolled down (when using Chrome Browser) in review validate screen.
  • 20. Support for secured pdf files processing.
  • 21. Support for secured pdf’s processing.
  • 22. Improved logging. Every log entry will contain installed Ephesoft version.
  • 23. Configurable parameters for Searchable pdf creation.
  • 24. Fuzzy DB mapping view fix after applying the changes to the database.
  • 25. Add border for document level field on RV Screen. Following variable has been added to theme.less variable (See ReadMee.txt for details):
  @indexFieldBorderColor: #E9C67B; /* border color for index field on RV Screen */
  • 26. Page Info Listing tab will not be displayed on batch class management screen.
  • 27. Automatic generated error emails send by Ephesoft will contain Batch Instance identifier instead of ID, when batch goes to error.
  • 28. Mail import enhancements to read only unseen mails for an email account using IMAP connection.
  • 29. Show error message whenever trying to learn fuzzy database with invalid database settings.
  • 30. Making batch class field validation necessary in Web scanner before the batch goes for processing.
  • 31. Delete Document Functionality on Function Key Scripting.
  • 32. Add switch for for downloading email body content as either html or text. Following property has been added to file (See README.TXT for details):
  # Extension type for mail import body.
  # 0 - HTML, default value
  # 1 - TEXT
  • 33. Sorting changes on searching a batch and navigating to the next page on Batch Instance Management Screen.
  • 34. Switch is provided for generating PDF or PDF-A using Itext searchable as a multipage-pdf creation tool. Following property has been added to file (See README.TXT for details):
  # 0-PDF (PDF) Default
  # 1-PDF-A (PDF Advanced)
  • 35. When unlocking the scroll,focus will be maintained at current document level field, . Previously, it used to move to the first document level field of the document.
  • 36. When unlocking the scroll, focus will be maintained at the same page. Previously, it used to be shifted to the first page of the document.
  • 37. Maintaining of the scroll position when focus goes to a document levield having not coordinates information.
  • 38. Solution for duplicate values being created for web scanner profiles on upgrading Ephesoft.
  • 39. On clicking RESTART_ALL button, batches that are currently in READY_FOR_REVIEW module will be restarted from READY_FOR_REVIEW and those in READY_FOR_VALIDATION module will be restarted from READY_FOR_VALIDATION state.
  • 40. In case of deadlock occuring while processing any batch, batch will get restarted from currently executing module. Previously, it used to get started from source module in case of deadlock.
  • 41. Database queries optimizations for avoiding deadlock errors when using mssql as a backend database.

Service Pack 2 – v3.0.3.4

Download [3]

Release Notes:

