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Restoring Ephesoft Transact

Perform the following steps to restore Ephesoft Transact:

1. Install the Ephesoft Transact version that needs to be restored.

2. Request and install the Ephesoft Transact license.

3. Log in to Ephesoft Transact.

4. Stop all Ephesoft Transact services.

5. Delete the following databases:

  • Ephesoft
  • Report
  • Report_Archive

6. Restore the latest backup of the three databases in step 5.

7. Delete the following folders:

  • \Ephesoft\Application
  • \Ephesoft\SharedFolders
  • \Ephesoft\EphesoftReports
  • \Ephesoft\Dependencies\OpenLDAP

8. Restore the folders in step 7 from the latest back up.

9. Start the Ephesoft Transact service.

10. Log in to Ephesoft Transact.

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