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Known Issues and Workarounds 2020.1.06

The following is a list of known issues discovered in this release for which a workaround is provided.

Category Known Issue Workaround
Access Manager Roles may not be set by default in Access Manager when a fresh installation of Transact integrates with LDAP and Oracle. Set the user roles manually.
Advanced Barcode Extraction Plugin for Linux

Advanced Barcode Reader Plugin for Linux

On an upgraded Transact environment, RecoStar may be missing from the Barcode Methods option list for either plugin. Re-adding (right-click) RecoStar may be unavailable. Remove the plugin and add it back into the workflow.
AI Table Rule Builder When upgrading Transact, Transact will not run successfully if the AI Table Rule Builder was previously installed. Re-install the AI Table Rule Builder after completing the upgrade.
Install/ Upgrade When upgrading Transact from 2020.1/ 2020.1.x with the MS SQL Windows Authentication option selected to 2020.1.06, the installation fails at Database Credentials required for DB patch. See KB: MSSQL Windows Authentication: Upgrade on Windows halts at ‘DB Credentials required for DB patch’ screen for a detailed workaround for this issue.
RecoStar for Linux When trying to open a PDF created by the system default (RecoStar) option of the Multi-Page Export plugin on Linux, a missing font error may display in Adobe Acrobat. Manually install the missing font on the Linux system before generating a PDF.

Alternatively, the missing font may be installed on the operating system where the PDF is open by Adobe Acrobat.

RecoStar for Linux When adding the RECOSTAR_EXTRACTION plugin to a new batch class after it has already been added and configured in an existing batch class, the configured RECOSTAR_EXTRACTION plugin properties of the old batch class show up in the new batch class’s plugin properties. Manually reconfigure the plugin options and Save.
Reports Reports may display the following content after user inactivity:

Unable to authenticate the user. Invalid rdSecureKey parameter or there was an error opening the key from the SecureKeySharedFolder.

Refresh the browser to sync the authentication token with Reports.
Reports Users receive a Null error message on the Transact Reporting screen if the screen is idle when using localhost/hostname in URL. This occurs when using a Chromium browser. There is no issue when using Firefox. Refresh the browser. Alternatively, use a non-chromium-based browser like Firefox. For more information refer to KB: “Null” Error on Dashboard Reports Screen in Chrome.
Web Scanner In the latest versions (version 94) of the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers, the Transact server will not communicate with the workstation web scanner service while using non-secure environments (HTTP). It is being blocked by the default CORS policy in the latest version of these web browsers. Change the value of the Block insecure private network requests flag to Disabled in the web browser.
Web Scanner Previous versions of the Web Scanner are incompatible with Transact 2020.1.06. When initiating communications between client and server, the following message will display until the session times out:

Checking Ephesoft Scanner Service

Uninstall the Web Scanner. Install the Web Scanner bundled with Transact 2020.1.06.

Known Issues

The following is a list of known issues discovered in this release for which there is not yet a workaround or fix.

Category Known Issue
Advanced Barcode Reader Plugin for Linux When using the ADVANCED_BARCODE_READER plugin and the Aztec barcode is added to the list of Barcode Types, RecoStar fails to extract any barcodes.
Advanced Barcode Reader Plugin for Linux

Advanced Barcode Extraction Plugin for Linux

When Use All Barcode Tools is switched to ON, RecoStar results may not show when barcode testing with ADVANCED_BARCODE_READER or ADVANCED_BARCODE_EXTRACTION plugin. You may need to add the RECOSTAR_HOCR prerequisite, close, and reopen the batch class to see results.
Logging An access error may appear in the logs similar to the following:

com.ephesoft.dcma.webapp.PermissionAccessFilter - /dcma/batchInstance/batchInstance.nocache.js access cannot be granted.

java.lang.NullPointerException: null

Note: No impact to Transact functionality has been found.

Logging Deadlocks occur occasionally within Transact. When deadlocks are encountered, transact reattempts the query, and if it is unsuccessful after multiple retries it will log additional errors. Further analysis should be performed when deadlocks are accompanied by other errors.
Logging The following error may be present in Logs:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid character found in method name. HTTP method names must be tokens

No impact to Transact processes was found.

Reporting If Transact is running across multiple browser tabs, Reports may persist its authentication session after logging out from the primary Transact session.
Security When a user attempts to access a page their account is not authorized to view, the user session is terminated and they will be forced to log in again.
Security Customized values for roles in Access Manager may be reset to default settings after a Transact upgrade.
Transact Access When Transact is loaded from an iframe in non-SSO integrations, login authentication may fail.

Note: Due to additional Chromium browser-based security changes.

Validation The option descriptor URL1(Ctrl+4) is mislabeled in the VALIDATE_DOCUMENT plugin. The label should read URL1(Ctrl+6).
Web Scanner The multi-user scenario for the web scanner only works when the scanner manufacturer’s dialog box is closed on the previous user. If the first user does not close this dialog box, then Transact displays the following error message for the second user:

Cannot communicate with the Scanner.

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