  • 1. Solution for overlay not removed while moving to a document level field having no co-ordinates information.
  • 2. Solution for scanner profiles updated during patch execution. Still to be added with updated properties.
  • 3. Solution for PNG locked/creation process stopping the batch creation process via batch list or web-scanner. Now the batches will be created even if the display PNG is under use. Both the operations have been made independent of each other. Error in batch creation shows error whereas when error occurs on PNG deletion will only be logged.
  • 4. Remove page and coordinates information for DLF on splitting a document.
  • 5. Change for setting UNC sub folder path as UNC folder path in batch xml.
  • 6. Making field value change script configurable per index field feature.
  • 7. Allow user to change the field value change script status on validation screen by pressing ctrl + a/A. If field value change script is enabled, it will be disabled and if it is disabled, it will be enabled when ctrl + a/A button pressed.
  • 8. Feature for importing files from CMIS repository having items more than its default page size.
  • 9. Solution for “Clearing out table data fields and hitting Ctrl + s/S sometimes make the extracted values reappear”.
  • 10. Enhancement for making batch class field validation necessary in Web scanner before the batch goes for processing.
  • 11. Enhancement for updating UNC sub folder path in batch instance table if batch name is updated in batch xml.
  • 12. User connectivity enhancement to allow connection with single level domain Active directory structure.
  • 13. CMIS Plugin properties retention made configurable via UI when importing a batch class.
  • 14. Sticky fields feature for batches in validation state.
  • 15. Solution for batch class plugin properties missing while importing a batch class.
  • 16. Manual table extraction issue Solution: Unable to fetch last row information by manual table extraction.
  • 17. Color scanning Compression enhancements. Reducing the size of the scanned TIF files and thus reducing the memory shoot.
  • 18. Database update not complete, causing errors while updating the default batch classes after they have been deleted.
  • 19. Web Scanner JPG changes. Now JPG files are created for display on the web-scanner UI instead of PNG and thus making image loading faster.
  • 20. Validation pattern table feature. User can provide validation pattern for a particular table column. Data being extracted for any table column will be validated by the validation pattern, if pattern is specified.
  • 21. Table extraction enhancement for executing a script on inserting a new row to the table on UI. Added property to located at <Ephesoft Installation Directory>/Application/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/dcma-batch/* folder:
 # Name of the script to be fired when insert button is clicked on table validation screen.
  • 22. Add following features at Review-Validate screen:
1) Allow to select data from multiple pages using ctrl + right button click on mouse.
2) Provide configurable index field value separator while adding data using ctrl + mouse left click. 
  • 23. Web Scanner Memory Issues Solution while scanning in the color profile.
  • 24. Solution for “Data from only one tiff is validated by validation pattern even if there are more than one tiff files in test table”.
  • 25. Split document enhancement to retain document level fields and table data. Add below properties in the file located at <Ephesoft Installation Directory>/Application/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/* directory:
 # Added for setting default values for retaining data table/document level while splitting pages. By default all or in case of invalid value, all the data will be retained
 #ALL (Retain both document and Table level field)
 #NONE (This will not retain any of the field in new document)
 #DLF (This will retain document level field)
 #TF (This will retain table level field only)
  • 26. Web-Scanner Auto-stop feature.
  • 27. Table resizable feature compatible with all browsers.
  • 28. Application will have a new shortcut CTRL + c or C for saving the batch data. It will not validate the document for the batch. It will allow user to remain on the same document even if the document is still valid.
  • 29. Save batch functionality enhanced using Ctrl + s/S, when in table validation screen. When user presses CTRL + s or S, while in table validation screen, batch will be saved and next invalid document will be opened (if current document is valid). If next document has tables, then table validation screen will be shown, otherwise document level field validation screen will be opened.
  • 30. Allow to click and extract data from on highlighted table row, on table validation screen.
  • 31. Added enhanced FPR.rsp file for skewed image handling. In case of upgrade, Ephesoft-3034-SP2-installer will create back up of all FPR.rsp(present in Batch class folders inside SharedFolders) file of previous installation, before copying enhanced FPR.rsp.

Note: Previous FPR.rsp file will be renamed as FPR_backup_timestamp.rsp.

  • 32. Password masking and encryption feature added. All password fields present in Ephesoft will be saved in encrypted form in database. Please note that password fields with respect to following features have been masked:
 a)	Plugins:
 	a.	CMIS Export
 	b.	DB Export
 	c.	File-Bound plugin
 	d.	Fuzzy-DB Extraction plugin
 b)	Email import configuration
 c)	CMIS import configuration
  • 33. Encrypt passwords while importing batch class.
  • 34. Enhanced batch class import algorithm. On importing an old batch class, newly added plugin configurations will be added to the imported batch class.
  • 35. Move batch to error state if script file is not present in the batch class script folder.

Ephesoft Enterprise Edition 2.5 (Hi-Performance Edition)


  • Providing the save button(Ctrl+S) on RV Screen Top panel for saving the batch (Support for Tablets such as iPad).
  • Ephesoft web scanner optimizations specifically for high speed scanners.
  • Column based sorting on following batch class management UI:
    • Batch class listing.
    • Module listing.
    • Document type.
    • Email configuration.
    • Batch class fields.
    • Plugin listing.
  • Bug fixes and improvements on Memory management.
  • Caching documents to improve batch open times for review and validation.
  • Load testing for millions of pages and measuring them using J-Meter.
  • Review State: No DLF should be created in batch.xml file when a document type is changed on Review screen.
  • Improve the Review and Validation Screens
    • Pre loading of images for next invalid document to improve the performance.
    • Optimization database hits.
    • Code level optimization.
    • Batch xml will be zipped before saving to file system and unzipped while reading.
    • Control + Q will save the objects in memory for the configurable 5 hits or it will validated to review or validation and then it will actually save the data to batch xml to improve the performance.
  • Fix the spacing issue in Chrome and IE9 browser for Batch Class Management screen:
  • Email Import does not work properly if there are two attachments with the same name but different file type extensions.
  • Way to determine which mailbox was trying to be connected to in case any error occurs while connecting to the mailbox or email importing.
  • Import/Export problem:
    • not imported while overriding batch class with respect to latest 2.4 release. Database updated to display and import the
  • Learning with both ‘HTML Cleaner’ and ‘JTIDY’ with Recostar v6 and Tesseract v3.00 and v3.01.
  • Restart All functionality to restart all batches present in Review and Validation. User can enable the above configuration via making the below property with value as “true” in {ephesoft_home}/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/ file.
    • enable/disable restart all button on batch instance screen enable.restart_all_batch=false
  • Unlock batch feature. Admin can unlock a batch instance acquired by some other users/operators.
  • Reporting Performance improvements w.r.t MSSQL/MYSQL.
  • Batch list row count on batch list UI. User can enable the above configuration via making the below property with integer value in {ephesoft_home}/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/ file.
    • count for batch instance on batch list screen for review and validation batches.
    • default is 15
    • batchlist.table_row_count=15
  • Review/Validate tab changes on RV screen. Now user specific tab selection will happen with default as review tab.
  • Scripting plugin workflow changes such that every module have different scripting execution plugin.
  • In addition to DOM, Ephesoft now supports JDOM in Scripting plugins which improves to performance up to 70 percent.
  • Batch XML files can not be compressed, zipped, to improve performance. If you have batches in Document review during an upgrade, all batches will have to restarted to create batch XML files in zipped format.

Patch 2.5.7.x

  • CMIS plugin open chemistry api upgrade to 0.6.0.
  • Aspects support for CMIS alfresco repositories.
  • Improved logging for CMIS plugin.
  • ‘Aspect Switch’ added to ‘CMIS plugin’ in export module having default value switched OFF.
  • Open Batch on Batch Instance Management Screen should open a batch in new tab.
  • Clicking on Batch Detail tab and processing a batch, user should be presented with a new batch instead of moving to BatchList screen.
  • Once user is on any screen he/she cannot click on the same tab again. (This was a pre-existing issue).
  • When Ephesoft starts following error message were displayed on the console:
    • 2012-03-06 21:56:38,447 [ERROR] [main] [com.ephesoft.license.server.LicenseServerManager] -=================================systemMacAddress = 00-0C-29-24-85-30
    • 2012-03-06 21:56:38,447 [ERROR] [main] [com.ephesoft.license.server.LicenseServerManager] – =================================stokenizer =java.util.StringTokenizer@5174e73d
    • 2012-03-06 21:56:38,447 [ERROR] [main] [com.ephesoft.license.server.LicenseServerManager] – ================================= i = 0 token = 00-0C-29-24-85-30
  • Drop down menu in BI Management for restarting batches does not open when using Chrome. It flashes and closes. Drop down works fine in Firefox.
  • Reporting module does not show the reporting data after pressing sync-db for the first time. If Ephesoft restarted, it shows the data.
  • Reporting complains about not finding Validation XML in the report-data. It should be looking for zip, not xml. [Logging is improved in this case. As per current implementation, it first searches for zip and if not found, it searches for xml in every case]
  • Reporting does not work if you have following backup.report_folder=C:\\Ephesoft\\SharedFolders\\report-data in the file. Backup utility works.
    • If the path has an escape for the :, it works. C\:\\Ephesoft\\SharedFolders\\report-data in the
  • Pop Up error/info messages were made more detailed.
  • Fuzzy DB issue – Data was fetched from 1 table only (last mapped) even when mapping has been done for multiple tables.
  • While opening a locked batch on RV screen, a pop up is displayed. On clicking OK, user is not navigated to Batch List screen instead he gets stuck.
  • Null pointer exception in KV Page processing plugin.
  • Batches remain locked in many cases:
    • On navigating using Next Batch link.
    • Changing URL from the browser.
    • In random cases.
  • If a user opens a batch on RV Screen which is not of status Review/Validation, no pop up is displayed instead a blank screen is displayed.
  • Focus lost on clicking Next batch link on RV screen.
  • Screen hanged out if the review is opened by any other user on the same screen.
  • Error logs generated during email download and processing (IMAP protocol).
  • Incorrect error pop up msg generated when a user tries to open a batch which is already opened by some other user for editing.
  • “Unable to retrieve batch list” appeared on Batch Class Management screen randomly once, on clicking Refresh button.
  • User can only lock a batch in case that batch class is mapped with user roles.
  • When Grid computing is inserted into the system when we ran the patches for the first time. Patch management creates the BC5 automatically however curr_user column in the batch_class table has a value so administrators cannot edit the batch class.
  • When grid computing is inserted into database by Patch Management for the first time on LINUX systems. the UNC folder is set to this: /var/ephesoft/SharedFolders/C:\ephesoft-data\public-unc-grid-computing which creates an error messages in the startup: net.contentobjects.jnotify.linux.JNotifyException_linux: Error watching /var/ephesoft/SharedFolders/C:\ephesoft-data\public-unc-grid-computing : No such file or directory
  • Make sure there is no “-density 300” for the Imamagemagick output parameters for the import plugin which modifies the image size incorrectly.
  • pdf to tiff conversion using Ghostscript has a default device type tiff12nc.
  • PP – Barcode PP plugin : All barcode values should be selected by default.

Patch 2.5.8.x

  • Validation bug is fixed where documents displayed fields from wrong page
  • Support for Ghostscript 9.05 64bit is enabled by default instead of 32bit.
  • Recostar version 6.1 Files are updated to support Auto Rotate functionality. If the Plugin is configured to auto-rotate images, Ephesoft will read the rotation/Orientation information from the OCR results and correct the TIFF files automatically.

Patch 2.5.10.x

  • Roles based batch Instance. It is now possible to assign user groups/roles to batches instances. This gives administrators/programmers to allow/restrict users to individual batches.
  • Web Scanner has been optimized for very hi-volume scanners. Tests have been completed with 300ipm scanner scanning 800 pages at rated speed. Kofax VRS was also certified using Kodak Ngenuity 9150.
  • Force Fields to be reviewed in Validation by setting ForceReview Tag for document Level Index fields in Batch XML.
  • Batch Detail Button has been optimized for seep.
  • Recostar Extraction fix – If value is not found then also we’ll capture the coordinates if present.
  • IE & chrome issue to be fixed.(The screen masking for RV screen is removed in IE and Chrome)
  • Validation bug fix. If all documents are green then first document should be opened.
  • Recostar bug fix. When Learn Files button selected, Fpr file in the batch class\recostar-extraction will be used.
  • KV and Advanced KV fix for Rubberband issue has been fixed.
  • A new feature has been added to Fuzzy DB to ignore given words in the search results.
  • A new feature has been added to Fuzzy DB to learn the Database on scheduled time frames, automatically.
  • Ctrl + b shortkut has been added to Validation to override Validation rules based on Regular expressions.

Ephesoft Enterprise Edition 2.4


  • MSAD : Administrators can filter and search specific groups from Active Directory.
  • Auto-Learning (Key-Value Rule creation): Validation user can use instant-OCR to assign correct values to index fields. Ephesoft will use the value and location information to automatically learn the field characteristics including the words next to it so that when a similar document is processed, Ephesoft will automatically capture the field and eliminate the manual data capture.
  • Batch Uploading from Web UI: Ephesoft users can create new batch Instances and upload TIFF and PDF files to this batch using web interface.
  • Instant OCR with custom area: Ephesoft users can select custom areas on validation screen using mouse. Ephesoft will assign the coordinate information and OCR Values to the selected index field. This feature can be used for redacting custom areas on the document or capture large text blocks such as address or Legal Description
  • External application support: Improved Validation allows developers to detect Save and Cancel Events programmatically.
  • Document Review and Validation screen have been optimized. Extra white spaces removed and classification panel was made collapsible.
  • Email Import Plugin: Email body now shows full name in to and from. Import process also preserves the original email body in txt file format and original emal attachments in the import folder. This allows developers to capture the email fields from emails and export attachments in original format.
  • Bug Fix: Batch locking issues for Batch List and batch instance management have been resolved.
  • Configure FileboundExport to upload multi page tiff file as well as of PDF file.
  • Bug Fix: KV Extraction: Unable to extract desired number of additional words for field.
  • Batch class listing on admin UI was made configurable in the configuration file. Its default size is 50.
  • Tabbed (Bookmarked) PDF generation can create PDF in optimized format so they can be opened in browsers faster.
  • Create multi page files plugins: PDF creation command through ghost script is made configurable through admin UI in export plugin. Advantage of this is to provide user to create custom PDF files like PDF/A or specify page size such as US Letter or A4.
  • Custom IBM CM export plugin is included with the release.
  • Custom CSV export plugin is included with the release.
  • Bug Fix: Pick up service and resume service changes to restrict maximum number of RUNNING batches.
  • Batch Instance Name and Batch Class Name is now displayed in Document Review and Validation.

Bug fixes (starting on January 1st 2012)

  • Reporting performance has been improved to handle large volumes
  • Email import has been fixed when importing emails with no attachment
  • Email import has been fix if there are more than one attachment with same name.
  • Table/Line Item view is fixed for marking valid fields as invalid.
  • Web Scanner has been fixed for displaying images incorrectly after they are scanned.

Ephesoft Enterprise Edition 2.3


  • Tesseract 3.0 has been integrated to both windows and Linux version. Linux install procedures will be available shortly.
  • Document review shows the last page of the previous document and first page of the next document thumbnails in review screen.
  • Administrators can test the Automatic Table(Line items) extraction using Test-Table button.
  • Validation Operators can use CTRL or SHFT keys on the keyboard, along with their mouse, to select/OCR multiple words from the image.
  • This version includes GRID Computing where Ephesoft servers in different locations (Wide Area Network or Internet) can talk to each other (Web Services) and send documents/batches back and forth.
  • Table Extraction allows some columns to be “Optional”. Optional fields can be blank (white).
  • Administrators can create Custom button/shortcut keys and assign custom functions to them.
  • Administrators can assign custom functions to a special button on Table View. Such function could create and display anew table.
  • Validation Operators can delete all rows at once.
  • Administrators can assign some Document Level Fields to be hidden in the validation screen.
  • Validation Operators can Capture all line items by selecting the only the first row of the table.
  • Administrators can add SSL configuration for email import.
  • User Groups coming from AD or LDAP are sorted by alphanumeric in the Role list.
  • Table extraction UI changes for Validation Operators:
    • The ability to click on a value in the UI to populate a value for the table extract.
    • The ability to click on an area using CONTROL and SHIFT button for more than one value will be available for table extract.
  • Administrators can Import Batch Classes and override existing batch classes. Administrators can also opt to preserve some of the plugin configcuration from the existing batch class.
  • Image viewer bug in the advanced KV on Chrome and 9 has been fixed.
  • Validation script bug when Pressing Ctrl+Q/S has been fixed.
  • Fuzzy DB Search bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed Form Processing (Recostar) support for PixelCountField and Alternative Values for Checkboxes has been implemented.
  • Recostar character encoding issue has been fixed.
  • PDF import issues fixed and performance has been greatly improved.
  • Issues related to Microsoft Active Directory has been fixed.
  • Document validation UI passes the CurrentDocumenID to the file.
  • Heart-Beat frequency can now be configured in dcma-db-access folder.
  • Administrators can assign threshold value for FuzzyDB so that system can decide (in Extraction and Validation) if the value should be assigned to the field.
  • NSI Export plugin is now added to Export Module.
  • Bug related to importing files endless loop has been fixed.
  • Filebound Export Plugin now checks existing objects in the repository. If the Object/File, exists then new documents are appended to the File.
  • Email import no longer try to import emails for deleted batch classes.
  • Administrators can map SQL Views to FuzzyDB in addition to SQL Tables.
  • Batch XML now contains Batch name.
  • CMIS Export plugin has been certified for Nuxeo and IBM FileNet P5. As part of this certification, Ephesoft can now be configured for
    • cmis.date_format
    • cmis.document_versioning_state. See details in
  • Color Document processing has been improved with OCR (Recostar and Tesseract) Plugin options.
  • Validation operators can now click on the words on the image and assign the value to the table cells.
  • Validation operators have access to alternative values when entering table cells.
  • Validation operators need to fix all Table Validation problems before document can be closed and saved.
  • Image Rotate bugs have been fixed for Review and validation screens
  • Hundreds of other internal bugs have been fixed.

Ephesoft Enterprise Edition 2.2


  • KV Extraction using coordinates, rectangular. Advanced KV Extraction.
    • Capture first, last or all the words inside the rectangular area.
    • The new feature allows admin to specify a multiplier so that results can be weighted.
    • This feature can be implemented in the admin module visually by selecting a tiff file.
  • Instant-OCR, Click on the image in Document Validation to populate a document level field.
    • This is the infamous instant OCR feature by clicking on the word in the Validation. No need for keyword to enter fields.
  • Restart batch instances.
    • You can now restart batches at any module, not just from the begining.
    • This feature will allow you to test a batch again in again which may be useful for extraction or Plugin testing.
  • Support for Active Directory along with LDAP.
  • In Document Review allow moving between pages and documents using keyboard shortcuts.
    • This was the only action item that used to force users to use mouse.
    • Users can now navigate between documents and pages using the keyboard (or shortcuts).
  • Batch Level fields in web scanner.
    • If admin defines batch level fields, Users can enter them in the Web Scanner Module.
  • Give PLF (Page Level Field) name to each KV-Page extraction.
    • This will make it easy to separate documents based on index fields as such invoices can be seprated based on PO numbers.
  • Batch Instance Management allows:
    • searching of batch instances by name
    • refreshing the screen without losing the filters
    • By default display the last batch instance first rather than last.
    • create default filter that shows all the instances except finished and deleted.
  • Automatic Classification allows combining classification methods:
    • Automatic Classification operates like Search classification but it should include top results from Barcode and Image classification when available.
    • Basically, Ephesoft can look at barcode results first, image layoout classification next and content classification last to Classify and Separate Documents.
  • Validation scripting that will give run-time feedback to the user based on Java/JS.
  • Folder monitor will import the batches even if they are placed into the folder while Ephesoft was down.
    • As soon as the Ephesoft server is back on-line, Ephesoft will import all the folders.
  • Document level field Validation has been improved.
    • Field Values are now validated using the entire value.
    • Partial Matches are no longer allowed.
  • Upgrade mechanism that will automatically upgrade databases from 2.0/2.1 to 2.2.
  • Fuzzy Database structure has been improved.
  • DA plugin for merging “Unknown” documents with previous document.
    • This is a new option in the DA plugin.
    • This is a great feature if you receive attachments that can’t be trained. For example Sales Order may have a picture or drawing as an attachment.
  • Configure the FPR.rsp (Full Page Project file) to output the result image.
    • If Recostar image processing applied to the pages, Images will be updated.
    • A great way to rotate incoming faxes to the correct orientation, automatically
  • Issues with field type FLOAT when uploading documents to CMIS repository (Alfresco).
  • Email feature: SSL support for POP3.
    • You can now import emails with secure connection, such as gmail.
  • Document Review and Validation UI Refresh issue is resolved.
  • Barcode Separation memory leak has been fixed. (version
  • Duplicate import issue has been fixed. (version
  • Reporting issue related Recostar processing time has been fixed. (version
  • Fixed Form Processing issue about not finding the project file in the correct directory was fixed. (version
  • RecostarhOCR PP plugin has been moved to first plugin position to support image processing features. (version

Ephesoft Enterprise Edition 2.1


  • You can now change the logo at the left top corner
    • For the Login Page : the image can be changed by replacing the file
      • Path : {dcma_home}\images
      • File Name : loginPage_logo.png
      • Size for best view : 469px width and 90px height
    • For all other pages : the image can be changed by replacing the file :
      • Path : {dcma_home}\images
      • File Name : logo.jpg
      • File Name if using Turkish locale : images/logo_tk.jpg
      • Size for best view : 190px width and 35px height
  • Ephesoft Enterprise 2.1 uses MySQL 5.5 by default. If you prefer using MySQL 5.1 please change the following line
    • with
    • in the following files: dcma-data-access\, dcma-performance-reporting\hibernate.cfg.xml and dcma-performance-reporting\hibernate-dcma.cfg.xml
  • Connection pooling has been improved to better support multi server environments
  • Heartbeat service has been optimized. Admins can now control the frequency of the check.
  • Filebound export plugin has been improved in two ways:
    • Error Handling has been improved
    • If the “File” (record) exist, export will not create a new File.
  • Tomcat 6.32 is now included to better support running tomcat as a windows service
  • ImageMagick 6.6.7 is not included which fixes color image display issue.
  • You can now control the compression and colot support for hocrtopdf process.
  • Fuzzy DB plugin now supports extra characters to split words. These characters are configurable in the admin module.
  • Scroll functionality:
  • User should be able to scroll left/right/up/down without leaving the field.
    • Key board short cut for panning in the third panel. Key board shortcut (Control + L)
    • User can keep the zoom level and zoom location as we move from one document to the next.
    • Performance of image loading and shaking on RV screen is improved.
  • Document type description change in Review and Review Validate UI using drop down and search text box.
    • You can now change the drop down menu to a search box to assign documents type.
    • Key board shortcut (Control + 0)
    • This feature is very usefull when you have several document types and the names are very similar
  • Document split functionality has been improved/fixed. Users can split a document and the new document should be created right after the current document with focus on the new document.
  • You can now delete batch classes in the admin module. (Soft Delete)
  • Admin users can Export/Import batch classes.
    • This feature is useful when you are moving the batch classes from test system to production system or creating backups.
    • If the Batch Class Description and the UNC Folder (Import monitor folder) are same as an existing batch class, the import process will override the existing batch class. Please note that UNC path and Description are case sensitive.
  • Table/Line Item capture can now be configured from Admin UI
  • Implement scripting plugin on every module. Script plugins which compiles the java code on automatically during the runtime gives great flexibility.
    • You can now customize the entire batch structure (Documents, Index fields, types, etc) using these scripts in

Sample java files are also provided.

      • Executed after Document Assembly module
      • Executed after export module
      • Executed after extraction module
      • Executed after page processing module
      • Executed after review module
      • Executed after validation module
      • Used for automatic validation
  • URL manipulation validation: Only batches in READY_FOR_REVIEW and READY_FOR_VALIDATION can be seen on the review validate page otherwise error message will be shown and highest priority batch will be loaded.
  • Administrators can now turn the “export to final drop folder” Export plugin OFF.
  • Reports can now be created by batch class.
    • This feature is great for service centers or service bureaus that process batches for multiple customers.
    • Admins can produce reports per batch class.
  • CMIS is upgraded and improved:
    • Open CMIS version updated from 0.1.0 to 0.2.0.
    • CMIS PDF/TIF mime type correctly updated to alfresco repository.
    • CMIS data type miss match issue has been resolved.
    • Date Type can now be changed in the .properties fiel per system. Plugin also supports optional date fields.
  • KV Extraction can now pick up more than one word. Admin needs to specify the extra words that the system should capture.
  • Issue related to Extraction not working if the document is created in review has been resolved.
  • Barcode Extraction plugin based on Zxing has been developed but disabled due to poor recognition rates. We are working on better engines.
  • Search Classification and/or DA algorithm problem where the documents are split prematurely has been resolved. There is also a new setting in the search classification plugin where admin can limit the number of results to keep the Batch XML small in size.
  • The issue about Batch class losing the data/mapping for user groups for the source batch class has been resolved.
  • The issue about Recostar Plugin creating duplicate index fields for new batch classes has been resolved.
  • LDAP configuration can now be changed from the property file present at this path: {ephesoft_home}\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-user-connectivity\
  • Review and Validation UI performance has been improved, greatly.
  • Custom plugins can now use the Admin UI to configure run-time options.
  • Ability to upgrade and patch the systems with Patch Management scripts.
    • This new feature will also allow you to modify one of the batches and propagate the changes to the other batch classes.
    • This version includes the necassary files to upgrade the 2.0 database to 2.1 database.
    • For more information about this feature, please visit wiki for ‘Upgrade Procedure’ article.
  • Barcode extraction is now enabled. Administrator can assign a barcode type to be extracted for each document level field.
  • Output files can now be configured, per batch class, for image only PDF, searchable PDF and TIFF
  • New drop down style field is introduced. Administrators needs to give ; separated values for the field.
  • Batch list and Batch Instance management now shows time as well as date for every batch instance.
  • Administrators can copy/paste document types. All the index fields and extraction rules will be copied.
  • Validation field orders and integer type field sorting error has been fixed


  • OpenLDAP user directory gets corrupted on some OSes.
  • ImageMagick cannot handle multi page tiff files if each page has a different compression method.
  • Internet explorer cannot interpret the OCR coordinates so highlights and Single-Click-OCR does not work on Validation.
  • Learn Files does not learn new samples for Image Classification unless thumbs folder is deleted before running the Learn Files button.
  • In the Validation UI there are several ways to assigned OCR data to a field using the mouse, some of which currently have issues:
    • In Google Chrome browser right mouse click to draw a rectangular to copy all the words within the zone malfunctions and produces the right click context dialog menu.


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